Simba Wekesa 06-5-2009 08:44:13 PM
Dead Space: Sepulchre

Golnarran Vessel Kullaa
Approaching Primary Cargo Bay

Lt. Usher Tenanji moved carefully down the deserted corridor of the alien ship, mentally recording the details of every meter they passed. They hadn't encountered a single member of the ship's crew, and tricorders had yet to pick up any life signs aboard the ship. It was as though the Kullaa had simply been powered down and abandoned by all things living.

Maybe the crew abandoned ship, the security chief thought to himself as he analyzed the situation in his head. Usher was hardly what anyone would call a budding optimist, but with no signs of anyone aboard it was at least a possibility. Cadet Ulrika had found something in the cargo bay, and her methodology, at least what he understood of it, had been brilliant. But until they saw whatever it was with their own eyes, it could be any number of things other than bodies. If the crew had been killed, he would have expected to find bodies or signs of a fight somewhere along the way. It just didn't make any sense for the crew to be consolidated in a cargo bay, as the cadet had suggested, considering the apparent lack of damage to the rest of the ship. Part of him even would have preferred to have encountered hostile forces by now. At least, from a security perspective, that would have been better than dealing with a complete unknown.

The Golnarran ship was not a large vessel by any means, and it wouldn't take the away team long to search it. Assuming, that is, that Kowalski was able to get some of the basic systems back online. Lights, for one thing, would certainly be helpful. And the interior of the ship was starting to get cold after drifting in the vacuum of space without life support or power.

"The cargo bay should be right through there," Govan said softly, looking up from his tricorder and indicating a large, angular doorway just ahead.

Usher nodded and approached the door cautiously, listening for any signs of danger. There was nothing, just the same eerie silence that permeated the rest of the ship. He reached out and put his hand on the metal door. It was cold to the touch. Lifting his wrist light, he traced the frame of the door until he came to what appeared to be a manual release panel on the right side. "Govan, help me out with this," Tenanji ordered as he opened the panel and grasped the handle inside. The Cardassian took up a position directly in front of the door, phaser drawn and aimed at its center, while Seldon and Ulrika stepped to the side to be out of the line of fire, should there be any.

The doors parted with a hiss and a loud metallic groan as Tenanji pulled the release mechanism. The heavy metal doors slid open a few centimeters and stopped. A rush of stale air escaped the room and dispersed into the corridor. Suddenly, with the sound of plasma coursing through the ship's conduits, the lights flickered on and bathed the corridor in a bright light. Usher squinted for a moment as his eyes adjusted to the sudden illumination. "Convenient timing…" he remarked dryly as he turned off his wrist light and, for the first time, got a good look at the interior of the ship.

=/\= "O'Keefe to Tenanji," the science officer's voice came from his commbadge. "We've got auxiliary power back online, at least for the time being. Kowalski is still working on the life support." =/\=

"Good work, Lieutenant," Tenanji replied, tapping his commbadge. "We're about to investigate the cargo bay. See if you can retrieve the logs and send them back to the Chimera for analysis."

=/\= "Understood. O'Keefe out." =/\=

Usher glanced back at his team. Govan was still standing at alert, keeping his phaser trained on the door, while the medical team stood just to the side with their medkits ready. Taking a deep breath, the security chief grasped the edge of the door and pulled. The heavy doors grated open a few centimeters before the hydraulic mechanism kicked in and they slid open the rest of the way. Quickly, he entered the room and swept it visually and with his phaser.

Neatly laid out across the cargo bay floor in evenly spaced rows were perhaps thirty or so Golnarran corpses, all with their eyes closed and their hands neatly folded in front of them. Almost as if they had all simply laid down for a good night's sleep. The rest of the cargo bay seemed undisturbed, the containers neatly stacked along the edges of the room as if to make room for the pattern of bodies that covered the deck.

"Doctors…" Usher called back through the open doorway without taking his eyes off the grim display before him. "You may want to take a look at this."

Javier Costala 06-6-2009 03:48:34 PM
"Outdated alien scrap," Kal-El grumbled as he reinitialized the life support systems aboard the Golnarran ship. It was his third reboot of the system and this attempt seemed to work as well as the previous two, which meant in the time it would take him to tap an abort command on the console, the reboot would fail miserably. Kowalski's finger hovered over the console, the command screen flashed then went dead again and he stabbed the finger down against the button, forcefully poking the controls. "Antiquated monkey-wrenching bastard child of a duotronics circuitry system," the engineer cursed as he poked at the console fiercely. Every time he tried to get the system working he would be cut off or blocked by a program within the ship's computer.

"Problems?" Star inquired as she leaned over the console.

Kal-El's lips closed tightly. He had been doing his best to ignore Star and her penchant for stating the obvious. She reminded him of some of the women that had been at the Technical Academy, easy on the eyes, well-meaning but completely vapid. The engineer wondered if Star could even manage to set her phaser on the right setting when the need came to use it. "Problems? What led you to that conclusion? Oh maybe it was the fact that we have power and life support is still offline? Or that I've been sitting here fifteen minutes longer than necessary fiddling with this infernal computer system?" Kowalski cursed in frustration. "Congratulations on putting two and two together.."

"You don't have to be so dismissive, maybe I could help?" Cadet Star suggested in a tone that showed borderline irritation and yet held a kernel of good will. She huffed off to the other side of the room.

"I sincerely doubt it," Kowalski replied as returned his attention to the computer console. I have to think out this problem and deduction doesn't seem like your strong point. the engineer surmised as he cataloged the process he had been using to bring life support online. It was all straight forward systems procedure except that at some point an elusive juggernaut would throw up a block on his electronic inquiries. "Why is there a block within the system?" the engineer asked himself outloud.

"Maybe someone didn't want you looking in their system?" Star remarked from across the room. "Maybe they locked it out on purpose?"

"No, why would they..?" Kal-El started, jumping to shoot down the idea. But it was a possibility that the Golnarran ship had been attacked. "Supposing they were attacked maybe the senior crew locked out all command functions. If the ship was compromised, or boarded, they would have an internal security breach."

"Why would they lock out life support for their own ship though?"

"They didn't," Kowalski said as he called up a list of command options on the console, "it went down after the command was issued and the computer sent it to the list of systems under the command teams lock-down." The engineer worked at the systems, utilizing a back-door program that Ensign Gorsky had created to decrypt the lock-down status on the environmental systems.

Light flooded the ship's interior as the systems came online, air was pushed through the air-scrubbers and the temperature grew steadily warmer. Information scrolled across the console screen in front of Kowalski as an image that looked very much like a Master Systems Display appeared on another console nearby. "This must be some type of control room or battle bridge," Kal-El reasoned as he watched the systems come alive. Flashing script on the console drew the engineer's attention. He ran the translation program then drew a quick intake of breath.

=/\=Chimera, this is Kowalski, I have two live torpedoes in the forward section of this ship.=/\= the engineering nco informed the bridge after activating his commlink. Kal-El made further inquiries from the Golnarran systems.

=/\=No active weapons were detected in our initial scans, Chief Kowalski..=/\= Captain Torrik answered. A voice in the background, Wekesa's, confirmed that sensors were now registering two active warheads on the Golnarran ship.

=/\=Captain, I think they may have gone active when I decrypted the command lock-out on this ship's systems.=/\= Kal-El commented, he glanced at the flashing console once more. =/\=There doesn't appear to be a timer function but they are running hot..any change in pressure..=/\=

=/\=Standby away team, we're beaming someone in to disarm the weapons.=/\= the CO ordered. The Bajoran turned to his tactical officer. "Lt. Wekesa, send over one of your experts with a security escort and get those torpedoes disarmed."

