Simba Wekesa 06-16-2009 08:48:06 PM
Dead Space: Purgatory

Golnarran Vessel Kullaa
Primary Cargo Bay

Lt. Usher Tenanji looked cautiously up at the high ceiling of the cargo bay, listening to the groaning and creaking of the Kullaa's hull as some large external force apparently closed in around her. Whatever it was, it must have taken the Chimera by surprise, considering that they'd received no warning. He glanced around at the rest of the team: Star and Govan at the far end of the room, Cadet Ulrika crouching next to one of the corpses with her tricorder, and Kowalski emerging from an open computer access panel nearby. They all looked nervous, looking around the otherwise silent ship for the source of the vibrations that were shaking her.

"Tenanji to Chimera, status report please," Usher called out as he tapped his commbadge. He was greeted by a burst of garbled static for a few seconds before the signal was lost. Quickly, he turned towards Kowalski, who nodded in understanding and tapped his own badge only to get the same result.

"Some type of subspace interference blocking communication with the ship," Kowalski commented simply as pulled out his tricorder and began to sweep the room.

Usher frowned. Something did not feel right. His many years of service in Starfleet security had honed his instincts, and his gut told him that there was a real and urgent danger. Cut off from the ship, in a room filled with dozens of alien corpses with no apparent cause of death. He felt the uncertainty and fear deep inside, but quickly suppressed it and moved towards the large cargo door leading into the corridor. "Star, Govan… take up defensive positions where you have a clear shot at this doorway," he ordered as he pressed the controls and the door began to slide slowly closed. "There… and over there, behind those cargo containers." Usher turned his attention to Kowalski and Ulrika. "Doctor, chief… take cover behind the control console."

Pulling out his own phaser and setting the power level up, Usher took aim at the top of the door and fired a slow burst along the entire length of the seam, fusing the sliding doors shut. As the melted metal cooled and its orange glow subsided, he took up a position behind a large cargo container where he would have a clean shot at anyone who made it through the door. Suddenly, the ship shook again, harder than the first time. "Kowalski, do you have anything?"

The engineer shook his head. "The tricorder isn't getting any clear readings… there is a ship of some sort very close to us. I'd say it's connected with us."

"The Chimera?"

"No, sir… I can't get a read on what it is, but the mass and proportions don't match ours." The ship shook again, lighter this time, as if something had impacted the vessel docked with them.

Tenanji furrowed his brow. If another ship had somehow docked with them, then it would likely only be a matter of time before they would have company. He couldn't help but take another look at the rows of Golnarran corpses spread across the floor. Perhaps whoever or whatever did this to them… Usher crouched down, resting his phaser on top of the container and staring intently at the door. The Kullaa was a small ship, and any boarding party would not take long to reach them. There was nothing to do but wait…

It seemed that little more than a few seconds had passed before there was a loud grinding noise from the cargo bay doors, followed quickly by an error buzz from the control mechanism. Usher tensed and, out the corner of his eye, noticed his fellow security officers do the same. Of course, without communication with the Chimera, it was impossible to know for certain if whoever was out there was friend or foe. Given the circumstances, Usher was willing to bet on the latter.

Suddenly, a loud explosion rocked the cargo bay and the door they were so intently watching disappeared into a fury of smoke, flames, and flying debris. Tenanji ducked instinctively as the remnants of the door rained down on the cargo bay. For a moment, nothing moved except the billowing smoke, and then several large figures began to emerge from the smoldering doorway. Usher did not recognize the species. The aliens were tall, easily over two meters, with rough reddish-brown scales covering their faces and small, reptilian eyes ringed by several small horns. They weren't speaking, at least not in a language that the universal translators could interpret, although they were making a number of load clicking sounds that didn't seem too pleasant. And they were heavily armed, carrying large disruptor rifles in their fiercely-clawed hands. Without hesitation, the security chief took aim and fired his phaser. The alien crumpled to the floor with a loud snarl as the beam hit him square in the chest.

The demise of their companion clearly caught the attention of the other aliens, and several of them raised their disruptors and began to fire at the outnumbered Starfleet officers. Usher fired again, taking down another of the invaders. Two more of them fell as Zal and Emily opened fire, trying desperately to hold off the onslaught of reptilian attackers. The security officer ducked as a disruptor bolt passed over his shoulder and seared the wall behind him, then immediately jumped back up and took out the alien who had fired it. The entire cargo bay had become a confusing blur of phaser and disruptor blasts as the small Chimera away team traded fire with their unknown assailants. Another alien fell, this time even closer to their position, as more and more of the creatures poured into the cargo bay through the narrow doorway. Quickly, Tenanji aimed his phaser and pulled the trigger yet again, but he knew full well that unless something fundamentally changed, it was only a matter of time before they would be overrun…

Featuring Lt. Usher Tenanji

Harry Finn 06-17-2009 11:46:09 AM
Golnarran Vessel Kulaa
Primary Cargo Bay

No amount of cover was going to be enough, Govan thought as the three members of Security and, soon after, Kowalski and Ulrika, opened fire. It was distantly pleasing to see that Kowalski’s involvement with Saunders had improved his aim, no end.

But even that support seemed to make no difference. Deep inside, Govan was cursing. How many bodies could the enemy spare, that they willingly walked into shot after shot? It was behavior not unlike that of the Borg drones or the Jem’Hadar… “Kowalski,” he called over his shoulder, sighting another target as he did, “see if you can find an access tunnel or blow the wall to the next section…” Retreat, away from these aliens and hopefully from their jamming technology, was the away team’s only hope.

“Fall back,” Tenanji was shouting as his position became untenable.

Zal moved to the lieutenant’s left flank, laying down a wide beam of suppressive fire that had his phaser’s power cell whining in protest. He didn’t have many shots left but, he noted, the enemy was armed, and no few were fallen. “Sir, request permission to upgrade…” he nodded towards a member of the assaulting force who’d expired some ten meters away from the hatch.

“Granted,” Usher adjusted his aim to cover Govan’s intended move. “Be careful.”

“Copy that,” Zal muttered before diving to his left. He made a running leap over a row of Golnarrans and quickly knelt by the reptilian corpse who had joined its previous victims. He used up the last of his phaser’s power holding off an encroaching pair of opponents, then got hold of the fallen attacker’s sidearm, working to slide it off of the creature’s wicked-looking talon, which protruded from one finger of the scaled hand. Lifting the bulky weapon, he prayed the cobbled-together device wouldn’t explode in his face as he pulled the trigger from where he crouched.

It didn’t. The ensuing blast took down the two who’d been closing on him, raising the level of ‘chatter’ between the troops at the hatch.

“Well done,” he heard Tenanji call out, then, “Govan, the enemy…no!”

For Zal, those were the last words which made any sense. Below him, the enemy he’d disarmed had proven to be a great deal less dead, and weaponless, than he’d thought.

His body gone suddenly rigid, Zal Govan felt the unnamed alien withdraw its talon from the back of his neck. He watched it fall to its final rest, among the crew of the Kulaa. He continued to watch as a wormhole opened within the chest of that alien and from the wormhole, his father’s face loomed large and cold and, to Zal's mind, sickeningly welcoming.

I think I know how the Golnarrans died, crossed the Cardassian’s mind just before thousands of scaled, clawed hands reached out of their cohort’s chest to drag him down and down, through the wormhole and into Hutet’s abyssal depths.

(yes, I know not the Hawking anymore but I can't change the text)

Benjamin Hyde Pierce 06-18-2009 12:18:58 AM
-Crew Quarters-

The crew quarters had sparse pickings as far as BHP was concerned. He'd found a couple of fancy woman's dresses in what was probably a senior officer's quarters, but beyond that the Golnarrans had left him with the impression that they were as poor as he was. He'd been hoping for some jewelry, a ring or a bracelet that he could give to Jenny for her birthday. Instead he had found two long, billowy dresses that resembled a yacht sail, rather than any sort of fashion Jenny might consider wearing. I can always cut them up into a scarf. the Iotian thought as he fingered the light material. One was sky blue in color, the other a royal purple but both were made from a flimsy, light material that was soft to the touch. It reminded him of the silk parachute he had used in Normandy. Ben thought about rolling up the dresses and stuffing them in his uniform tunic but realized that the bulk of the material would be a dead give-away. He slung his phaser rifle over his shoulder then began to tear the dresses apart at the seam. Ben turned as Hastings came into the room. The tactical officer watched as he tore the dresses but before he could speak Ben explained.

"They're too long. I'm going to make her a scarf out of the pieces," Pierce said. "There's going to be a lot of material left, you want in on this? For your girl?"

"Nah, man, I'm good," Jamal replied quickly with a bit of a cough. Truthfully, he didn't know what he would do with the silky fabric anyways, and he didn't have anyone to give it to. He was along on this little expedition more out of curiosity than anything else, although as far as he was concerned Pierce could have what he wanted… it wasn't hurting anyone.

"Suit yourself," Ben replied as he took four of the least damaged pieces, unfastened his tunic and padded it with the folded pieces of the material. "Did you find any loot worth keeping?" BHP inquired as he fastened the tunic then patted it down to appear normal. It only swelled out slightly and he knew he could hide it.

Jamal chuckled slightly as he watched Ben conceal his prize. "Man, what you been eating? You look like you've been puttin' on the pounds over here… your girl is going to tell you to hit the gym if she sees you like that. But nah, there's nothing much here… most of the quarters are pretty sparse." He glanced around the cabin they were currently in- by far the nicest he'd seen yet, but still pretty plain and drab. The whole ship seemed like it was designed more for work than anything else.

