Guide To Starfleet Ranks Marines Included

Enlisted Ranks (Starfleet & Marine Comparison)

r-e1.png Crewman Recruit (Can Also be called Crewman)
g-blank1.png Private

r-e2.png Crewman Apprentice (Can be called Crewman or Crewman Apprentice)
g-e2.png Private First Class (Can be called Private or Private First Class)

r-e3.png Crewman (Last stage of the Lower Enlisted Crewman Ranks)
g-e3.png Lance Corporal

r-e4.png Petty Officer 3rd Class (Can be called Petty Officer for short )
g-e4.png Corporal (Lowest ranking Non Commisioned Officer

r-e5.png Petty Officer 2nd Class (Can be called Petty Officer for short)
g-e5.png Sergeant

r-e6.png Petty Officer 1st Class (Can be called Petty Officer for short)
g-e6.png Staff Sergeant (Prefers to be addressed as Staff Sergeant. )

r-e7.png Chief Petty Officer (May be called Chief for short, but not "Petty Officer")
g-e7.png Gunnery Sergeant (May be called "Gunny" for short)

r-e8.png Senior Chief Petty Officer (May be called "Senior Chief" for short )
g-e8a.png First Sergeant The First Sergeant is the Senior NCO of a Company.

r-e9.png r-e9a.png r-e9b.png Master Chief Petty Officer/Command Master Chief Petty Officer/Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet. A Master Chief Petty Officer is the highest enlisted rank in Starfleet (E-9) there are three grades. A Master Chief Petty Officer with no command distinction is not the Senior Master Chief in his battalion sized unit (Ship). A Command Master Chief is the senior enlisted person in whatever unit he serves in. If it's a Federation starship, that NCO is the "Chief of the Boat" and oversees all enlisted personnel at that command. The third variation on the rank, Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet is the most senior enlisted member of Starfleet. He is appointed by the Admiralty.
g-e9.png g-e9a.png g-e9b.png Sergeant Major/Master Gunnery Sergeant/Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps. There are three distinctive variants on this rank. A Sergeant Major will serve as the senior enlisted marine in a battalion, assisting the CO in matters of discipline, administration and morale. A Master Gunnery Sergeant is a technical and occupational specialist in their chosen MOS. Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps. is the highest enlisted rank in the Marines and is bestowed on one worthy candidate by the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Officers Rank Comparison

r-o1.png Ensign
g-o1.png 2nd Lieutenant (May be referred to as "Lieutenant or LT)

r-o2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade (J.G.) (May be called Lieutenant or LT)
g-o2.png 1st Lieutenant (May be called Lieutenant or LT)

r-o3.png Lieutenant (May be referred to as "LT" for short
g-o3.png Captain (Captains are usually in command of Company sized elements)

r-o4.png Lieutenant Commander (May be referred to as Commander for short)
g-o4.png Major

r-o5.png Commander (At times, commanders are placed in command of starships. In this situation it is acceptable to refer to them as "Captain" because they are the senior most person on the ship.
g-o5.png Lieutenant Colonel (May be referred to as "Colonel" for short) Usually placed in command of Battalion sized units.

r-o6.png Captain (Usually placed in command of Starships, Starbases, or other vessels and brigade sized units.
g-o6.png Colonel (Usually in command of a Brigade sized unit.

r-a1.png Rear Admiral
g-a1.png Brigadier General

r-a2.png Rear Admiral (Upper Half)
g-a2.png Major General

r-a3.png Vice Admiral
g-a3.png Lieutenant General

r-a4.png Admiral
g-a4.png General

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