Benjamin Hyde Pierce 06-7-2009 10:58:08 PM

U.S.S. Chimera
Main Bridge

"Lt. Wekesa, send over one of your experts with a security escort and get those torpedoes disarmed," Captain Torrik ordered as Kowalski finished his report from the Golnarran ship. Active warheads didn't make any sense, unless the away team had somehow tripped some sort of security system in the alien computers.

"Aye, sir," Simba replied, already pulling up the tactical duty roster to select an appropriate officer for the potentially difficult task of disarming two photon warheads. He scanned over the torpedo specialists and tapped the comm panel. "Lt. Wekesa to torpedo bay one… have Chief Hastings arm himself and report to transporter room two immediately to disarm a warhead aboard the Kullaa."

There was a momentary pause before Ensign Chang's voice filtered through the comm. =/\= "Understood, he's on his way." =/\=

Simba nodded in response, though there was no way for her to see him, and opened another comm channel. "Bridge to security… I need you to send an escort to transporter room two to join the disarmament team."

=/\= "We'll get someone down there in a minute," =/\= a gruff voice that he recognized as Jameson's replied. There really wasn't much further to be said, it was simply a matter of some urgency to get the team deployed as expediently as possible.

As he closed the comm channel, Wekesa looked back at the derelict ship on the main viewscreen, apparently now threatening to incinerating itself. He felt a knot tighten in his stomach, thinking of the Chimera's away team still scattered throughout the vessel, and hoped that Hastings' expertise would be enough to disarm the torpedoes. He glanced at the captain, sitting tensely in the center seat and staring intently at the screen. Simba could only imagine the weight of command that the captain must have been feeling at that moment. But it was out of their hands, out of their control, and ultimately up to the disarmament team to avert catastrophe…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-Transporter Room 2-

"I'm sure the Chief would've sent me if he knew Kowalski," Ben reasoned as he tried to convince Tommy Jenkins to send him over to the Golnarran ship. The Iotian didn't have any clearance to go over to the ship and Tommy wasn't being the most helpful of people. "Think about it, we all know Kowalski gets in over his head and then he don't know nothing from nothing when it comes to getting off the lam." Then, as if to make his argument more sound, BHP resolutely stated: "He gums up the works."

"Uhhh.." Is my universal translator malfunctioning? "Yes, that is true..I suppose," Tommy agreed, wondering how 'getting off the lam' and 'gumming up the works' pertained to the engineer in question. "But unless you have permission from Lt. Tenanji or another officer I can't.."

=/\=Jameson to Pierce.=/\= BHP's commlink chirped to life.

Game's up. the Iotian thought as he looked at Jenkins, wondering if she had dropped a dime on him to Jameson. =/\=Pierce here.=/\=

=/\=Double time it over to Transporter Room 2 and escort the disarmament team over to the Golnarran ship.=/\=

=/\=Acknowledged Chief, Pierce out.=/\= Disarmament team..Kowalski really has gotten behind the eight-ball. the Iotian figured before turning to Jenkins. "See, whaddid I tell ya? The Chief knows all about Kal-El." Ben leaned back against the console, phaser rifle cradled loosely in his arms, as he waited for the disarmament team to arrive. Wonder what sort of scratch the Golnarrans to make sure it's nothing with writing on it.

—with help from Simba.

Simba Wekesa 06-7-2009 11:06:20 PM
"Shit, Jamal muttered to himself as he jogged along the corridor towards the transporter room. Punctuality had not been on his side today. The last few minutes seemed to be some of the longest he'd experienced in a while. First the turbolift had been held up somewhere, and when it finally did come, it seemed to want to stop on every deck. Time was ticking away… time the away team didn't necessarily have.

Hastings rounded the last corner, nearly bowling over a pair of unsuspecting crewmen, and slipped through the transporter room doors before they had even finished opening. The transporter chief and a young security officer, who he presumed was his escort for the mission, turned to look at him as he rushed into the room. "Yo," he said simply, jerking his head in greeting to Pierce.

"Hey Mac, let's ankle it," Ben replied, sensing that greetings needed to be brief so they could get on task. The Iotian joined the CPO on the transporter platform as Jenkins entered their co-ordinates into the transporter console. "Are you the team?" he asked, wondering why Jameson had called one person a disarmament team.

"Guess so," Jamal answered as he checked his phaser. He too was expecting more people, but with the uncertain tactical situation, the higher-ups must have felt it unwise to have too many people aboard the Golnarran ship. "Let's roll out," he called to the transporter chief. Jenkins stared blankly at the young men for a second before translating that to 'energize' in his head and initiating the transport. Moments later, Pierce and Hastings dissolved in the shimmering blue light of the transporter beam as the Chimera's familiar surroundings faded away…

Ben brought his rifle up level before the beam carried his molecules over to the Golnarran vessel. When he rematerialized he was in a ready position and was able to sweep the room for hostiles. The sensors had shown no life signs but he had been trained by Djinn, and a lot of other people, never to trust anything mechanical over one's own senses. The torpedo bay was almost similar to the one on Chimera except for the fact that it utilized technology that looked to be sixty years older. "The lights are on, but nobody's home," BHP commented when no hostiles presented themselves to be stunned.

"This ain't good, yo," Hastings commented, already pulling an access panel off one of the two torpedoes that sat on a rack in the center of the room. Both were armed, humming loudly as though they were alive. They were not, however, loaded into the launching mechanism, and the hatch to the torpedo launch tube was sealed shut. Jettisoning the warheads was not an option, and it seemed peculiar that torpedoes stored in this manner could suddenly have become armed. Clearly, he thought, the away team must have tripped a booby trap of some kind, assuming the Golnarran's had safety procedures anything like Starfleet's. Jamal peered into the open access panel and quickly mapped out the circuitry in his head. The design of the weapons vaguely reminded him of the 23rd century torpedoes he'd seen at the Academy. Amazing how so many different races from so many distant parts of the galaxy managed to find the same ways to blow each other up.

You can do this, Jamal thought as he reached inside of the panel and grabbed hold of a red wire, tracing its path into the dark recesses of the torpedo with his hand. "Hey… homie… can you give me some light over here?" He suddenly realized that he didn't even know his security escort's name.

Pierce had been watching the bay, letting his eyes roam along the racks of torpedoes and any of the other areas where someone might conceal themselves. He looked back at the tactical officer upon hearing him call out. Ben instinctively reached for his pocket lighter and walked over to the torpedo, striking the flint and holding out the open flame. "Applesauce! Light, got it," the security officer cursed as he whipped the lighter closed and stowed it in his pocket. The Iotian plucked a portable light from his belt and shone it on the innards of the eviscerated torpedo. "Betcha think I've been hittin' the pipe."

Jamal wrinkled his nose at the faint scent of gas from the lighter. "Nah, you're good." He looked into the newly-illuminated torpedo casing, plucked the red wire from the terminal where it was haphazardly twisted in place and pulled the rest of it out of the open panel. The warhead continued to hum, apparently receiving power from a secondary source. The tactical officer took a visual scan of the rest of the panel and, in one quick motion, twisted a black wire free and pulled it out as well. The torpedo's hum sputtered and fell silent as the warhead finally lost power. "One down… that was way too easy," Hastings said as he turned towards the other torpedo, which was still live and threatening to blow them all into oblivion.

"Maybe the next one will be even easier," Pierce commented as he switched his light over to what he hoped was the last active torpedo in the bay. "Not to be a bruno, but I'd like to drift outta here when you're done and gun for some scratch. See what this joint has to offer in the way of lettuce."