The thought of Jenny, fresh from her self-defense training with B'Naath, slightly sweaty, with her hair wet and a healthy flush to her cheeks, tripped up the Iotian's reply. "Yeah..hit the gym..ab-so-lutely." Ben inhaled slowly and let out a quick breath as he patted down the material once more. It had been too long since he had held his girl. BHP looked up at Jamal. "Let's blow this popsicle stand."

Hastings cocked his head slightly as he watched BHP. The man was definitely unique. "Aight, let's do it. We've already been inspecting for…" his voice trailed off as the ship's hull creaked under the stress of some unknown outside source. "Yo, you hear that?"

"Yeah and how, felt it too," Ben commented as a tremor ran through the deck beneath his feet.

"Something ain't right." Jamal tapped his commbadge. "Hastings to Chimera… is there anyth-" A loud explosion rocked the Kullaa from somewhere very near their location. "Shit, what was that?" he shouted, forgetting his attempt at communication as he instinctively crouched down for cover.

Throwing out an arm to keep from slamming against a nearby wall, Pierce caught himself then shoved off of the wall, as his hand found the phaser rifle's stock and pulled the weapon into his hands. "My money is on the chance that whoever knocked over this ship has come back to complete the heist," the Iotian said as he checked the weapon's power cell. "They can't have the dresses though."

"I think the dresses are the least of our concerns," Jamal replied as he looked at his tricorder. "Somebody's boarding the ship. There's a lot of interference, but something… make that a lot of somethings… are heading this way." He shut the tricorder and slipped it onto his belt, then crept over towards the corner of the room and crouched in the shadows with his phaser in hand. He could hear the sound of footsteps, perhaps dozens of them, approaching in the corridor at a rapid pace. Whatever the creatures were, they were making a lot of noise. Mostly clicking and snarling noises, not a language that they could understand. Hopefully, whatever was jamming their tricorders was keeping the intruders equally in the dark. Jamal glanced over at Pierce, who had concealed himself behind the open door of the wardrobe he'd been raiding a few minutes earlier. Whatever was coming, he was sure that the two of them wouldn't be able to hold it off for long.

JP with Jamal Hastings

Simba Wekesa 06-18-2009 12:21:59 AM
As Ben waited for whatever he could hear to pass down the corridor, he gripped the phaser rifle tightly. The noises that the boarders made were more animalistic than human. Snuffling, clicking and then suddenly a loud shriek as they seemed to sense he and Jamal's presence. Feet thundered on the deck as a rush of danger swept towards them. Ben wished he had a chopper instead of the phaser rifle, something to beat back the onslaught that was coming. But the assault never came, instead a mass of creatures moved past the open door and down the corridor, leaving Pierce to let out an uneasy breath of relief. Waiting in silence, he nodded to Jamal then used the barrel to push the wardrobe door shut, so Ben could cover the doorway with his weapon. "Coast is clear. Let's go," he whispered.

Hastings nodded as he started for the door, then stopped and frowned. The aliens were headed towards the aft section of the ship where, last he had heard, the rest of the away team was working. He tapped his commbadge again, hoping to contact either the team or the ship, but received only an error buzz. "Comms are down… I can't raise the ship," he whispered to BHP as he started back towards the door. Biting his lip, he pulled his phaser up alongside his face and paused for a moment, then quickly stepped into the corridor and made a 360-degree sweep with the weapon. There was nothing except the now-empty corridor curving away in either direction. "Which way do you want to go?" he asked the security officer as Pierce stepped into the corridor alongside him, wielding the much more formidable phaser rifle.

Ben was tempted to say: 'Away from trouble.' but knew that the mass of creatures were headed in the direction of the larger away team. "I ain't no choirboy but I think we need to check on the others," the Iotian said as he pointed his phaser rifle in the direction that the creatures had taken. He started to say something about how there is strength in numbers but a large reptilian creature barreled around the corner in front of him. The security officer was not the diplomatic sort, well, not unless tommy-gun diplomacy counted as a style of negotiations. Ben opened fire.

For being as large as it was, the creature was surprisingly agile and managed to dive to the side. The phaser blast struck it squarely in the arm and it let out a horrifying shriek as it swiped at Pierce's weapon with a heavy clawed arm, nearly knocking the security officer off his feet. Jamal jumped forward and clubbed it in the back of the skull with his phaser as it tried to move towards Ben. The reptile turned in surprise, taken off guard, and gave an ugly snarl as it's jaw met the bottom of Hastings' boot. The creature staggered back into the wall as Jamal grabbed Pierce by his sleeve and pulled him out of its direct path.

The creature's blow had been delivered with such strength that the phaser rifle had been knocked back against Ben's temple. Dazed, the security officer felt himself slide back against the corridor wall. Must get up. But despite his brain telling him to move, his feet felt sluggish and unresponsive. Feeling the tug on his sleeve, BHP grabbed for his lost rifle with an out-stretched arm as he was moved back. He touched it but his fingers couldn't find purchase on the weapon and the security officer came up with nothing. He remembered the hand phaser at his side and grabbed for the weapon. As Jamal pulled him back, Ben unleashed a fuisailade of beam shots in the direction of the lizard creature. The energy splashed against it's scaly hide but did little damage to the enemy. With another swipe of its clawed paw the phaser was shorn in two. Ben threw the phaser to the side in disgust then he scrambled to his feet.

"Okay Pal, I'm done with this caper," the Iotian stated resolutely as he pulled his Colt M1911 from within his boot, aimed it at the lizard and squeezed off a round. The heavy report of the pistol was louder in the enclosed corridor. The slug tore through the lizard and knocked it back three or four paces. It shrieked in pain but started forward with renewed fury. Ben gave the creature some lead for breakfast, each round knocking the reptilian enemy back a few paces.

The alien staggered backwards and rolled around a corner, falling into an alcove off the side of the corridor. Keeping his phaser trained on the wounded creature, Jamal dodged around the corner and watched as their attacker slumped against an airlock door. Ben fired another round and the creature fell back again, then began to lunge forward yet again. "Tough sucker…" Jamal muttered to himself as he slammed his fist into the controls for the airlock. Another pressure door slid shut, trapping the creature between them as an alarm sounded from the flashing control panel. The creature continued to pound and scratch on the door, snarling as it glared at the two Starfleet officers through the glass. After a few seconds, there was a low rumble from the airlock and the outer doors parted, blasting the reptilian creature into space with a cloud of gas that quickly dissipated into the cold vacuum of space.

Joint post with Benjamin Hyde Pierce, kicking some Yith butt.

Lisbet Ulrika 06-18-2009 01:43:19 PM
Bet watched the exchange of fire from a detached perspective. One part of her mind was firing her phaser wildly in the direction of attackers, not sure if she was hitting any marks at all. She heard Tenanji shout, “Fall back!” but she wondered just where they were supposed to fall back to. Another part of her mind witnessed Govan fall. Her first instinct was to rush to his side, but the danger involved in that was far too great. She tasted blood after biting her lip in fear and frustration.

More of the reptilian attackers poured through the doorway. One rather large beast broke away from the main group and headed toward Govan. Bet took careful aim and was satisfied to see it stagger a bit, but it did not go down. Its beady eyes turned her way momentarily and she felt a cold chill run down her spine. The feelings coming off these beings were completely alien, she could make no sense of them, but the coldness of its glance was indication enough that their motivations were not nice.

Bet felt a panic start to rise in her, the sensation made worse by the growing worry on everyone else’s part as the situation became increasingly dire. She continued to fire her phaser and made ready to follow whatever orders Tenanji gave…she trusted he would know the best course of action.

Luku 06-19-2009 10:27:10 AM
::USS Chimera::
::A few moments earlier::

"Now what could I possibly say to get myself out of this?" Luku thought out loud to herself as she walked slowly down the corridor, "Nothing." Her mind answered bluntly, for some reason in her mothers voice again. "You screwed up, now S'ti'ach up and take the consequences!"

Consequences, oh yeah, they were becoming apparent already. When Luku had found Chief Jameson in the Security Office he had been standing just inside the door waiting for her, apparently Lieutenant Tenanji had called ahead. Needless to say, the look on the NCO's face was not one of welcoming, she had been handed the padd containing her battle stations and promptly told to leave. So here she was heading to…

"Where am I headed to?" she murmured, glancing down at the padd.

"Torpedo Bay One," the S'ti'ach read out loud, before looking up to work out exactly where she was.

"Is'ta dela Twi'kta!" She swore in S'ti'ach'aas, slapping her forehead, "I'm going the wrong way…"

At that moment the once constant yellow lights running along the corridors length slammed into a bright, dangerous red, barely a split second after that the ship rocked violently, knocking Luku backwards onto the deck.

"Okay, I really need to get there…now!"

And with that the S'ti'ach rolled over to her front, and pelted down the corridor, as fast as her six limbs could take her…

Torrik Nils 06-19-2009 11:10:26 AM
:: USS Chimera ::
:: Bridge ::

‘…reports damage to the tertiary hull…’

‘…lateral shield grid power readings are intermittent…’

‘Sickbay this is the bridge…please respond…bridge to sickbay…’

‘…thrusters are online and functioning within operational parameters…’

‘Impulse engines are non-responsive. Belay that! Engines are online…’

The bridge was abuzz. With clenched fists Nils listened and took it all in, occasionally issuing further orders. The ion weapon their enemy utilized against them rendered the Chimera impotent each time they recovered from the previous shot. Ship’s systems were in a constant state of reboot or fried altogether.

