Benji's Borglets

During the Megiddo Regatta (see Hawking Mission: Yesteryear), Captain Nathan Benjamin was abducted from the USS Constitution and held, beaten and questioned for over 28 hours by a crew of mercenaries on a Breen vessel… until Benjamin's Borg instincts kicked in and released his assimilation tubules, injecting his questioner with nanites. By the time Constitution was able to enact a rescue, the entire vessel had been assimilated.

While Tenanji's Security forces had intended to destroy the ship, the now-Borg crew warped out of the region before the charges brought on board could be detonated.

The Borg crew briefly included an amoral Betazoid covert operative workig under the alias of Chuck Burkowski. Burkowski spent his brief Borg existence sublimating the rest of the hive. While Chuck was killed prior to the Borg escape, his 'programming' and Nathan Benjamin's may still be at odds within the hive mind of the Borg.

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