"Hey man, you gotta do what you gotta do. It's whatever," Jamal replied nonchalantly as he pried the second torpedo open and, pleasantly, found it to be configured the same as the first one. "Assuming this ship is still in one piece," he added as he delved into the torpedo's guts and began the surprisingly straightforward process of disarming it. It was somewhat bothering him just how easy it had been to disarm the explosives… how hastily and poorly they had been rigged. Most booby traps tended to have trip wires, or a backup trigger that would blow the whole thing if someone tampered with it. He just couldn't shake the feeling that whoever had done it had left in a hurry… or been interrupted. The warhead powered down as he pulled the two wires and Hastings breathed a long sigh of relief as the silence of the abandoned vessel crept back into the room.

=/\=Pierce to Chimera. Both torpedoes have been disarmed but we're going to check for some..look to see if there are anymore.=/\= the security officer informed the bridge officers.

=/\=Acknowledged Petty Officer, link up with the away team once you finish your sweep. Chimera out.=/\=

Ben smiled at his new confederate. "Let's go score a rock."

Hastings looked over at the security officer. "Sounds good, homie. But hey… what's your name, anyway?"

"Benjamin Hyde Pierce," Ben replied, "but my friends call me 'BHP'." Pierce sized the tactical officer up then added, "You can call me BHP."

Jamal grinned as he reached his fist out to give the Iotian some dap. "Aight then, BHP, I'm Jamal. Let's bounce."

Joint post featuring BHP and Jamal

Asmita Madri 06-8-2009 01:13:11 PM
USS Chimera - Bridge

Asmita hissed under her breath as the Golnarran ship lit up. The added background radiation from the ship's power and life support systems was already drowning out the faint graviton signature she had been analyzing. Well, she thought, I hope the away team find something, because they're certainly making it harder from this end.

As the results of the sensor's last subspace sweep bombarded her viewscreen, Asmita's mind went back to her Academy training. She recalled a simulation in which she had to locate a cloaked enemy ship amidst several cloaked friendlies by analyzing subspace signatures. She had, of course, picked the wrong ship and ordered a friendly shot down. Physics had never been her strong suit.

Though the young J'naii had been eager to make herself useful aboard the Chimera, she suddenly wished that O'keefe had stayed on the bridge. If there was a cloaked ship out there, as Asmita suspected, the Chimera's chief science officer would have surely devised a way to locate it by now. Instead, she - the ship's greenest recruit - was struggling through the sensor readouts while real lives could be at stake.

Asmita wiped the clammy sweat from her hands on the pants of her uniform. She breathed deeply to steady her nerves, even as her vision blurred around the edges. She could feel, physically feel, the weight of all those lives pressing down on her, all those people dying in the cold vacuum of space because she was too stupid to properly analyze a subspace signature.

As a faint anomaly blipped on the screen, the recruit fell from her chair, unconscious.

Luku 06-8-2009 03:50:15 PM
Kowalski was off on another planet. Mumbling something about the ship and the system. Practically clinging to the wall, attempting to become as invisible as possible she listened, hoping something intelligent could come out of her mouth. There were some things that intimidated her more than others and smart people were one of those things. Emily hadn't gone into Security because she was good at picking a fight. She had gone into Security because it gave her the best option to act out the beliefs she upheld. She believed in Starfleet and what it stood for. She didn't want to spend her time staring at a console as other risked their lives. To give the greatest sacrifice, to face the greatest danger..that was how she showed how she felt towards her job.

'Emily..' she sighed as she spoke sense to herself, 'It doesn't matter what he thinks…it matters that you pay attention and do your job.'

Nodding to herself she stood up a little straighter. That's right! She had a job to do, just like he did. Sure she wasn't playing with buttons but she still was useful. Despite how he made her feel. She had to admit his comments and glances made her feel lower than mud. Normally she would have decked him, laid him flat out onto the floor..but in this case it didn't seem like a good idea.

"I.." she said confidently. Kowalski turned to her, his eyebrows raised and his gaze simply speaking silently in a 'what do you want now, cave woman?' way.

"I…" she continued,"Have to pee.." she quickly left the room, ignoring the comments she heard as she left. They ranged from her manners to her being responsible for his demise.

'Bravo….' she thought to herself, 'I have to pee…yeah what are we..back in kindergarten!?'

Sighing she contemplated her next decision. She truly did have to use the washroom however she wasn't sure WHERE to use it. Then, out of the corner of her eye she saw a pink ear twitch around a corner.

"Luku?" she said quietly,"Is that you?" she chuckled at the comment. Who else would have pink ears?

A toothy smile rounded the corner, shortly followed by Luku. "Hey Emily, the Lieutenant and I are off to the cargo bay, apparently they've found something worth looking at."

Emily felt her smile grow,"Really!" she practically leapt at the thought. She looked back,"But..I'm stuck with 'Mr.I'm-perfect-and-you-need-to-lick-my-boots' Kowalski. I swear if he.." she mumbled off the rest.

O'Keefe chuckled and gave Emily a friendly side-on hug, "Don't worry about it Cadet, we'll get him back later, how does a…'sick' replicator sound?"

"Sounds…"Emily raised an eyebrow, "Like something I wish I'd thought of.." she looked back again, "But…I…" Emily sighed, she couldn't stand the thought of heading back into that room. Listening to him..hell! She'd shoot herself!, "I'm sure he'll be fine!"

"Unfortunately we have to bring him with us, they need an engineers eye as well." O'Keefe seethed, "But worry not, I'll get him."

With a confident stride the science officer made her way over to the large arched doorway.


A loud yelp and the sound of tools hitting the deck emanated from behind one of the large circuit bank.

"What?!" came the engineers…less then pleased reply.

"New job, come on." O'Keefe smiled an empty smile and strode off down the corridor, Luku, trying her hardest not to burst out laughing followed quickly behind her.

"," Emily said admiring the woman's way of dealing with him. She turned to see Kowalski mumbling a little louder.

"There you are," he said stopping and giving her a once over, "Got lost?"

Emily smiled, "Nope..just didn't wish to become found."

The engineer just shook his head, picked up his scattered tools and jogged after the others. Emily followed with a smile, catching up with the group she looked down at Luku.

"Don't you ever get tired of staring at people's feet? Why not hop a ride? Jump a back..sit like a parrot?" she asked.

Luku smiled as she shook her head, "I am fine down here, thank you though."

"Funny," Kowalski offered, "you seem to be coming up a bit…short to me."

Luku's ears dropped suddenly flat to the sides of her head, "Mr Kowalski…might I remind you that I am a trained security officer with two phasers, who could probably snap both of your arms at the same time, so please, if you don't mind, keep your…comments to yourself, hmm?"

"Now now!" Emily said putting up her hands, "no need to threaten bodily harm. Let's all just get along." she winked at Luku as the group entered engineering, "and I.." she went quiet as they came upon the scene at hand, "Are they sleeping?"

Luku shook her head slowly, her ears twitching, "No, not sleeping they…they are not breathing…"

An Emily/Luku joint post.

T'Shaini 06-8-2009 06:10:12 PM

T'Shaini's feet swung slightly, there was something about sitting on the edge of a biobed that made her feel…young. It was not often that someone of the Vulcan counselor's height could sit on something and not have her feet touch the floor.

"Are you still tired? Having greyouts? Experiencing shortness of breath?" Bramley ran a tricorder up and down and frowned at the results.

"Far less than I have been, each day a longer span of hours go by without a dizzy spell…" T'Shaini caught herself, it was not quite true. "Well…that depends on the day." One shoulder lifted in a slight shrug. "Most importantly, the symptoms are waning." Her mind began to wander as Bramley began the same lecture about taking her time that she had heard over and over again, the rest of the day unfolded before her as she nodded and grunted affirmation to each new direction.

"Are we finished?" T'Shaini asked with a hint of a smile.