“They’re firing again,” called Wekesa from tactical.

Nils gripped the edge of his chair with one hand and flipped open his tricorder just as the ion weapon slammed into their failing shields. With ship’s sensor rendered almost useless each time the weapon made contact, he settled for the less glamorous approach. The Bajoran almost didn’t feel the resultant quake brought on by the attack as he focused his full attention on the readings flashing across the small screen.

“Directed energy weapon… Quantum resonance charge…” he muttered under his breath as he quickly dissected the information. “Can we deploy the Ablative shields?”

Two distinct and vehement “no’s” answered from opposite quadrants of the bridge. Nils waved off explanation, knowing full well they needed massive amounts of power just to turn the things on. And with the resonance charges sapping power with each direct hit, the possibility of a successful deployment diminished as time passed.

Nils sighed deeply and quantified the amount and types of energy available to each ship as if it were a chemical equation. At present, their enemy had the advantage and the equation was anything but equal. They needed to level the playing field. “Quantum resonance particulate… Annihilating spin and charge… Anti-proton reintegration…” he muttered as he quickly jumped to the science station. His hands flew over the console and he issued another order, “Keep us moving… I don’t want to be an easy target. And Wekesa, keep some pressure on them. When they…”

“Incoming fire,” interrupted their Chief of Tactical. The ship rocked and the bridge lights dimmed. They didn’t recover as quickly as before. A quiet came over the bridge as literal and complete darkness enveloped the crew. Emergency lighting didn’t respond either.

“Uh oh,” said someone from somewhere.

Slowly, and with a seemingly great effort, Chimera strained and the bridge lighting blinked back on.

“I hate that weapon,” Jezera said coldly.

“As soon as the shields cycle back up remodulate them to emit a beta-tachyon pulse,” Nils called seriously. “Jezera on my order, slough off the antiproton charge from our deflector. A steady series approximately three seconds apart in frequency…”

A hand on his shoulder drew him from his momentary science induced blindness and he looked up to see T’Shaini’s reassuring face. Her encouragement held his ever present insecurity at bay and he shook his head, giving her a ‘here we go again’ look. “I’ve never been much of a gambler,” he commented over his shoulder. “But here we go…”

“Shields are cycling,” called Wekesa his own concentration wrapped up in the tactical station.

“Do it,” called Nils.

“Annnd done.”

“Jezera… Now!”

“Anti-protons away…” A few seconds later she added, “And again…”

“Keep it up,” said Nils with growing confidence. “That should bolster our shields as long as we can keep the anti-protons flowing. The deflector is charged with anti-protons but their concentration is limited. Eventually the well will run dry,” the Captain announced to the bridge. In truth, he didn’t know how long they had. But for the time being the quantum resonance would at least be absorbed by their manipulated shielding. They could begin repairs and get more systems online.

“Let’s make the most of this time… Get sensors working! I want to know what’s going on in that ship! And transporters! Get them operational! I want our people back! Wekesa,” Nils began refocusing his attention on the viewscreen. “Give that ugly ship a little more of Chimera’s spite! Belay that!” The young CO’s eyes narrowed and his expression grew sharp and angry. “Give them a lot more.”

Harry Finn 06-20-2009 10:22:49 AM
::USS Chimera::

As the first shots were fired…

From his post near the door, PO2 Djinn observed the Chimera’s children. The Chimera had carried no families, prior to taking on the Hawking’s crew and he’d worried over their inclusion, when it had become known to the in-place security force. Maarta had assured him that he was over-reacting. Children, the mother of two reminded him, were remarkably adaptable.

These certainly seemed to be. Sitting in a comfortable circle, with their teachers handing out reading materials, toys or comfort as needed, they took to the red alert like veterans.

Which, he supposed, having read the Hawking's recent mission logs, they were. Relaxing into the unusual sentry duty, he’d been about to make a com check with Jameson when a sudden, intense jolt, followed by a dimming of the lights brought everyone to attention. It was only moments before the power stabilized but then…

“Ms. Edded, Ms. Edded! You sprung a leak!”

A young voice pulled his attention to where Edded Baya was standing, a most peculiar expression on her face. “Ma’am…?”

“Oh… uh… oh,” she said, one hand over her swollen belly.

“Oh, dear,” Katie said, crossing the room to the other teacher. “Now?”

“I don’t, I mean,” Baya’s stomach seemed to ripple beneath her hand and her legs started to buckle, “Yes,” she gasped out, “Yes… now.”

Djinn tapped his combadge as he joined them, offering his support to the pained woman, =/\=Vegal-Djinn to transporter room, I need an emergency site to site…=/\=

=/\=Negative that, Djinn, we have no transporters at this time, =/\= a harried Chief Lottz informed him.

“Mom?” Feeya joined the three adults, her young eyes wide and, of course, worried.

Djinn quickly called to Main Security for a replacement then took more of Baya’s weight, wrapping an arm around her back and guiding her towards the door. “It seems we’ll have to go on foot,” he said, as Katie reassured the children that this was all a normal part childbirth.

“I was afraid you’d say that,” she responded, over the aftermath of that first, surprisingly intense, contraction.

“Can I come?” Feeya asked, from her mother’s side.

“Oh, dearest…”

“I'm sorry,” Vegal broke in, “but we are at red alert; for everyone’s safety, you must remain at your battle station. Besides, I am sure Ms. Ibrahim will need an experienced hand with her charges,” he nodded towards the several younger children, who were looking nervous, despite Katie’s assurances. Even the older students seemed more shell shocked by the impending birth than the current engagement.

The girl wasn’t pleased but she understood life on a starship. She offered her mother one deep look and a squeeze of the hand before the two were out the door, into the corridor and off towards sickbay, Baya’s too-rapid contractions a violent echo of the continued buffeting the Chimera was taking from the alien vessel.

Featuring PO2 Vegal-Djinn, Edded Baya, Katie Ibrahim and the kids.

Lisbet Ulrika 06-20-2009 07:51:48 PM
Kullaa Main Cargo Bay

From the moment Zal Govan fell, there an pall of desperate inevitability fell over the battle. And, unlike the the variously armored and sporadically armed alien force which continued to throng the cargo bay, it was something the remaining defenders found difficult to combat. Tenanji, himself, had set his wrist tricorder to recording the battle, thinking that, should the worst come, there would be an accurate account.

Now, as Ulrika fired on one of the enemy, another slipped behind and stripped the fallen Govan of his combadge, tricorder and spent phaser. Then the same stumbling behemoth which had taken the doctor’s hit moved in to lift the Cardassian over one armored shoulder before it turned and began lumbering back towards the hatch.

“I think not,” Tenanji said, quietly, taking careful aim at the creature carrying off his crew but, even as he did, the vessel rocked, violently, throwing the security officer back and sending his shot wild.

Bet saw Tenanji fall back and looked to where he was trying to fire. The monstrosity that had shaken off her phaser fire so simply before was carrying Govan away, back through the throng at the door. She puzzled momentarily over the reasons for retrieving wounded foes, wondering what possible purpose they could have. The thoughts darting about her head stopped suddenly as she felt a searing pain in her left arm. She had been hit, a grazing blow only, with a disruptor bolt. She screamed out and fell back, having dropped her phaser in her surprise. She realized her folly and grabbed for it, continuing to fire.

USS Chimera
Turbolift, between decks 5 & 7

“Remind me never to question Terran statistics,” Baya hissed as Djinn took a quick verbal lesson in childbirth from Dr. Ayre. Transporters were still down and, despite the ease in buffeting, the Chimera’s internal systems were spotty… much of the power was being cycled to the shields leaving Baya and her escort trapped in, yes, a turbolift.

=/\=Copy that, doctor, thank you.=/\= Djinn turned to his charge, “First, I would like to apologize to your husband…”

“Get this child out safely and, believe me, you’ll be first on the Celebration invite list,” she told him, offering a short and, for Djinn, painful, squeeze of his hand.

He smiled tightly before helping the woman shift into a more conducive position.

Kullaa Main Cargo Bay

Rolling back to his feet, Tenanji heard the doctor’s scream. He knew the Chimera was firing on the enemy vessel but whatever benefit the shot gave the Chimera, it was costing his team, dearly. Even as Ulrika renewed her fire, Star was knocked from the top of the crate she’d been using to snipe the enemy, falling in a stunned heap and about to be smashed by the teetering crates themselves before Kowalski jumped a sliding wall of cargo and pulled her to safety.

Relative safety, Usher assumed, as he lost sight of the pair but did spy a trio of hissing, clicking attackers, all armed and closing in on Kowalski's position, fast.

Govan down and carried away, Star temporarily incapacitated and she and Kowalski were being surrounded, Bet had a very hard time imagining them getting out of this alive.

USS Chimera
Turbolift, between decks 5 & 7

“Oh,” Djinn was saying, as he crouched, divested of his uniform jacket, in full view of an event he’d never expected to see.

“Don’t you dare pass out on me,” Baya ordered, between clenched teeth as she followed the relayed instructions to push on the crest of the contraction… and keep pushing no matter what.

“No excuse, ma’am,” he responded, automatically. “I mean, no, of course not. But there is a… something… coming out…”

=/\=That would be the baby’s crown, Petty Officer,” Ayre’s voice came over the coms. =/\=You’ll want ta get yer hands down there, now, in case the wee one slips out…=/\=

=/\=Copy that,=/\= Vegal replied, hands snapping into place with the precision of an old time Eartg quarterback, waiting for the hike.

