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U.S.S. Chimera NCC-30940

Usher Tenanji


Title: Chief of Security
Rank: Lieutenant
Race: Human
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Bio: Usher Tenanji has been in Starfleet, serving on various ships, since just prior to the Dominion War. His first posting was marred by a case of espionage in which the evidence pointed to himself as the perp. Harry Finn and partner Seth Anderson were investigators of record and, while Tenanji was eventually cleared, the seed of doubt was sown. He has had, over the course of his career, to prove his loyalty repeatedly, often finding himself under the eye of Special Operations and DIA. The lieutenant took over the Chief of Security role when Harry Finn was promoted to XO. Usher transferred to the Chimera with the majority of the Hawking's crew.

Usage: General Use

Additional Information: Usher has a very cultured way of presenting himself, his accent revealing his mixed Nigerian/British background. He has a sense of humor but it's dry (arid… practically Saharan) and you don't often know if he's joking. He takes his job very seriously and, being once burned, is very cautious of new acquaintances. Has been occasionally referred to (behind his back) as Lieutenant Buzzkill. When writing, think of The Operative in the film Serenity.

Jada O'Keefe


Title: Chief of Science
Rank: Lt. JG
Race: Human
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Bio: The daughter of a freighter Captain, Jada was reared entirely between star systems. Her intention was to follow in the footsteps of her mother and Captain a freighter, but it was ultimately impounded after her mother was charged with smuggling and put away in Federation Prison. Her estranged father had nothing to do with her, and instead of becoming involved in her late teens, had her sent to a prep school for Starfleet Academy. Following the course of least resistance Jada eventually applied for the Academy and utilized her experience as a traveler of the galaxy to excel. She boarded USS Hawking at Jericho-Samaria as Dana Grissom's replacement.
Usage: General Use
Additional Information: A real ball breaker. She's got a man-hating syndrome and doesn't hide it.
Actor: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

Callan Vail


Title: Intelligence Officer
Rank: Lt. Commander
Race: El-Aurian
Age: 376
Gender: Male
Actor: Daniel Craig
Father Gardan
Mother Cinda
Brother(s) Dalen, Retan, Fen
Sister(s) Issa, Geba
Spouse Vecka Tibor (deceased); Annie Wearden (deceased)
Children Theis Vail

Callan Vail was born on El Auria almost one hundred sixty years prior to the initial Borg invasion of that world. At the age of seventeen he set out into space for his traditional “Journey” period. This century long trek into the stars was as much an internal exploration as an external one, and is undertaken by most El Aurians when they come of age.

After 107 years of personal exploration, Callan returned home and began an apprenticeship as a carpenter. He excelled at woodworking and became an artisan in his own rite, eventually opening his own small shop in a coastal township of Relusa.

In 2132, Callan met and fell in love with Vecka Tibor. She was a fisherman’s daughter and the two spent many happy years together in a home he built on the coast. They welcomed their first and only son, Theis, into the world in 2160.

The Borg invasion of El Auria changed everything. Known to the El Aurians only as “the cybernetic devourers” at that time, the collective attacked without mercy devastating their planet and culture. Following the initial attack Callan left Relusa to join in the defense of their world. All attempts at turning back the Borg however were futile and eventually El Auria was overrun. Vecka was killed in the invasion and Theis was lost, presumably assimilated into the collective.

Until 2268, Callan was a refugee traveling in the ship caravans his people became known for. Shunned by many worlds, his particular coterie found safe harbor on the Federation Member world, Daran V. The El Aurian became enamored with the UFP following this reintroduction (he’d encountered them previously on his Journey). The ideals on which the UFP was founded impressed him and following an incident in which the planet was saved by a Federation Starship he decided to join Starfleet. After four years on Daran V he set out for Earth.

At the age of 264, the Callan joined Starfleet Academy in 2272 with a focus on Tactical Operations. Quickly recognizing the benefit of a well traveled operative, Starfleet tapped Callan for transfer to the Intelligence Division, where his training resumed until 2280.

His first field assignment as aboard the USS Grissom, a first contact survey vessel where he was the Chief of Operations. His actual mission was threat assessment, and every new world or civilization the ship encountered received a full treatment in report form to Starfleet Intelligence.