"You and me will never be finished, Zelda," the medic began with a wicked grin then remembered his audience, "Ah, that is… for now, yes but I reserve the right to drop in on unannounced for random blood pressure and copper content checks." Then he remembered who T'Shaini lived with, "Well, relatively unannounced." She raised her eyebrow in that way she had, "Okay, I'll schedule it with David…"

Vegal-Djinn had just seen Ms. Edded off with Dr. Ayre when he noticed who else was in the room. He hesitated only a moment before he placed himself between the Commander and the exit. There was an issue between the two of them which needed addressing, and now on the cusp of perhaps another battle, he didn't feel the discussion should be avoided any longer.

Back to the office, I can see one or two patients and if that taxes me I will… Her inner monologue was stopped short by a very serious looking (well had she ever seen him anything but serious) Vegal-Djinn staring at her. Oh oh. Putting on a casual demeanor that she did not feel, the counselor nodded in his direction. "Vegal, good to see you."

He nodded his own greeting, "Commander. I wondered if I might have a moment of your time?"

Caught. "Of course." Following up on the childlike feeling of her feet dangling over the edge of the biobed was the now growing sense of an impending scolding that was causing her cheeks to darken. I did what I thought was correct in the moment and would do so again.

Again Djinn nodded and gestured towards the relative privacy of the corridor. Most of the crew were at stations by now and he could express his concerns without undue notice. Once the two were away from any curious ears, he turned to the ship's counselor, still far more pale than he was accustomed to seeing and bowed his head once before looking her in the eye, "I feel it necessary to offer my deepest apologies," he told her in his quiet voice.

"Apologies?" T'Shaini blinked a couple of times, this was certainly not going according to the script in her head.

"It is only proper," he said, "for an instructor who has failed his student to admit to his failure. It is my insufficiency which led to your being injured. Had you died, I would be saying this to Commander Costala and your family. I am sorry for my lack, and that you are the one who suffered for it."

"No…" The Counselor reached out to place her hand on his arm. "it was by no means your failure that caused the injury." She frowned slightly in thought, nor did she think it was hers. "You made it very clear that if given opportunity I should…take every advantage. I chose not to, that is my responsibility, not yours."

"Commander," he countered softly, "if I had done my job, correctly, you would have taken that advantage. Therefore, I did not make it clear enough."

"If I had taken that advantage I would have acted counter to everything I believe in and have struggled to be…therefore, no matter how clear you made it, the decision would likely have been the same."

Djinn's head tilted slightly. "In which case, my apology would be the same," he replied.

T'Shaini's mouth opened and closed a couple of times. Never having spoken to him outside the training room she had no clear idea of how to counter his logic. "Apology accepted?"

"I am grateful," Djinn gave another small bow then, "I would be more grateful still for the chance to amend my errors. Perhaps once you are pronounced fit?"

"Ahhh…" And the jaws of the trap close. "I will be happy to continue my training, but I wish for you to consider the possibility that it is not your error, but my lack of willingness that hampers my instruction."

"There is only one way to try that theory."

T'Shaini's eyebrow quirked upward, in anyone else that would have sounded like a challenge, but not Vegal-Djinn…fascinating. "Indeed."

"Until then," he stepped away, his battle station was waiting but, before he turned, he considered the woman before him, "I would not presume to counsel the counselor," he said, "but I wonder, would my apology have had more effect if the enemy had murdered Commander Costala, rather than attempting to kill you?"

Her cheeks paled as T'Shaini felt all the blood drain from her face. In her certainty she had not allowed that possibility to cross her mind. What if, by letting the Terra Prime agent live, she had consigned Javier to death. Does one have to renounce principles to function at an optimum level in a life threatening situation? One hand stretched toward the wall as a new wave of dizziness swept over the Vulcan. "Yes…perhaps it would."

He was at her side in a second, inwardly cursing but at the same time… was this not the lesson he'd wished to instill? "I apologize, again," he said, supporting the Vulcan, "not for the question but the timing. It was ill thought." Djinn let out a sigh but, then, he'd caused this delay, "Do you wish to see the medic…."

A small huff of breath signaled T'Shaini's frustration with her show of weakness. "No, I am fine." T'Shaini stood and tugged at her uniform jacket. "I am on my way to my office, but I thank you for your concern."

"I will escort you," he said, disarming any protests with a rare smile, "it is not far out of my way…"

"Pardon me, passing through…"

The two looked up as Joseph Bramley raced out of the sickbay. "Got a crewman collapsed on the bridge," the medic explained on the run. "Never a dull moment…"

T'Shaini winced slightly. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Joseph Bramley…master of the understatement."

JP with Harry Vegal-Djinn

Harry Finn 06-9-2009 09:00:01 AM
::Golnarran Vessel Kullaa::
::Cargo Bay::

“I’m gonna have to get these back to the Chimera,” Dr. Seldon was saying as he closed up his sample case.

“Very well,” Usher looked up from his tricorder. “Now that the power has come on, a structural integrity shield has been activated over this bay. I will escort you back to the transporter room.”

With a nod, he indicated that Govan remain with the cadet… Dr. Ulrika… and the two men turned toward the corridor, now lit but no less haunted, having learned what had become of the crew.

But not why, or how.

Approaching the exit to the cargo bay, they paused as voices approached.

"Mr Kowalski…might I remind you that I am a trained security officer with two phasers, who could probably snap both of your arms at the same time, so please, if you don't mind, keep your…comments to yourself, hmm?"

Seldon glanced at Tenanji who’s face had gone quite still.

"Now now!" Emily said, "no need to threaten bodily harm. Let's all just get along and I.." she went quiet as they came upon the scene at hand, "Are they sleeping?"

Usher stepped forward, eyes hard on his team. “No, Ms. Star, they are not sleeping. They are dead. Quite likely murdered.” As the cadet blanched, he gestured towards the interior, “Mister Kowalski, there is a data port on the far side of the bay, see if you can access any records, sensor histories, anything which might explain… this.”

The engineer nodded, his expression grim and Star, after a quick glance for confirmation from her superior, followed to see to her charge.

“Cadet Luku,” the Chief of Security looked down at the St’i’ach, “I see you’ve made acquaintance with Chief Petty Kowalski’s acid tongue.”

“Sir, yes sir…”

“As have I,” the lieutenant interrupted. “As have many, far more experienced members of my staff. At no time have any of them taken it upon themselves to threaten a non-combatant who’s only sin is being ‘not a people person’. He may be prideful, but those of us from the Hawking continue to experience the joy of breathing thanks to Kowalski’s abilities as an engineer in times of extreme crisis.” He paused, took in a long, slow breath, then let it out, again before looking up at O’Keefe. “Lieutenant,” he greeted his fellow chief, “Dr. Seldon has several samples from the corpses of the Kulaa’s crew. I believe it prudent for the two of you to make haste to the Chimera and do what you must to discover what killed them. Cadet Luku will escort you safely back, thus fulfilling her duty to protect Starfleet personnel.

“And once back on the Chimera,” he turned his attentions back to the St’i’ach, “you will turn in your sidearms and report to Master Chief Jameson for your battle station. Let there be no mistake,” he concluded, “you are on report. Another infraction will see you off my staff. Dismissed.”

After a brief, uncomfortable pause, the trio departed. Tenanji watched until they’d rounded the curve of corridor, then brought all his thoughts back to the mystery at hand. Dead bodies, booby trapped torpedoes and no sign of an aggressor.

"Where are you hiding?" he murmured, as if the killers could hear him but, not surprisingly, his only answer was silence.