“Here comes another one,” Baya warned, wishing wishing wishing Towak were here, so she could break is Prophet-loving fingers for doing this to her.

Kullaa Main Cargo Bay

The Chimera crew were down to three able fighters with increasingly detrimental odds. Tenanji, dodging one more sizzling bolt of unstable energy fire, was forced to make a decision. But before he did, he deliberately stumbled to the right, slipping off the wrist tricorder he’d been wearing and quickly attaching his combadge to the makeshift recorder into a crevice between two stacks of cargo, in the hopes the Chimera would be able to retrieve the tech and know the fate of their crew.

Another shot slid past his shoulder and confirmed the suspicion Govan’s capture and Ulrika’s wounding had spawned. These creatures either had atrocious aim, or they were not trying to kill the team. All the shots had been to the extremities… disabling shots.

“Stand down,” he ordered loudly, holding his own hands up, nearly spent phaser held loosely in two fingers. Kowalski and Star remained out of sight behind the collapsed crates but he could see the doctor freeze and look to him. “Stand down,” he ordered, as reassuringly as it was in him to do and hope she could catch his reasoning: continued battle would only leave them damaged, less able to fight back, should the chance arrive.

Bet could feel the calm assurance that Tenanji was feeling. She immediately caught his intent and stood up herself, phaser loosely pinched between two fingers. The reptilian horde, now numbering so many it was impossible to imagine the Chimera's away team ever gaining an upper-hand advanced. Bet was immediately surrounded, both arms violently grabbed and help tightly. She watched as the security officer was likewise manhandled. Or was that lizzardhandled? The thought shot through her head and before she could stifle it a chuckle escaped her. Her captures jumped at the sound and she suddenly felt a sharp stab to her leg. All sensation was muffled somehow, as though experienced through water, as she felt her legs go numb and her vision get blurry. "Doctor Ulrika!" she heard dimly, seeing Tenanji yelling the words, but she was incapable of feeling any urgency at the moment. She was held suspended between her captures without a care in the world, but some dim part of her went back to a puzzle her father had tested her with…if she could just hold on to that, she would be alright.

USS Chimera
Turbolift, between decks 5 & 7

Carefully, Djinn laid the jacket wrapped bundle of anger on his mother’s chest.

=/\=How’s the laddie doing?=/\=

=/\=Airway cleared,=/\= the security officer said, though the howling infant spoke to that, well enough. =/\=And the cord is… severed…=/\= he holstered his phaser as he spoke.

A sudden jerking and a hum indicated the ‘lift had returned to life. “Ah, just in time,” Djinn commented dryly. =/\=Doctor, the turbolift is en route…=/\=

=/\=There’s a team and as stretcher waitin’ for you… I’ll see you soon, Baya=/\=

Baya looked up from her newborn child, “Thank you.”

Djinn shook his head, “It was an honor.” He peered down at the tiny, wrinkled creature, “Has he a name?”

Baya nodded, “Zal… we chose it long ago.” She smiled, thinking how surprised their friend would be… their bridge to the future and Towak’s final peace with the Occupation.

The officer smiled, thinking how Zal Govan would react, on his return to the ship. He imagined the often taciturn Cardassian would be almost as pleased by the birth as the father, himself.

Then she looked up at Zal’s fellow officer, “But I think we may take on the Terran’s custom, and add a third, making this,” she gently rocked her child, “Edded Zal Djinn.”

Any response the shocked Vegal might make was interrupted by the arrival of the turbolift at its destination, and the immediate tumult of transferring mother and child to the relative security of the sickbay.

Kullaa Main Cargo Bay

Seeing the woman stung, as Govan had been stung, Usher erupted. He’d failed his team, allowing the enemy to subdue them completely with whatever they secreted in those venomous talons.

He’d taken his two captors enough by surprise to knock the leg out from one and give the other a jaw full of elbow, racing towards the beast who was lifting Lisbet Ulrika, now as limp as one dead, to carry off but of course he never got that far, one of the others who’d held the doctor turned and, quite simply stung the onrushing officer in the stomach so that his steps faltered and his mind faded to cruel, cold, uncaring black.

Moments later, the cadre of reptilian invaders departed the bay, possessed of the five Chimera crew — some carried, some dragged by a convenient limb — and a cache of new technology, gleaned from the Golnarran vessel and their captives.

With special help from Harry…thanks!!

Luku 06-22-2009 10:25:07 AM
::USS Chimera:
::Torpedo Room One::

As Luku reached the torpedo room the doors swished open in front of her, or at least they got halfway before the lights cut out once more, stopping them in mid-flow. The S'ti'ach stepped through and took a quick look at the situation playing out around her.

On one side of the bay a pair of crewmen were carefully loading a torpedo by hand into the launcher tube. On the other side another crewmen was straining to open the launcher bay door by hand, above them all was the torpedo bay control room, being looked over by a rather very concerned looking Ensign.

"Okay, here we go again folks!" The ensign shouted down, "When the power comes back up this time I want the chief to look at his console and see both tubes loaded and ready to fire!"

"Yes sir! The trio of crewmen chorused.

"Cadet!" The ensign shouted down again, clearly 'speaking' to Luku.

"Y-yes Ma am?" Luku jumped, looking upwards.

"Get over here and help Jensen with that hatch!"

"Yes Ma am!" Luku saluted, quickly running over to the straining crewman, without pause the S’ti’ach jumped up onto the torpedo belt line, and placed herself under the half open hatch door.

"Okay," Jensen nodded, "on three…one…two…three!"

The pair pushed and pulled the hatch upwards until it clicked into its holding position.

"Tube two open!" Jensen shouted quickly toward the Ensign.

"Tube one loaded!" The pair of crewmen chorused to their right.

"Let’s get working on two!" the ensign called down.

With a small whine, the bay lit up once more as Chimera's power returned.

"Get clear!" The Ensign shouted in warning, before Luku could react she was un-ceremoniously yanked clear of the launcher hatch by Jensen as the automatic loader quickly shoved a fresh torpedo into the launcher before its door slammed shut.

"Thanks." Luku smiled to Jensen as the crewman placed the diminutive cadet down on the deck.

A small light between the hatches lit up, showing both tubes loaded and ready to fire. Mere seconds afterward, the tubes emptied, their contents armed and thrown in anger towards Chimera's foe. The automatic loaders quickly responded, slamming two more torpedoes in to fire.

Luku watched this repeat itself twice more before the lights cut out again..

"Reload!" The Ensign called once again from above.

"Okay," Jensen nodded to Luku, "Lets get this hatch open again!"

(This post brought to you with editorial aid from Simba)

Simba Wekesa 06-22-2009 10:31:38 AM

U.S.S. Chimera
Primary Bridge

The bridge continued to rattle violently under the continued onslaught of their unknown attackers. Each hit from the enemy's ion cannon seemed to leech more life out of the Chimera than the last, and they were making little headway against the alien behemoth. The unspoken reality that they would need to abandon the away team and retreat if the tactical situation didn't improve loomed over the bridge like an approaching tempest.

Simba didn't know how the captain had managed to come up with his plan to bolster the shields, but he'd done so just in time. At the very least, it bought them a few more minutes to inflict damage on the enemy ship- and he was certainly going to do as much of it as he could. He didn't envy the captain at this moment, watching as the alien ship clung to the tiny Golnarran vessel in spite of the Chimera's persistence and knowing there was so little they could do about it.

"Shields down to seven percent, Captain!" the Simba reported as the ship was struck once again with an ionic burst. Another blast narrowly missed them as the helmsman skillfully swerved the ship to evade it. He glanced at the tactical readouts of the enemy ship. They were inflicting damage, clearly a more formidable opponent than the aliens had anticipated, but not nearly enough. Between the sheer size of the vessel and it's apparently decentralized layout, it was proving exceptionally difficult to disable. "Commander, I need more power to the forward phaser arrays," he shouted out to Javier across the bridge.

Javier shook his head and blinked his eyes, trying to clear his blurring vision. His head felt like someone was slamming it against a bulkhead. Wiping away bloody sweat once more, the Chief Engineer began to reroute what little power was left in non-essential systems to try and meet Tactical's needs. "Lieutenant, I'm giving you all the power the Chimera can spare.."

"I suggest you reroute power from the docking coupling operations since that system will not be used.." Clothos suddenly appeared beside Javier with her recommendation. "And seek medical aid for your.." As quickly as she appeared, the holographic woman disappeared.

"Lieutenant Wekesa, I just found another non-essential system, two actually," the engineer stated smugly as he tapped the engineering console quickly. That'll teach Miss Smarty-pants Clothos not to interrupt me. "Routing power to the phasers.." Another blast of the ion weapon slammed into the ship. Javier had to steady himself against the bucking of the deck. A flashing warning light on the console drew his attention. "The core is experiencing fluctuations." The engineer tried to stabilize the flow of plasma via the injectors. The systems were registering ion radiation in the intermix chamber. "Wekesa, whatever you plan on doing to the Yith ship, you'd better do soon before I have to shut down the core!"

"I'm on it, sir," Simba shouted back over the rumble of weapons-fire as he gritted his teeth and focused on the task at hand. Sure enough, Javier had managed to scrounge up more power from somewhere and the phasers were back up to eighty percent power. He fired again, striking the enemy ship near its docking claw. If they could inflict enough damage, maybe they could force it to release the Kullaa from its clutches. The phasers cut through the enemy hull, searing the metallic superstructure but not causing any apparent damage to the ship's ability to carry on its assault.

