Jenny Anderson Security Officer

Jenny Lysette Anderson

Physical Description:
1.67 m (5’6”)
57.6 kg (127 lbs.)
Strawberry blonde

Place of Birth:
Boulder, Colorado, Earth
Date of Birth:
May 21, 2365

Family Information:
Seth Ryan Anderson - deceased
Megan Lin Anderson

Graduate - Quaker Academy, Boulder
Attended - Starfleet Academy - Tactical/Security 2383-84
Enlisted - Starfleet - Tactical/Security 2384

Service Record, Starfleet:
Yeoman to Admiral Alynna Nechayev, SF Command, San Francisco
2384 - 2385
USS Hawking
**2385 - **
USS Chimera

Personal History of Note:
Seth and Megan Anderson ended their marriage in 2373, when their only daughter was 11 years old. By that time Seth and Harry Finn had been partners in JAG’s Investigative branch long enough for the family to consider Harry to be Jenny’s god-father and there was a tacit understanding that, should anything happen to Seth, Harry would stand for Jenny, in whatever way she needed.

Seth was KIA in 2381 during the successful escape of Shaun Ryan Acker, a well-connected mole in the ranks of Starfleet. After her father’s death, Jenny was accepted into Starfleet Academy and assigned yeoman duties to Admiral Nechayev, of Special Operations. This was in partial payment to Harry - a way of protecting Jenny in return for Harry ferreting out Shaun Acker for the admiral.

Jenny followed the plan for over a year but found the layers of morality in the world of Spec Ops too murky. She dropped out of the Academy, resigned from Nechayev’s service and, against her mother’s wishes, enlisted in Starfleet as a crewman apprentice in Security, as had her father before her.

During the Fleet race, Jenny was telepathically victimized by a sociopathic Betazoid and experienced some residual trauma, which Chimera’s Counselor, T’Shaini, has been helping her overcome.

Medical History: On file with Chimera’s CMO.

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