Javier Costala 06-10-2009 12:51:51 PM
-Main Engineering-
-USS Chimera-

"How's Our Man Kowalski holding up over on the Golnarran ship?" Javier asked Tehamia as he logged the last of what seemed like three days worth of paperwork on their new engineers. He'd never realized how good he'd had it when Mustapha had been the Assistant Chief Engineer. Chief Ibrahim had done all the paperwork on the new crew, saving Javier from spending hours fixed behind the console in his office. But since Mustapha had been promoted, and Crewman Dawkins was too jumpy to sit still for five minutes, let alone the hour it took to fill out the paperwork, Javier was stuck doing the unglamorous task. Luckily Tehamia had needed his approval on a shift change and her interruption had been a welcome break. So much of a welcome break, that he wanted her to stay and distract him with answers to whatever questions he could think of.

"We haven't heard any specifics," Tehamia stated, leaning again the bulkhead as she tapped the PADD she held against her palm. "Rest assured Commander, he's probably doing his best to irritate the hell out of the security team."

Javier winced, he'd forgotten that Kowalski had the tendency to treat security officers as if they were lower lifeforms. "It's because of what happened on the Hawking..with Ajani," the engineer pointed out.

"Yes sir, I remember," the female engineer said as she looked down at the floor. She'd never forgotten that day, or the intense heat from the blast that had sent her and Kowalski to Sickbay and Ensign Obatu to the morgue. "I should return to my duties."

Idiot. Javier rebuked himself as he watched Tehamia walk away quickly. Of course she remembered, she was there. He sighed and started to return to the work in front of him. Dawkins bounced into the office as chipper as ever. "Chief, how did Commander T'Shaini's appointment go?" the young engineer inquired.

"Shit!" Javier cursed loudly and emphatically as he checked his chronometer.

"That bad? I'm sorry sir, I.." Dawkins started to reply.

"No. I forgot, I had all this..paperwork," Javier explained, using the word like it was a curse in itself. As far as he was concerned it was. The engineer scrambled up from the desk and dashed out of the room. "Dawkins..finish that shi..paperwork," Javier called out as he hauled ass out of Main Engineering.

T'Shaini 06-10-2009 12:54:12 PM
-Chief Counselor's Office-

After waving to David, Javier passed by T'Shaini's yeoman/secretary and made his way into T'Shaini's office. He found her sitting behind her desk, looking out the viewport. Concerned about the away team, Javier supposed as he crossed the room, laying a gentle hand on T'Shaini's shoulder.

"I am so sorry I missed your appointment," Javier apologized, "I had a ton of paperwork and I got behind and can I make it up to you?"

Her eyes were clouded with care as she turned from the viewport. "There is no need, it was routine." Though if he had been there would Vegal-Djinn spoken to her? Would she still feel her principles teetering on a precipice of doubt? T'Shaini reached out to wrap her fingers around his warm hand. Regardless of the time, no doubt they still would have had the conversation and this was something she needed to address. "I am the one who should apologize it seems."

"You apologize?" His voice was tinged with confusion. "Why should you have to apologize?" Javier's fingers grasped T'Shaini's.

"When Nils and I were escorting our charge to the hospital we were ambushed by a group of Terra Prime agents." Her grip tightened slightly. "All but one had been dispatched, he was unconscious…he had been in too close to get a shot so I needed to use alternative methods." It seemed almost cliche to have used a nerve pinch so she did not elaborate. "In the moment ending his life once he was no longer a threat was…anathema. So we moved on." The Vulcan's other hand cupped their entwined ones. "It was this young man who returned as we were leaving the hospital…I would have said that given the same situation I would choose the same, but that conviction has been shaken by it being pointed out that it could just as easily been you who had been shot…even killed."

Javier knelt on the floor beside her chair while turning it so T'Shaini faced him. He didn't know that the man who had almost taken T'Shaini from him had faced her before, in another dangerous situation. "What do you think now? Would you still act in the same manner?" he asked, bringing her hands down so that he held them loosely in front of her.

"I…I do not know." That now familiar knot starting to form in her chest, the Counselor's head drooped downward. "I know that I would sacrifice anything to keep you, or Lia, from harm…the same cannot be said of my own safety…" Her voice was low, her words came out haltingly as she tried to work through the thoughts spiraling in her head. "but is any life worth living if you abandon all you strive for?" Her eyes searched his, Javier had far more experience in these extreme situations than she did. "I have fought so hard to come back from what happened with Vanona, my entire existence has been dedicated to aiding and preserving life…I understand the concept of 'kill or be killed' but when the threat is not direct or apparent how do you know where the line between safety and brutality lies?"

The former marine listened as the woman he loved explained her concerns when it came to taking lives in precarious environments. He thought for a moment after T'Shaini had posed her question. "Each situation presents a different kind of threat," Javier attempted to explain, "there are no standard rules that allow you to navigate through danger. You're driven by a balance between the need to survive and a personal creed that dictates your actions." The engineer looked down at the deck. "I've seen people do terrible things in the name of self-preservation." Looking up he continued, "I'm glad you could not bring yourself to kill a defenseless person." Then, thinking about how much T'Shaini's decision had nearly cost them, he added, "But I do wish you would learn to secure prisoners better."

Her hand rose up to cup his cheek, grateful that, even if he would not have made the same choice, he understood why she had. "Though I would never have forgiven myself if it were you to pay the price of my…unwillingness to learn the lesson I had been taught."

Javier's thoughts traveled back to another time, another battlefield and another who had paid the ultimate price because he could not protect her. "Then you would have learned your lesson the hard way…as I did." Returning his attention to the woman who sat in front of him, Javier took her hand and kissed her open palm. "Someone once wisely told me that I should not dwell on the what if's," he said between massaging her palm with his lips. "Perhaps my Vulcan rose should take her own advice?"

T'Shaini forced a gentle smile, his words still ringing in her ears…learned your lesson the hard way…as I did. Leaning forward, she rested her forehead on his. "Perhaps I should."

"Is there something I could do to help you?" Javier asked gently, before his lips brushed against T'Shaini's ever so softly. "To help clear your thoughts?"

The knot in her chest began to loosen, the Gordian knot that was this issue would be far more difficult to untangle. Pushing it to the side for the moment she whispered into his ear. "You know, I think perhaps there is something you could do."

JP Moral dilemma brought to you by the letters J and T and the number 2

Asmita Madri 06-10-2009 01:40:22 PM
USS Chimera - Sickbay

Asmita blinked a few times, bringing her eyes back into focus on the hand that was lightly gripping her wrist. "If you're trying to check my pulse, I believe your tricorder is sufficient for that task." Her voice was soft, but her tone was unmistakably assertive. She brought herself up to a sitting position on the biobed and glared at the doctor.

Joseph Bramley slowly removed his hand from the J'naii's wrist and punched a few buttons on his PADD, unphased. "Well, my tricroder said you were fine. The fact that you collapsed like a sack of potatoes on the bridge said otherwise." He offered her a wry smile.

"Your tricorder was correct," she rebuked his grin with a frown, "I am fine."

He nodded, "I'm no expert on J'naii physiology, but I don't remember anything in my training about your people tending to pass out on bridges for no good reason."

Asmita looked down at her hands with sigh, "It was just," she paused, "Anxiety. It was my first time on the bridge, and I blew it." She was visibly holding back tears, "I haven't had an attack like that since I was a child."

Bramley placed a hand on her shoulder, a gesture that she found both comforting and infuriating, "Relax, kid. You did fine. The crew's still alive, the ship's still functioning, and all your vitals are good. You just…"

"Does this have to go in my file?" She interrupted him.

"Well," he said, "considering the captain and everyone else on the bridge saw you drop, I don't think there's any way around it." He thought for a moment, "I can, however, put a note in that you're under treatment for the problem, if you make an effort to lighten up."

"Make an effort to lighten up," she scoffed, "and how do you suppose I do that?"