The Chimera shuddered as another ion stream grazed her hull and the Prometheus-class starship lurched violently to port, throwing Simba off balance. He caught himself on the edge of the tactical console and hoisted himself back into his seat as the bridge lights flickered wildly and thick smoke began to pour into the room from a ruptured conduit somewhere in the ceiling.

"Report!" Nils shouted, struggling to be heard over the chaos which had encompassed the bridge.

"Direct hit to our port shields," Jezera replied. "We're venting plasma from the port nacelle… port impulse engine is offline."

"Port shields are gone, Captain… starboard shields holding at four percent." Dammit, Wekesa, now would be a good time… Simba looked down at the flickering display on his console. So far, the alien ship had done relatively little actual damage to the Chimera. It was hard to tell with all the sensor interference, but the tactical officer guessed that, when it came to conventional weapons, the Chimera probably outgunned them. If that damned ion cannon weren't working in their favor… "Helm, bring us to bearing 301 mark 5-7 and accelerate to best possible speed," he called out. They had once chance at leveling this playing field, and he was going to take it.

Quickly, Wekesa reached for the controls and switched the torpedoes to manual targeting. The computer hadn't been serving them well with all of the power fluctuations, and they weren't going to get a second shot if this didn't work. The status panel for the torpedo bays was still green. Simba armed two quantum torpedoes and turned his attention to the targeting display as the Chimera came around and his target came into view. The enemy ship seemed to only have one ion turret, and if he could get a direct hit… Inhaling deeply, he jammed his finger down on the firing control as the ion cannon passed into the target lock. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as the torpedoes launched from the Chimera's bow and hurtled through space towards the alien ship. One of the projectiles flew directly into an incoming ion blast and detonated, dispersing the beam at a safe distance from the Chimera. The other continued on its path and struck the ion cannon, incinerating the infernal technology in a massive quantum explosion. "Direct hit… ion cannon is offline!"

The ion radiation increased as the engineer struggled to manipulate the flow of plasma long enough to give Tactical the power needed for the Chimera's defense. Javier knew that he was placing all the engineers in his department at risk with his careful manipulations. If the radiation increased and caused the core to destabilize, the engineers on duty would die from radiation poisoning long before the core was ejected. But the ship, everyone aboard the Chimera, would only be saved if the phasers continued to work. The engineer had gambled with his own life numerous times, but he had never gambled with the lives of his engineers and his friends. Come on Wekesa. Knock these f**kers out. Javier thought as he continued to play Russian roulette with the engineering staff's lives. The radiation levels continued to rise even as the disabling of the hostile ship's ion weapon was announced to the bridge crew. Another warning signal flashed on the console.

"A surge of anions in the core is causing it to destablilze," Javier called out. He wiped his head on his sleeve, wincing as the material scratched against the head wound. "Captain, I estimate we have three more minutes before I have to take the core offline. If an electrical surge hits the injectors we're finished."

Simba frowned as he continued to lay down fire against the enemy ship. Once the ion cannon had been eliminated, they had switched to using some sort of disruptors and had taken a few feeble shots at the Chimera. The ion weapon, it seemed, was the key to their strategy. Still, the ship remained in the combat zone, docked with the Golnarran vessel, so things were not over yet. Wekesa fired a spread of torpedoes targeted for the enemy's disruptors. As minor of a threat as they posed compared to what the ship had been hurling at them only a few moments before, the Chimera wasn't going to withstand much more damage.

An alarm beeped on the tactical console, signalling a large increase in the enemy ship's power output. Simba bit his lip and glanced at the shield readouts. Port shields were back online, barely, but they weren't going to hold up to more than one hit. But no, the enemy disruptor output hadn't increased… it was something else. Suddenly it dawned on him that maybe the enemy hadn't stopped fighting back because it couldn't. Maybe it had stopped fighting back because it no longer needed to.

"Captain… the alien ship is powering engines," Jezera called out.

"Lieutenant!" Nils began as he quickly swiveled his chair to face tactical.

"Already on it, sir," Simba replied as he fired phasers and scored a direct hit on what appeared to be one of the aliens' warp nacelles. "Minor damage… continuing to fire phasers and torpedoes." That ship may look hideous, but it's well-armored…

On the viewscreen, the enemy ship finally relinquished its hold on the Kullaa and cast it adrift in space like a discarded, empty can as it began to slowly move off.

"Can we pursue?" the captain asked as he turned to face the engineering station. The look Javier returned let him know immediately that it wasn't likely.

Wekesa furrowed his brow and unleashed everything they had on the alien ship, but it was moving too fast as it accelerated towards the warp threshold. A few phaser shots glanced off its hull while the Chimera's torpedoes passed harmlessly through the enemy's wake. And then, in a flash of bright light, the ship entered warp and was gone.

A joint post with Lt. Commander Javier Costala.

T'Shaini 06-23-2009 12:41:41 PM
::USS Chimera::

T'Shaini stood at Nils side, had Harry been here, he would have been on the bridge to lend his knowledge and tactical support…neither of which the Vulcan counselor possessed, but she felt she needed to do something. And if that was only standing in the midst of the chaos and attempting to soothe the frayed nerves the battle wrought, then so be it. Catching herself by gripping the back of the Captain's chair as a particularly violent blast rocked the ship she listened as Nils spouted directions to the crew around her, most she barely understood, but thankfully the crew of the Chimera were all expert at their chosen fields. Clothos flickered in and out as T'Shaini darted another glance back to Javier, who's face was streaked with blood but continued working as if nothing had happened. If he needs assistance he will make that clear. Pride for him blossomed as his maneuvering allowed Simba to destroy the Ion cannon. Oh…oh no. T'Shaini took a step backward to face Javier along with Nils as he asked.

"Can we pursue?"

Then with a sinking feeling she watched as the hostile ship accelerated into warp. "Status on the Kullaa." She heard herself ask.

"I am detecting no life signs." From Jezera, causing Nils brows to knit even tighter together.

Fifteen minutes later, a team of eight heavily armed security crew made their way through the damaged Kullaa in four pairs. It was Jameson and a silent B'Naath entered the battle damaged cargo hold, still containing the Golnarran crew. They ran their tricorders and their eyes over the room, B'Naath catching the scent of several species' blood.

"No life signs but," the Caitian pointed towards a tumbled heap of crates, "Lieutenant Tenanji's combadge is over there."

Jameson only gave a short nod before proceeding to the indicated corner. If he feared the worst, that he'd uncover the body of his chief, he gave no sign. What he did find, however… =/\=Jameson to Chimera… we have no sign of our crew but I have found Tenanji's combadge and a tricorder… activating interface with Kullaa's dataport and forwarding to Chimera.=/\= Acting as he spoke, Jameson felt his body go stone cold as he watched what the bridge crew would also be seeing… the jolting, scattershot images of the away team falling in battle and, from the mouse-eye point of view of Tenanji's planted tricorder, being hauled away by the unfamiliar enemy who'd defeated them. =/\=Chimera, do you read this?=/\=

=/\= We do.=/\= The Captain's voice was cold.

T'Shaini placed her hand on his shoulder, she could only imagine the inner turmoil he felt after viewing what they had just viewed, but there was no outward sign. "Nils…" She had to raise her voice slightly to achieve his attention. "Nils, now what?"

=/\= Jameson, get the away team back here.=/\= The Bajoran briefly considered trying to tractor in the Kullaa, but knew how much power Javier had diverted to enable them to disable the ion cannon. =/\=Transporter room, beam the Golnarran bodies to sickbay.=/\= "Someone alert sickbay that there will be bodies to be stored in stasis." Out of the corner of her eye T'Shaini saw someone scramble to contact Dr. Ender, turning to face Nils she almost retreated at the grim cast to his features.

"As soon as the transport is finished, lock in coordinates…we're going after them."

JP with Harry as the away team, me on the bridge…sorry Nils

Javier Costala 06-23-2009 03:00:45 PM
-Main Engineering-
-Deck 12-

"Lieutenant, we must shut down the core. If we do not the.." T'Bay's attention was drawn to flashing light on the console in front of the warp core. "Radiation, there is a leak in the containment field. Ion radiation is flooding this deck and the ones above and below it. We must evacuate. Containment fields will automatically raise in less than a minute." The Vulcan's words were stated in an emotionless tone that did not communicate the danger that the engineers around the warp core's proximity faced, as deadly ion radiation leaked into the environment around them. Li Yeoh continued working to stabilize the core as T'Bay spoke, trying to balance the charged particles that threatened the ship, knowing that a surge within the system would cause a cataclysmic overload of the injectors and a core breach. The officer knew that the Chief Engineer had taken control of the core from the bridge but the ion weapon that their attackers used had filled the ship with charged energy that the shields could not hold back. The energy wreaked havoc in the systems and Yeoh was doing her best to keep them stable so that the Chief could stabilize the core.

Radiation leak. I have to evacuate, the computer will seal off the core automatically. the Assistant Chief Engineer thought as her fingers flew over the console. But if no one stays to flush the systems of anions..the core may still overload. Yeoh turned her attention to T'Bay for as long as it took to say, "Give the evacuation order and leave immediately."

"Lieutenant you should.." T'Bay started to suggest that the officer also evacuate.