On board the Grissom he met Annie Wearden who would become his second wife. When he was transferred to Starfleet Command after the Grissom’s initial five-year mission he requested she be transferred with him. They spent sixty-two happy years together but being human, her shortened life span eventually gave out. Callan served at Starfleet Headquarters in Strategic Operations and Intelligence until 2362. At that time, he received word that another roving colony of ancient beings inhabited the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant. Hoping that his son may yet survive he resigned his commission and set out to find the beings. His hunch paid off and shortly thereafter he was reunited with his son, Theis, now 202 years old.

The two set out on a Journey in an attempt to rekindle a relationship and reforge some semblance of El Aurian culture. For nine years, father and son traveled the far reaches of space on a familial mission of discovery. That Journey was cut short when the Dominion War broke out. Theis continued on Journey, while his father returned to Starfleet Command to do his small part in the war effort.

After the war, his career in Starfleet became something of a burden to him. He often found himself wondering where Theis traveled on his Journey and a wanderlust birthed within him that he couldn’t deny. Allowing mission parameters to draw him from post to post gives him opportunity to 'Journey' within the framework of a Starfleet career.

He currently serves (unofficially) aboard the USS Hawking.

Service Record

2272 - Applied/Accepted Starfleet Academy (age 264)
2275 - Tapped for Intel and removed from Academy Class.
2275 - 2280 Intel Strat Ops Orientation/Training
2280 - 2285 Assigned USS Grissom NCC 638; Chief of Operations
2285 - 2362 Assigned Starfleet Headquarters [Records Sealed]
2362 - Resigned Starfleet
2373 - 2375- Rejoined Fleet Tactical Operations
2375 – 2384 - Assigned Starfleet Command - Intel Division
2384 – Unofficially assigned USS Hawking; Intelligence Officer

Usage: By Permission

Additional Information:
Physical Appearance
Height 5' 11"
Weight 175 lbs.
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color Blonde

Physical Description
Very put together and pristine in appearance. Always sharply pressed and squared with regal posture. Penetrating icy blue eyes that can intimidate less confident individuals.

Personality & Traits
Approachable but not so outgoing. Not introverted either, but much more content to remain silent and observe. Movement is always very precise and purposeful. Quick to smile, slow to speak. Laid back in most ways, but with an air of “everything in its place.”

Mustapha Ibrahim


Title: Assistant Chief of Engineering
Rank: Senior Chief Petty Officer
Species: Human
Age: 38
Gender: Male

Bio: Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, Mustapha was the son of Bakr and Ailiywa Ibrahim, both Starfleet officers aboard the ill-fated USS Pegasus. Orphaned at the age of fourteen after the 'destruction' of the Pegasus, Mustapha lived with his father's youngest brother's family until he graduated from technical college with a degree in chemical engineering and warp mechanics. Mustapha then applied to the Starfleet Technical Services Academy on Mars and was accepted due to his enrollment scores and the conduct record of his parents.

Enroute to Mars he met Katie Barklay and for three years they corresponded while Mustapha was at the STSA. After completing his studies Mustapha was assigned to serve on Starbase 375. He proposed to Katie before leaving, she accepted and they both started their new life together at his first posting. The Starbase was a good assignment but very tough on the newlyweds as his duties demanded a great deal of Mustapha's time. After four years Mustapha requested transfer to Earth and was assigned to Marseilles Academy as an advisor to Engineering cadets. Marseilles would be his longest posting to date and both he and Katie loved living in Europe.

In 2381, less than two months after the birth Eli, he and Katie's first child, Mustapha was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and informed that if he wanted to be considered for promotion to Senior Chief he would have to take a ship assignment within the next year. Wanting more for his family and knowing he would make a good senior NCO, Mustapha consulted Katie then asked for re-assignment to the Fleet. In 2382 he was sent to serve aboard the newly commissioned USS Hawking.

Usage: General Use

Additional Information: Slow to anger, quick to listen, he's the 'mother goose' of Engineering. His years of dealing with headstrong cadets make him the perfect Assistant Chief of a department full of the next 'Brahms' or 'LaForges'. He's patient yet firm and expects everyone to work at peak level, so he tries to create an atmosphere where every engineer can do their best.

Actor: Djimon Hounsou

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