"Hmm," he scratched his head, pretending to think, "You could always come to our poker game next week. We rarely get any ladies at the table, much less pretty ones."

"I believe you are aware, doctor, that there are not any 'ladies' among my people. We have evolved beyond the need for gender." Try as she might, Asmita could not hold back the smile that spread across her face, nor could she slow her beating heart - a fact displayed embarrassingly on the readouts of the biobed. She had never been referred to as a lady before, and she had certainly never been called pretty.

"Forgive me then, Asmita. I just assumed, what with the lipstick, and the hairstyle, which is lovely by the way, that you didn't subscribe to the…"

"I would love to come to your poker game," she interrupted, "Doctor?"

"Bramley," he said with a grin, "Call me Joseph."

Luku 06-10-2009 03:03:15 PM
::USS Chimera::
::Transporter Room One:

As the blue fuzz once more engulfed her the view of the deserted corridor faded slowly into that of the transporter room. Stepping down from the pad Luku watched as the two heads of department strode quickly into the corridor and out of view. After a moment she followed suit, taking a moment in the corridor to get her bearings she headed towards the armoury.

“En’taali what have we told you?” Luku could almost hear her mother’s voice scolding her. “Don’t let them get to you; it will only lead to trouble!”

And why had she not listened? Hmm? What had she been thinking, mouthing off to a senior NCO, promising physical harm? Even if Lieutenant Tenanji had not overheard her, Lieutenant O’Keefe would have, and would have undoubtedly reported her for it when she next saw him.

On report, less than a month on board and she was one wrong step away from being removed from the ship. Her first position and she could lose it before the month was out! And even if she did not it was still a permanent mark on her record. A mark that would read: ‘A security officer who is of equal danger to her charges as the enemy.’

“You think I would have learned,” Luku spoke out loud to herself, “being run off-world wasn’t enough to drop the hint, Oh no!”

A passing crewman gave the diminutive pink creature a wide berth as she walked down the corridor, heavily armed and apparently very angry about something, it seemed the right thing to do.

“And then of course there was Chief B’Hon,” Luku murmured, looking back on her short stay on board the Odyssey, the chief had mocked her height as well and what had she done then? Shown him up and challenged him to a fight in front of the entire bridge crew, an action that not only brought her the rebuke of Captain Daguerre but in hindsight, would probably have resulted in the breaking of at least a good three of her six limbs.

D’ren had suggested counselling; perhaps even anger management classes, perhaps she would have to take her green skinned friend’s advice if she wanted to keep her position onboard ship.

“Can I help you Cadet?” asked the armoury officer on duty.

“Hmm?” Luku blinked, quite unsure as to when she had arrived at her destination, “Oh, yes. I am here to return my weapons.” She smiled sheepishly as she un-holstered the brace of pistols and offered them up to the desk.

“Thank you Cadet, if you could just confirm return?” the officer asked kindly, bringing his padd down to Luku’s height, allowing the S’ti’ach to press her upper right thumb onto its surface.

“All done, have a good day Cadet.” The man smiled.

“You too sir,” Luku nodded politely as she departed.

Now out in the corridor once more the S’ti’ach tapped her commbadge.

“Computer, locate Chief Jameson…”

Harry Finn 06-11-2009 08:18:28 AM
~Unaligned Shuttle Jvorak-Nor~
~.75 Parsecs out of Megiddo III~

“May we try it, now?”

Harry, from the helm of their recently ‘acquired’ transport, threw Fehr a look. The Elasian tactician had been itching to play, ‘what does this do’ with the shuttle’s many add-ons since they first boarded at the Station. “Have you read the instruction manual?”

Fehr took the sarcasm for what it was since, as far as they could tell, the Cardassian vessel hadn’t come with an instruction manual. They’d had to rely on their UT’s and tricorders just to get the thing out of space dock.

Ideally, Finn would have taken several hours to accustom his team to the alien vessel’s workings but he’d been compelled to get out of Dodge sooner rather than later and they had, quite literally, been learning on the fly. And, as much as he wondered what the bird could do, “I’m still not comfortable with the idea of pushing buttons just for the sake of…”

“I got it!”

The two men looked back to see Jenny Anderson’s head pop out from behind one of the seats in the transport’s passenger/cargo section, an angular PADD, clearly of Cardassian origin, in her hand.

“Where’d you find that?” Harry asked.

“I figured, given the Jvorak-Nor’s dubious ownership, there’d be at least one false panel somewhere,” she nodded towards the shuttle’s starboard bulkhead, where she’d been poking about, “and if you look at the replicator, the bulkhead below it thrusts just a couple millimeters further into the cabin than it does above…”

“They grow up so fast,” Harry commented, accepting the offered technical specs. “So, what have we got?” he grabbed his tricorder and uplinked the Cardassian schematics.

Standing behind the pilot’s chair, Jenny realized Fehr was staring at her. “What?” she asked.

“Nothing,” the Elasian lieutenant shrugged then, “I was only thinking that I rather miss the blonde hair.”

Jenny’s eyes narrowed, “Commander, permission to tell the lieutenant to shove it?”

“Permission gran… whoa baby!”

“What?” two voices jumped in, eagerly.

“This sucker is fully loaded… check it out.” Harry, following the instructions on his tricorder, entered a command into the console to his right. The ensuing heads up display gave a full readout of the shuttle’s capabilities and they were….

“Slammin’,” Jenny said, leaning closer. “Galor-class phaser banks, fore and aft…”

“Multi-phasic shields… and there is a weapons locker, starboard aft,” Fehr read off, “a full compliment of disruptor pistols and plasma grenades and… blades?”

Wet work… the thought crossed all three officer’s minds.

“Yeah but… look here,” Harry tapped in an instruction.

Jenny blinked. “Cloaking?”

Fehr let out a whistle, “I congratulate you, Commander,” he said, “You really did hit the jack’s pot.”

“This wasn’t just a service transport,” Harry ignoring the misnomer. “This had to belong to someone high up — likely in the Obsidian Order — before it became a smuggler’s boat.”

“Good thing we left right away,” Jen observed, unable to stop herself looking over her shoulder, as if the Jvorak-Nor’s previous owner were lurking somewhere within the shuttle.

“Where do they keep it all,” Harry was muttering.

Jenny turned back to the screen, “Keep what?”

“The advanced systems,” Fehr inserted. “The Jvorak-Nor…”

“I hate that name,” Finn threw in.

“The Jvorak-Nor,” Fehr continued, “is not large enough to contain such advanced weaponry and stealth technology without having given up something else.”

“No tractor’s,” Harry said. He was running a diagnostic on the shuttle while humming ‘Getting to Know You'. “And… ah, okay…”

“No internal shields,” Jenny read from the screen. “Guess that means no cigars this trip,” she told her god father.


But Fehr was still contemplating the schematics. “Given their firepower and the cloaking, I imagine this vessel made frequent, unregistered, planetfalls.”

“And they didn’t take prisoners,” Finn addressed the lack of internal shielding, “This was a black ops vessel… stop and drop, no souvenirs.” The XO handed his tricorder to Fehr, “Here, knock yourself out. Once you think you’ve got the weapon’s systems in hand, let Jenny have a go. There should be time before the USS Royal Flush catches up with the Chimera for all of us to rate on this bird.”

Fehr’s brow quirked, “Royal Flush?”

“I told you I hated Jerk-Nor.”

“Jvorak-Nor,” both Jen and Fehr supplied.


With Jenny Anderson and NPC Lt. Fehr
And thanks to Wendy for the new car's name!

Emily Star 06-12-2009 05:05:02 PM
'Left right..left right…left right..right left..'

'He's like a machine,' Emily said, glancing at Kowalski as he worked his magic with the data port. She continued pacing silently, pausing every few moments to see what he was doing. Attempting to fathom the quiet things he mumbled outloud as he both failed and triumphed at his task.