"You have your orders Ensign, carry them out," Yeoh replied brusquely, sending T'Bay on her way. The Commander had made her the ACEO, Yeoh knew that it was her duty to stay at her post as long as was necessary to safe-guard the ship. She felt tired, a sudden spell of exhaustion pressing down on her, and Yeoh knew she was being poisoned by the radiation. Alarms began to sound as the computer announced the leak and the beginning of containment procedures. She could see engineers streaming for the exits out of the corner of her eye. Some were being helped out of the area by others. They would have to continue down the corridors so the computer could seal off the sections that were flooded with ion radiation. Her fingers slid off the console as her vision blurred and intense pain struck her body. Forcing herself to focus on her task, Yeoh began to poke at the console in front of her with her index fingers, making sure she entered the codes correctly.

=/\=Bridge to Main Engineering. Lieutenant Li, evacuate the core containment area immediately.=/\= It was Commander Costala. Yeoh gasped for breath. T'Bay must have alerted him to my choice to ignore the evacuation order. She tried to answer him.

=/\=I have to..stay..I.=/\= Javier heard the officer gasp, his features grim because he knew what was happening inside Main Engineering. Li had stayed within the radiation saturated area for too long and the effects of radiation poisoning were taking control. "I'm taking the core offline," he announced to the bridge crew without waiting for Nils' confirmation, "we're evacuating decks 11, 12 and 13 because of radiation. I'm going down to Engineering." Javier entered the codes to shut down the damaged core, he could barely contain his trepidation. Staggering as he left the console, he shot a look in T'Shaini's direction then left the bridge. "Computer, begin Emergency Engineering Hologram in Main Engineering, warp core containment area. Confirm Costala Gamma Epsilon Kappa Omega Seven," the Chief Engineer stated as he entered the lift. "Deck 10."

<>Code confirmed. Emergency Engineering Hologram is active.<> the computer answered as a hologram shimmered then stabilized inside the hostile environment. The hologram was a male African-American of medium height. The only distinguishing feature was the VISOR that the man wore over his eyes. =/\=Wow, I'm reading a lot of ion radiation in here Commander!=/\= the hologram exclaimed in excitement. =/\=I may not be able to hang around for long because ion radiation is bad for my emitters,=/\= Geordi warned. =/\=I guess the nature of the emergency question is moot huh?=/\=

=/\=Geordi, I need you to check on Lieutenant Li,=/\= Javier asked the hologram. His head felt like it was caught between a hammer and an anvil. =/\=She should be near your location.=/\=

=/\=I'm not a doctor, Commander,=/\= the holographic representation of Lieutenant Geordi Laforge answered, as he scanned the officer in question with his VISOR =/\=but I'd say she needs medical attention immediately. The lieutenant has a serious case of radiation poisoning.=/\=

=/\=Transporter Chief, I need a site to site emergency beam out. Lock on to Lieutenant Li's commbadge and transport her to sickbay.=/\= Javier requested.

=/\=The amount of radiation is blocking the sensors.=/\= the TC replied, =/\=I can't get a lock on Li, Commander.=/\=

=/\=Shit..Commander Laforge begin procedures to..flush the ion radiation from Main Engineering.=/\= The lift stopped and Javi exited at an unsteady run, losing his balance and slamming against the wall opposite the lift. His head was pounding as he slid off the wall and was caught by a security officer. It was one of the younger officers. Javier couldn't remember his name.

"Commander, are you okay?" There was concern in the officer's gaze.

"Yeah, it's just a graze," Javier explained as he tried to get his balance back, and brushed the blood from his face, wiping his hand on the security officer's uniform without realizing it. "I need an environment suit.."

"Sir, I think you should.."

"Environment suit, now, order!" Javier shouted angrily. His sentence disjointed because of the splitting headache, but yelling in haste because he knew Li's time was running out. I have to get her out of there, I have to.. The corridor did a flip as the engineer lost his balance again and fell headfirst to the deck sliding into unconsciousness.

Harry Finn 06-24-2009 10:14:52 AM
::USS Royal Flush::

=/\=USS Chimera, this is the USS Royal Flush out of Meggido III. We are coming in off your port bow at 153 kilometers.=/\=

=/\=Copy that, USS Royal Flush…Royal Flush, we have no readings on your suggested bearings…=/\=

Harry swore quietly, then moved his hand over one of the controls on the console before him, =/\=Chimera, apologies, we came out of warp cloaked. You should have us, now.=/\=

There was a pause and then a familiar, incredulous voice came over the com, =/\=Harry what are you doing in a Cardassian shuttle? A cloaked Cardassian shuttle?=/\=

=/\=Captain Torrik,=/\= Finn noted the level of tension in the captain’s voice… but then, the scoring on the side of the Chimera spoke to that, =/\=That would be a long and colorful story, best saved for another time, from the looks of things. Meanwhile,=/\= he glanced towards the rear of the shuttle, where Jenny and Fehr were bagging the souvenir they’d picked up, coming out of warp. =/\=Meanwhile I don’t suppose anyone on board can explain the perforated lizard we found floating near that derelict?=/\=

Jenny, listening, didn’t look up from the grisly task. She just kept thinking about the remains of the unknown creature and the blood frozen to its scales. They’d scanned it and knew what had caused the wounds: .45 caliber bullets. Just like the ones fired from Ben’s M1911.

=/\=You have one of them?=/\= Nils’ voice deepened.

=/\=Sir, I have a reptilian being, deceased, which bounced off our hull as we came out of warp. We transported it into the shuttle and discovered it had received multiple gunshot wounds prior to its adventures in space. I believe it likely those shots came from Petty Officer Pierce’s personal sidearm. Scans also indicate some kind of unregistered toxin in the blood, which is starting to thaw so we’re bagging the remains.=/\=

=/\=Understood. =/\= Torrik’s voice went a bit distant as they heard, =/\= Jezera, get Ensign Hodges to deck eight, ASAP. Harry,=/\= the captain’s attention returned, =/\=You are a go for docking, main shuttlebay. As soon as you arrive, report to the bridge. Things are… not good.=/\=

Yeah, he got that much. =/\=Understood. Royal Flush, out.=/\= Harry glanced back, where a pale Anderson and unwontedly serious Fehr completed their task. “Sorry it’s not the homecoming we might have liked,” he told his small team before adding, for Jenny’s benefit, “He’ll be okay.”

“Yes,” she said, rising and stripping off the gloves she’d used to maneuver the body, “he will.” ’Cause if he’s not, I’ll kill him!

Batten down the hatches cause Harry is in the house!

Lisbet Ulrika 06-24-2009 06:52:35 PM
::Inside the tortured mind of Lisbet Ulrika::

Sensation, fading in and out.

Bet woke on a cot in what appeared to her to be some sort of storage room. The walls were lined with shelves containing various sized boxes and bottles. Faint noises were heard from the partially open doorway.

She tried to sit up, but a bandage on her shoulder as she leaned on her right arm made her cry out. A man entered through the doorway and stood looking at her a moment. “You seem no worse for wear, though that pain you’re feeling might tell you different.” He smiled at her.

“Where am I?” she asked. Her memory was fuzzy; the last clear memory she had was of riding a shuttle to a ship that was to be her first official duty station.

“You are in Duluth, Minnesota.” He seemed to find humor in the puzzled look on her face. “You have no idea how you got here, to you?”

“I honestly don’t. I can’t seem to remember anything…” She struggled to find a thread she could trace to make some sense of things.

“What can you tell me? Who bandaged me?” She probed the dressing and found it secure.

“I put that dressing on. I first saw you stumbling through the rubble with your shoulder bleeding. You could have been killed.” He said this as if to chastise her.

“Clearly I don’t know what is going on. Killed by who?”

He pulled up a box and sat down across from her. “By the rampaging hordes. A plague has struck us here. Those infected run wild, attacking anyone they see.”

“I’m confused. I was very far from here before. I don’t understand how it is possible for me to be on Earth at all.”

“I don’t know where you think you were, but now you are in a very dangerous place. We are safe here, for the moment. But we may have to leave later, they rove mostly at night… something about the bright light.”

Suddenly, there was a loud banging sound. “They’ve found us!”

::To be continued…

Javier Costala 06-26-2009 10:54:57 PM
::Deck 11::

"Perhaps I would be of better service assisting in the evacuation." T'Shaini knew little of the inner workings of the bridge or of anything technical, that was why she was always so fascinated by Javier's knowledge and even of the insights of Lia into anything mechanical. The inner workings of the mind…now that was what she was versed in, and if she knew anything..and she did, it was likely that no matter how professional the crew of the Chimera was, this evac was going to be chaotic. After a nod from Nils, the Counselor quickly contacted Lieutenant Peress and was told she would be of most use on Deck 11.

Reassuring, guiding, comforting and calming the edgy engineering staff she was told over and over of the engineer being the containment walls. They are a unit, they care about one another, and that is as much due to how Javier interacts with them as the pressure cooker of the job itself. Her eyes darted around yet again, looking to see if she could see him. He had left to aid the situation unsteady on his feet from the wound he had received…not that that would stop him.

=^= Lieutenant Peress, T'Shaini. Deck 11 appears to be cleared, I am going to make one more pass to be certain there are no stragglers. =^=

=^= Thank you, Commander. Let us know.=^=

Her footsteps loud in the silence of the deserted deck, T'Shaini scanned the area. There was something missing, something intangible, the underlying him of his presence that she was so used to. "Where is he?" Her rounds finished she moved back to the lift seeking for something that she barely knew existed. The lift opened and a young security officer rushed out.

