Crew Manifest

U.S.S. Chimera NCC-30940

Rank Name Position Age Race Image
r-o6.png Torrik Nils Commanding Officer 28 Bajoran BiopicTorrik.png
r-o4.png Harry Finn First Officer 46 Human BiopicFinn1.png
t-o5.png T'Shaini Ship's Counselor 104 Vulcan BiopicTee.png
t-o4.png Ender Seldon Chief of Medical 38 Human BiopicSeldon.png
y-o4.png Javier Costala Chief of Engineering 25 Human BiopicCostala.png
y-o2.png Simba Wekesa Chief Tactical Officer 24 Human BiopicWekesa.png
y-c2.png Luku Security Officer 25 St'i'ach Biopic forthcoming
t-c2.png Lisbet Ulrika Medical Officer 25 Betazoid Biopic Forthcoming
y-e4.png Benjamin Hyde Pierce Security 22 Sigma Iotian Biopic forthcoming
y-e2.png Jenny Anderson Security Officer 19 Human BiopicAnderson.png
c-e1.png Asmita Madri Science Officer 19 J'nall Biopic forthcoming
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