Everything was so quiet. Her boots echoed as they hit the ground. The sound was comforting..any sound was comforting. Emily was use to ships being a hive of activity. Even without her empathic side, to a normal person a ship was a busy place. There was always something going on. Here, despite the physical presence of bodies..there was only silence. She could sense the feelings of those from the Chimera. The unease, the curiosity..the fear.

Looking around the room she couldn't help but stare at their faces. Dead faces… They didn't look as if they'd died in pain. Then again she didn't know their race, never having met one before so she wasn't sure what it would look like if they had.

Emily stopped pacing. She had to get her mind on something less..depressing. She looked back to Kowalski,'I wonder…' she stopped that thought. Emily knew, as she'd learned from previous comments, that trying to help would result in sarcasm. She would take the time to get to know him, to prove him wrong about Security officers. That was for later though.

"Hey," Emily said noticing Govan, the familiar sight of him a relief to the uncomfortable atmosphere,"Anything new?"

Harry Finn 06-12-2009 11:29:40 PM
::Golnarran Vessel Kullaa::
::Cargo Bay::

Working the cargo bay’s perimeter, Zal Govan’s mind kept running over the careful arrangement of the Golnarran dead. It was all so… precise. In many ways, the ordered rows were reminiscent of the Hutet labor camp’s death house. It had been, he recalled, his father’s pride and joy… less the dead themselves than the accurate categorizing of their passage. Nothing went undocumented on Zyr Malkat’s watch. Every body was accounted for, from incarceration to incineration.

His eyes narrowed, Every body accounted for…

"Hey…Anything new?"

Govan turned to where Star was covering Chief Kowalski.

“No,” he told her, “nothing new.” But maybe, he thought, looking back at the well-ordered death, maybe something old.

Post featuring PO1 Zal Govan

T'Shaini 06-13-2009 10:31:24 PM
::Counselor's Office::

T'Shaini sat in her office drinking in the silence around her. Javier's support had been reassuring, but she still had unanswered questions…what if Vegal was right, what if it had been him who had paid the consequences of her actions, or rather non actions. The thought of Vegal-Djinn brought a wince, she was certain the next lesson, which she had already agreed to, would do nothing to assuage her misgivings…and then there was Harry. Next time, listen to Djinn and take out the enemy when you have the chance. They’re called the enemy for a reason. Had she not already been aware of his views and the likelyhood of her hearing them rather forcefully when he returned, his note to her had underscored its inevitability.

=/\=Petty Officer Govan to Commander T'Shaini.=/\=

=/\=T'Shaini here.=/\= Hopefully some information she could pass on to the Golnarrans.

=/\=Commander, Lt. Tenanji asked,=/\= there was a clear reluctance in the Cardassian officer's voice and it was a moment before the communication continued, =/\=he asked me to relay an… insight… which might be of… interest.=/\=

The Vulcan leaned forward, as if it would help her hear over the commbadge. =/\=Go ahead.=/\=

There was another pause, =/\=It is to do with the… arrangement of the Golnarran dead.=/\= Govan's voice became, if possible, more tight, =/\=It put me in mind of the dead in Hutet… the labor camp my… father… administered. He would line them up, in the same numbered order. This was a constant. Before and after their labor shifts, in sickness, at their arrival to the camp and in death, they were aligned as this crew has been. The prisoners were catalogued, it was… a part of their breaking, as much as to keep count of the population…=/\= there was a moment before Govan added, =/\=This crew… they are laid out in just such a fashion.=/\=

Her breath stilled, the crew was dead, and by the configuration it was not the aftermath of a battle. But why? =/\=Was there anything else unusual?=/\= As if that was not enough.

=/\=Commander Seldon and Lt. O'Keefe have returned with samples from the deceased, Dr. Ulrika and CPO Kowalski continue their efforts. Beyond that,=/\= it was almost possible to see Zal's head tilt of a shrug, =/\=I fear it is as if we are in the midst of an enigma tale,=/\= referring to the unique Cardassian mystery literature.

=/\=Indeed, I thank you for contacting me Zal, I am certain the Golnarran's will appreciate any information we can relay.=/\= Well, unlikely they would appreciate this news, but she had promised to contact them with any new information. =/\=T'Shaini out.=/\=

Perhaps the Golnarran's will be able to shed light on this situation…what is so extraodinary to us, may be easily explained by those familiar with their culture and this region.

T'Shaini pushed back from her desk, she would much prefer this communique be made from the bridge…with the Captain at her side.

JP with Harry as Zal (I haven't the brain to be clever)

Javier Costala 06-14-2009 02:09:55 AM
The Chimera's Chief Engineer left the Chief Counselor's office in an excellent mood. A smile creased his face as Javier straightened his uniform before stepping into a turbolift. "Bridge." The lift traveled on its way and the engineer lost himself in his thoughts for the time that it took to reach its destination. His hands rubbed over T'Shaini's back, his fingertips pressing along her spine as Javier judged how successful his attempts at relaxing the Vulcan woman were, by her reaction to his touch. After letting his fingers trail down her back, a pleasurable 'oh' broke free from T'Shaini's lips when his fingers found a particularly sensitive area. 'Have I told you how much I love helping you recover?' Javier whispered over her shoulder.. The lift slid to a halt and the doors opened onto the Chimera's bridge but Javier remained where he was, smiling to himself.

"Chief, is there a problem?" a voice asked as it pierced the insulation of Javier's thoughts. Javier looked down to find Bayal Paven standing just outside the lift. Suddenly aware that he had been staring at the ceiling as if intently studying one of the upper panels, Javier answered the concerned engineer. "No, there's no problem." He stepped out of the lift and walked the short distance to the bridge. The doors hissed open and the engineer swept the room with his eyes. It was the first time he had been on the bridge of the Chimera and the engineer was drawn to the crisp, clean lines of the room. The Intrepid Class bridge on the Hawking seemed cramped and ill conceived compared to the Chimera's. There were a few noticeable changes, the center command chair that replaced the two that sat side by side on the Hawking.

No wonder Harry was so irritable, he spent most of his time standing up. Javier surmised as he walked towards the center dais. His feet must have been killing him. The two stations near the front of the room intrigued him. They almost reminded him of a Galaxy Class ship with Ops and Helm stations situated parallel to one another. But the two stations were encapsulated in a semi-circular bumper style console which was lower than the captain's chair. The viewscreen displayed the Golnarran vessel, where Kowalski was no doubt making himself useful or so the engineer hoped.

Nils was sitting in the command chair brooding over the image on the viewscreen. Javier could tell that something had the captain worried. If he let his hair grow out, I bet it would be grey by now. the officer thought as he pulled up beside the command chair. "Any new information on the Golnarran ship?" he asked Nils.

"The Golnarran crew left two IED's in their torpedo bay," Nils told Javier, the weight on his mind transferring to his speech with a heavy sigh, "when Chief Kowalski brought their systems online they triggered, but I sent a team over and they've disarmed the weapons. Lieutenant Tenanji found the bodies of the crew and we've yet to discover how their attackers.."

"Captain! Another ship is uncloaking off the port bow!" the Operations officer called out. "Their energy signatures are elevated, I think they mean to attack."

"Raise shields. Go to Red Alert," Nils snapped out the orders as he stood to his feet. "Get that other ship on the viewscreen." The image changed and Javier found himself looking at the ugliest damn ship he had ever seen. There didn't seem to be any purpose in its design. Its lines weren't sleek or imposing nor was it built with tactical superiority in mind; it simply was. It existed as a mass of ship parts and blunt appendages all thrown together in a confusing combination of designs. As Javier watched, one of its appendages belched a blue surge of energy in the Chimera's direction.