"Alejandro, you can infrom Lieutenant Peress that deck 11 is clear." He nodded at her, began to turn, then abruptly turned back.

"Counselor, I think…I think I should tell you, I was here when Commander Costala came down…he ordered me to get him an environment suit so he could go in and get his engineer who was in the containment field…when I got back…" He swallowed, even through her impassive features he could feel a tension at his words. "he had collapsed. I called for an emergency transport to sickbay."

"Thank you for telling me, Alejandro."


The Counselor hovered at the edge of sickbay, the influx of wounded from engineering was overwhelming. Her hand moved to her chest, rubbing at the still tender wound and the ache that had formed below at the sight of Del, moaning in pain as the staff tended to him. Her own weariness washed away in the tidal flood of suffering she saw before her. She could hear the mutterings of the medical staff, murmured sadness…they had lost someone, more than one. Oh no.

Slipping through the chaos she found Javier, pale even against the white of biobed, and still, so still. Even in repose his personality was so ebullient that something was always in motion, an internal vibration that sang to everything and everyone around him. Her fingers tentatively reached toward the bandage, but halted inches from him and reached not with her hand, but almost instinctively, with her mind.


The dappled leaves swayed slightly in the breeze as Javier followed the magnificent trunks of ancient wood up to their tops. The sun winked at him as the wind caused the branches of the trees to wave and blot out the light for a few seconds. The engineer was in awe of the forest around him and could only swivel his head and gaze at the majestic trees, dumbstruck by their beauty. He reached forward and placed his hand on a tree that had a trunk the size of a Type 9 shuttlecraft. He could feel the creak and groan of the wood as the wind pushed it beneath his fingertips. The engineer drew his fingers across the bark, it was coarse and strong but felt good in its natural state.

"My people believe that this is the place where all life began," a strong yet soft-spoken voice proclaimed.

"Ajani!" The engineer turned as he spoke. It was Ajani. It was his friend and the one Javier had not spoken with since.. "Am I dead?" he asked Ajani as he took the African man's right hand in greeting.

Ajani laughed and answered, "No Javier, you aren't dead, only sleeping. You are in fact at a halfway point." The former engineer's smile grew wider as his teeth shone brilliantly. "But there is someone searching for you."

"I get around to these halfway points a lot..don't I?" The engineer paused then listened carefully. It sounded as if someone had called his name. He looked over his shoulder then turned to stare deeper into the wood.

Hello. Who are you?

T'Shaini felt…well, she was not quite sure what she felt…a questing? Some sort of reciprocation to her query, or was this just wishful thinking. No matter if it was, she reached again.


There it was again. But the wood was empty as far as the engineer could see. "What is it?" Javier asked Ajani. "I felt it..but I can't see anyone."

"Is it familiar? Maybe you have encountered this feeling before," Ajani explained as he moved forward until he was standing close beside Javier.

"Yes, it was familiar," Javier agreed, "I..let me ask."


Bramley gripped the Counselor's shoulder. "Are you alright? He had a nasty head wound, concussion, but Dr. Seldon took care of it, I am sure he will come around soon." T'Shaini nodded wordlessly, she had no desire to have him witness any more, she was certain he had seen her step back in surprise. It was almost as if she had heard someone ask…but how?

T'Shaini… She reached out yet again.

"T'Shaini. It's T'Shaini!" Javier told Ajani in excitement. "I think she's talking to me..I mean, I know she is, but it's different," he explained to his friend as the words poured out of his mouth. He craned his neck, searching the forest for his love. "I think she's near by. I'll ask."

Where are you?

There was a tiny voice inside the Vulcan's head…well, yet another tiny voice, wondering if the recent stress had softened her mind. Shrugging that worry off, T'Shaini reinforced the emotional with the physical and reached out to enclose his hand with hers.

In sickbay. If this was not just her imagination, even if it was, she might as well elucidate. With you.

"She's in sickbay," Javier passed the information on to Ajani in an excited whisper, "with me…" There was an instant where Javier looked at Ajani then the light in forest grew brighter and brighter until it seared away the forest. He could see pale blue and lighter, fuzzier images whose contrast grew steadily sharper. "I heard you," Javier told T'Shaini as she came into focus.

I love you.

And I, you.


Harry Finn 06-27-2009 12:53:29 PM
::USS Chimera::
::Sickbay - Deck 7::

Not far from where T’Shaini and Javier stood, quietly linked, Edded Baya, holding the newborn Zal Djinn sat with her daughter, Feeya and listened to a chilling report.

“He was in an exposed area for… some time,” Matt was explaining, quietly, his eyes sympathetic, “we have him in the radiation ward and he’s had some positive response to the initial dose of hyronalin but there’s a road to go and several… levels… of treatment,” he gave a look to Feeya, “that we can discuss.”

Baya’s hand ran over her daughter’s hair and both females huddled protectively over the infant, “Tell me, now,” she said, as calmly as if her heart wasn’t torn asunder, half wrapped around her children’s safety while the other thudded in a dirge-like rhythm, deep within the decontamination chamber, only twenty meters distant.

It occurred to Matt, following her orders and laying out the options and their various risks, that Baya wasn’t aware of the tears streaming steadily down her cheeks.

:: Main Security - Deck 5::

“Crewman Anderson,” Jameson barely looked up from the fluctuating readout before him as Jenny walked into the office for the first time in weeks.

“Senior Chief,” she replied, voice neutral. Only her eyes asked the question.

Bill let out a sigh, then looked up, “There was an engagement on the derelict vessel. During the fight, Lt. Tenanji, Chief Petty Govan, Kowalski, Star and a new medical crewmember, Dr. Ulrika were seen to be taken prisoner. Chief Petty Hastings and PO3 Pierce were also aboard the Kullaa during the battle and are now considered MIA.”

She absorbed the news and the pain that came with it and it seemed those weeks in service to Special Ops had gone a ways to teaching her how to hide her feelings because her only response was a quiet, “Thank you, Chief.”

He gave her three seconds to take it in, then, “Report to deck 10 launch bay. Atropos detected potential degradation in a several Mark VI casings but, due to the ensuing power fluctuations, she was unable to pinpoint the damaged bullets. B’Naath is already working containment but the more hands the better. You’ll need to go by ladder and take a portable light source with your kit.” He considered, and discarded, a dozen palliative statements. They both knew MIA could just as easily become KIA so he finally settled on a simple, “Get to it.”

Jenny got. And, when she arrived in the bay, the crewman dove into her task with the same silent fervor displayed by B’Naath. Their friends had been taken… where, no one knew… but above all their private griefs there was a ship and a crew that needed protecting. That was the job.

All Jenny could do for Ben right now was pray he’d be there when she finally came to find him.

::Bridge Conference Lounge - Deck 1::

Harry watched the turbulent battle on the Kullaa. He’d already had the intership battle screened, via several viewpoints and now was absorbing the fresh hell of Tenanji’s stand. When it had finished, he ordered a split screen and stared at the ship and the soldiers storming the cargo bay for several long moments.

“What do you see?” Nils, the closest shadow hovering asked.

“Okay, pause play,” Finn ordered the computer, then looked at his captain. “Whoever these guys are, they’re not brain surgeons. They’re just built for assault… and they use their brawn and whatever toxin they secrete to take what they need… tech for sure, did you see the mix of weapons and armor? Some of these guys were shielded, the phaser hits bounced off of them, and some weren’t… they went down. Also,” he pointed to the time stamp on the recording of the fight in the cargo bay, “Our phasers shouldn’t have gone dead as quickly as Govan’s obviously did.”

Nils eyes snapped up to Harry’s, “Like on Halcyon.”

Harry nodded, “I’m thinking. Maybe some of their personal armor had the same power draining capability as that ion canon.” He leaned forward, hands on the table and stared at the enemy. “These guys, because of their mishmash of technology, will always have the element of surprise.”

“Are you saying we shouldn’t pursue?” Nils asked, eyes crossing those assembled in the room.

“No,” Harry replied, calmly. “I’m saying we shouldn’t pursue, blindly. We need to find a weakness… several would be nice… before Chimera confronts these bastards again.”

“Sir, what do you suggest?”

Harry turned to face Lt. Wekesa, who'd asked the question, “Assuming we have a trail to follow?”

The young Chief of Tactical looked to Ensign Jezera, who nodded, “The combination of their erratic warp signature and the ion trail will hold for at least another five hours.”

“Then,” the XO turned to his commanding officer, “I suggest a recon team be sent out, in my brand new, cloak-enhanced, fully armed shuttle. We scope out the enemy, find where they have our people and most importantly, find a weakness the Chimera can exploit. We need to first strike them in a way they don’t strike back.” He glanced about the room, “Thoughts?” Though, of course, in his mind, the mission was already a go.

Post with Jenny Anderson, some psychic help from Nils and Simba and a host of NPC's.

Simba Wekesa 06-28-2009 12:09:34 AM
This has to be the worst idea in the history of bad ideas.

Jamal Hastings crawled through a dark, dirty, and narrow ventilation duct somewhere deep inside the alien ship. He wasn't particularly worried about being quiet, as the ambient noise of the aliens' mis-matched and overworked machinery made plenty of cover as long as he could stay out of sight.

The ship had stopped taking weapons-fire several minutes ago. The battle, apparently, was over… either they had fled, or the Chimera had been disabled or destroyed. From the vibration of the metal plates that made up the duct, he guessed they had gone to warp, but he couldn't be sure.

Breathing heavily, Jamal slumped against a wall and leaned back to catch his breath as the air duct came to a T junction. He glanced back and forth at the two forks of the duct stretching off into the darkness in either direction. "Hastings to Chimera," he whispered as he tapped his commbadge. After a few seconds with no response, he tapped it again. "Hastings to Pierce… you there?" Still nothing, just a weak burst of static. Grabbing his tricorder, Jamal flipped it open and took a quick scan of the area. He was only getting a clear reading within a ten meter radius. Everything beyond that was just a blur, disrupted by some sort of strong ionic radiation.

He had no idea where he was, and he had no idea what had become of Pierce after they'd gotten aboard the alien ship. He still wasn't sure why they had thought this was a good idea. Obviously outnumbered by the alien raiders, he'd been perfectly content to hide on the Golnarran ship and wait for the Chimera, if she'd survived the battle, to rescue them. But then those alien creatures had carried off the unconscious away team. Hastings and Pierce had tailed them as far as the airlock and realized what they were doing. After a brief discussion, BHP had convinced him that they needed to sneak aboard the enemy ship and try to find a way to rescue the away team. It had seemed like a good idea at the time.

Of course, the alien ship had begun to disengage from the Kullaa just as they made it inside the airlock, and in the ensuing chaos, the two NCOs had been forced to split up in order to remain concealed. Caught on opposite sides of the docking bay, Jamal had made it into the ventilation shaft and Ben had gone for some sort of maintenance hatch. The bay was packed with aliens, though, so Jamal had gone further into the shaft in hopes of finding another way around to regroup with his comrade. But so far, the only thing he'd managed to do was get lost in the bowels of the ship's ventilation system.

The only thing Jamal had determined so far was that the ship was big- apparently, very big. He didn't know where the Chimera's away team had been taken, but then again he had seen little of the ship besides the dingy interior of this damned ventilation shaft. Getting captured wasn't an option, given that the away team didn't look to be in very good condition when he'd last seen them, and Hastings doubted that he'd be able to keep himself hidden for long if he decided to venture into the corridors. No, the ventilation shaft was the safest place to stay for the moment. There wasn't any sense in dying needlessly.

Sighing, Jamal made a decision and turned down the right fork in the ventilation shaft, continuing his slow progress through the ship's interior. If he was right, the right fork should take him in the general direction that Pierce had been headed. Alone, neither one of them stood a chance of accomplishing anything here. At least together, they might be able to come up with some kind of plan… assuming he could find him again.

After that, it was anyone's guess how they were going to get themselves out of this mess.

Featuring the not-so-captured as you might think Jamal Hastings

Benjamin Hyde Pierce 06-28-2009 03:48:51 AM
One, two, three.. In the dark corner of the maintenance passageway, Ben slowly counted his ammunition as the ship rumbled beneath him. He thumbed the .45 cartridges out of the magazine and into his waiting palm. After the third slug, BHP's fingers met the smooth metal plate at the bottom of the magazine. Three slugs. I ain't knocking over any banks with three pieces of lead. The Iotian pushed the three bullets back into the magazine then slid it into the receiver of his M1911 pistol. The clack of the magazine fitting into the handle was louder than he meant for it to be. Silently cursing his luck and the lack of bullets for his heater, Ben began to wonder if he would ever get back to the Chimera.

That Bruno shrugged off the blasts from the fancy heater like they were sunbeams. Then it took five slugs to knock him back into the airlock. I ain't going to bump off any more of these palookas with three slugs.

A hissing sound outside the hatch alerted Ben to the prospect that the noise had been overheard by the reptilian species that owned the ship. He slipped farther into the darkness of the passageway while cocking the pistol as noiselessly as he could manage. The passageway was a strange affair. It looked as if the lizards hadn't maintained the ship in..well, forever would have been Pierce's first guess. The Iotian had to duck to avoid a mass of wiring that was hanging down from the ceiling, sparks shot from the frayed ends. "Hey Mack, think they need a good mechanic on this breezer?" Ben asked himself rhetorically. The passageway came to an abrupt end, abrupt because it dropped off into what looked like a cargobay. There was dim light in the bay and he could make out several large storage containers scattered around on the deck below. The drop was several feet and Ben hesitated, looking around for another route, but there was no other way to proceed and instinct told him he shouldn't go back. He stowed his pistol in his right boot and let himself down over the edge. Stretching out along the wall, Ben let himself go, hitting the floor he rolled out of the fall and stopped short of one of the container walls.

Moving forward stealthily as he hugged the side of the container, Ben's hand brushed over the locking mechanism for the container. Curious as to what the lizards were transporting in the hold Ben opened the lock and peered into the container. It was filled with shiny, ebony stones. Each one seemed to be the size of a man's fist. Ben picked one up. The stone was heavy. He hefted it in his hand, testing the weight as he thought about what it might do to a lizard's head when he hit one with it. "It ain't as jake as a rod, but it'll do the trick," he said. The weight of the stone felt good, almost reassuring. Something to depend on.. He slipped the stone in his pocket. The container lid thumped closed.

He was holding Jenny as he pulled her out of the container. She was hurting, hurting on the inside, hurting in her mind because of that bastard Chuck. But Ben held her close, protecting her with his arms. She felt good there, she belonged there. "Ben, I like that you're careful with me," Jenny whispered before his lips pressed against hers.

A hissing sound emanated from the Yith creature that stood behind Pierce. The small claw that had administered the toxin to BHP detracted as the Iotian slumped over. The Yith warrior hissed and began to drag the security officer towards the holding cells where the other slaves were kept.

Luku 06-28-2009 06:22:43 PM
::USS Chimera::
::Main Security::

"Ensigns Cutter, Berhen, M'ho, Cadet Jereen, head to deck ten, help with the wounded."

The voice of Lieutenant Zane Peress carried calmly yet quickly across the office as if to underline the importance of the tasks he was laying out to his colleagues. Each crewmember heading out of the office as soon as their task was assigned, determined to get the Chimera back to full fighting strength.

"Cadet Lotena, Ensign Renar," the Lieutenant continued, "head to Phaser Maintenance, Drummond needs a hand."

"Cadet Luku, head to deck two, help with repairs on the port shield grid."

Her assignment in hand, Luku headed out the door and towards the nearby turbolift, a quick glance in any direction along the way told of Chimera's current state, though the alien attacks had very little damaging effect on the ships systems by themselves, the cumulative effects had taken a much larger toll on the noble ship.

Conduits had ripped open under the pressure of systems repeatedly shutting down then suddenly roaring back into life, Relays had overloaded as many of the electrical systems suffered the same punishment, then there was the Warp Core, radiation still haunted three decks after the mighty engines reaction to the alien weapon’s own brand of radiation. Chimera was battered, bruised, even broken in places, but her crew were pulling out all the stops to get the girl back on her proverbial feet.

The diminutive S’ti’ach kept close to the corridors wall, eager to stay out of the way of the multitude of engineers bustling back and forth, their minds set intently on the task at hand, Luku knew from experience that when someone has a certain look, then they have no time to watch out for small pink S’ti’ach, and that look was on the face of every member of the crew.

As she reached the turbolift its doors swooched open, the S’ti’ach quickly sidestepped clear as another group of engineers bustled out from the lift. Luku jumped through the lifts threshold before the doors could close again.

“Deck two.”

The turbolift whined for a split second before the doors opened again, though the scene outside the doors remained very much the same, Luku was where she needed to be. Stepping out of the turbolift its doors swooched shut again, the lift already heading away to its next destination.

Luku looked around her, not entirely sure where to head next.

“Cadet?” A voice echoed quietly to her right.

Turning to find the source of the voice Luku found herself looking down a Jefferies Tube, with a rather grime covered Denobulan looking down from the other end.

“Yes sir?” Luku asked, moving towards the tubes hatch.

“Can you give me a hand in here?” The Denobulan jerked his thumb back towards the junction behind him as he spoke. “This grid is giving me a spot of trouble.”

“Yes sir.” Luku smiled as she started to walk quickly down the Jefferies Tube.”

The Denobulan smiled as he shuffled back out at his end, “Good lass, but drop the sirs okay? Petty Officer will do…or Ken.”

“Ken?” Luku’s ear twitched in mild puzzlement.

“The Petty Officer nodded, smiling a wide smile. “Short for Kenholmanzer, that’s me.”

Luku returned the Denobulans smile, “I will stick with Petty Officer, thank you.”

“Okay then.” Ken chuckled as he fiddled with the console in front of him, glancing at the scrolling readout as it bled onto the screen. “Pass me a fresh circuit will you, this one’s got another bust.”

Luku nodded, reaching into the toolbox lying at the Petty Officers feet, as she rose to pass the circuit over she paused…

“I think you may have another one down here as well Petty Officer.” The S’ti’ach motioned towards the open hatch in front of her.

“Hmm?” Ken looked down towards Luku, before kneeling, head held sideways to further bring his sight down to the level of the S’ti’ach. “Ah, yes, so I do! Good eye Cadet!”

Reaching into the toolbox, the Petty Officer stood up once more, “Tell you what, you work on that one down there and I’ll get this one, kay?”

Luku nodded, quickly reaching into the small panel and sliding the new circuit into place, as the Petty Officer above her did the same a small whine burst into being, indicating that the grid section above them both was now at full operation once more.

“Good job Cadet," Ken smiled as he shoved everything back into the toolbox before sliding it down along the next section of Jefferies tube, "now then….help me with the rest?”

Dead Space

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