"The ship is firing. Brace for impact!"

The bridge shuddered as the mass of energy hit the Chimera's shields, which sparked and failed under the ion cannon's assault. The Chief Engineer was thrown to the deck by the jarring force of the attack. Falling down the three stairs to slam his head against the forward console, Javier felt a burst of pain in his skull. He pulled himself from the deck and staggered over to the Engineering console where Paven was working. The engineer's vision was blurry and Javier shook his head to clear away the fog. "Report," he heard Nils order.

"Massive energy drain," Javier answered as he read what the computer told him. "Some type of ion weapon, we can't take many more hits from it." His speech was slurred as he spoke. The officer put a hand to his forehead as he felt the sensation of something wet running down the side of his face. His hand came away wet with blood. "Dammit."

Simba Wekesa 06-14-2009 12:15:07 PM

U.S.S. Chimera
Primary Bridge

"Helm, bring us around to bearing 0-9-3 mark 1-8-6 and initiate evasive pattern delta," Captain Torrik ordered as the initial barrage from the enemy ship knocked him back into his command chair. "Lieutenant, lock phasers and return fire!"

"Firing phasers," Simba replied, his hands already flying over the controls before the captain had even finished giving the order. "Direct hit… minor damage to their port ventral hull." He frowned as he glanced at the tactical systems monitor on his console. The Chimera's shields had fallen almost immediately when the ion weapon hit, but had come back online as soon as the drain was alleviated. Clearly, they outclassed the enemy ship, but for how long? The shields, operating only at fifty percent, were still rippling from the enemy ship's energy weapon, almost as if it had lashed out and sucked the energy out of them.

"Hail that ship," Nils ordered, glaring intently at its ominous form on the viewscreen as it circled around in pursuit of the far more agile Federation ship.

"No response to our hails, Captain," Ops reported after a moment's pause.

Simba looked up from his console to see that the alien ship had nearly aligned them directly in its path. "Captain, they're preparing to fire again," he called out just as their assailants hurled another surge of blue energy tearing through space towards the Chimera. Dammit. Quickly, he shunted as much power as he could into the forward shields in an attempt to lessen the impending impact.

The ship shuddered violently as the surge of ion energy absorbed the Chimera's shields once again. The lights on the bridge dimmed and flickered off momentarily, leaving the pulsing red alert lights as the only source of illumination. And then, as suddenly as it had begun, the ion beam stopped and the bridge powered back up.

"Report!" The captain barked, looking around at the stunned bridge crew.

"I have to agree with Commander Costala's assessment, sir," Simba replied as the tactical data from the last assault began to stream onto his console. "It's definitely some kind of ion weapon… no damage to our hull, but it's draining our systems. Tactical analysis indicates that we outgun them in most respects, but their ion weapon has the ability to disable our weapons. Shields are already down to twenty-eight percent… we're not going to be able to hold out against them unless we can take out that ion cannon."

"Then by all means, Lieutenant."

Simba nodded and fired phasers again, hitting the enemy ship in the rear quarter as it was now moving away from them towards the disabled Golnarran ship.

"Captain, we've lost our lock on the away team," Jezera reported from operations. "There is too much ionizing radiation… transporters are useless."

A look of concern flashed across the Bajoran's severe features as he looked intently at the hulking form of the enemy vessel closing in on the Kullaa. "Lt. Wekesa… fire at will."

"Aye, sir." Simba sent a volley of photon torpedoes hurtling towards the enemy ship. One struck the ship with a large explosion, while the rest passed harmlessly through the cobbled-together superstructure of the vessel. "Helm, get us in closer… I need a clear shot." The enemy ship was too close to the defenseless Golnarran vessel, and a stray torpedo could certainly be disastrous for the away team.

By now the enemy ship was directly above the Kullaa. Wekesa fired phasers again, hitting the enemy ship's hull as they pursued it. The ship hovered over the Kullaa like a giant predator about to devour its prey. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion as a massive grappling claw descended from the enemy vessel and pulled the smaller ship up tight against its underbelly. The last thing they needed right now was for the Golnarran ship to be boarded, with the hopelessly outnumbered away team aboard and no way to get them out of there. Forcing his eyes away from the grim spectacle on the viewscreen, Simba bit his lip and prepared to fire again…

Emily Star 06-14-2009 05:40:12 PM
Emily smiled at Govan,"Better than something terrible." she replied and went back to her pacing.

'left right…right turn…left right…left turn…' Everytime she turned around she lifted her eyes to avoid looking at the dead Golnarrans. Their lifeless forms provoked in her thoughts of sadness, fear and an overwhelming urge to run. So many questions needed to be answered but a part of her didn't want to know. Okay, most of her didn't want to know.

'left right…' the sound of her steps consumed her throughts. The only sound in the room…besides Kowalski's random comments. Though not even her footsteps or his vague mumbling could drown out the silence from the dead crew.

'Uh god..' her head shot up, her pacing again stopped and she focused on had suddenly changed.

Being a betazoid was like having another set of eyes. Everywhere you went there was a secondary awareness. You met people, shook their hands and yet you saw not only with your eyes but deeper. You could see what was really going on, far past the diplomatic persona put on by most people. This awareness became a part of everyday life, you learned to ignore most of what you saw..or at least Emily did. She didn't want to appear nosy and it made people uncomfortable.

However sometimes it was impossible to ignore what was going on. Like when a sudden change occured in a person, moving from happy to scared without warning. Or a large group of people suddenly fearing for their lives. People she knew, people she was use to 'feeling' everyday around her.

"Somethings wrong.." she mumbled. Govan had just returned and caught his gaze. He looked unsettled and from what she could tell, he had reason to be,"We need to get back to the Chimera.."

Just then the ship shuddered as the attacking vessel locked on.

"or…not.." she said looking to her fellow security officer.

Jenny Anderson 06-16-2009 03:12:57 PM
::USS Royal Flush::

“Are we there, yet?” Jenny asked as Fehr stretched out on the port side bunk which she’d just vacated. Within moments of hitting the excuse for a pillow, the Elasian officer was fast asleep.

“Just fifteen minutes,” Harry replied, automatically while Jenny settled in at the tactical/ops station. “How’d ya’ sleep?”

“Pretty good,” she said, truthfully, running a hand over where Ben’s Christopher Pike medal was hidden beneath her uniform. Harry would know if she’d tried to conceal any kind of nightmare. They still popped up, now and again but nothing like a couple months back. “But I did have the oddest dream, this time…”

“Odd? Odd, how?”

“We were all in this old time gangster movie, but it was a musical… and you and Ben and Commander Costala were doing this dance number with…”

“Please, stop now,” Harry begged, “and raise the Chimera, while I try to scrub that image from my synapses?”

“On it,” Jenny replied, biting the inside of her cheek. It took a moment, and a consult with the Starfleet tricorder but she got the com systems online and began a subspace ping to the Chimera.


She tried again, =/\=USS Chimera, this is the USS Royal Flush, bearing Lt. Commander Finn… do you copy?=/\=

=/\= … al Flush…. Chimera under attack, repeat… der atta… hold for…. tions… Torrik… mera… t…=/\=

Harry’s hands stilled over the helm. “Has their heading changed?”

“Sir, no but… wait.” Jenny, moving more slowly than she’d like with the Cardassian tech, re-assessed. “As of this last communication, they were still at mark 886.1 by 6528.0 by 3351.7… but the transponder is cutting out intermittently. They seem to be moving,” she bit her lip, frustrated, “I can’t get a fix. Whoever they’ve engaged is interfering with Chimera’s communications.”

Harry’s hands danced over the controls, eking every last erg out of the shuttle’s engines. “Go wake Fehr up. I want him on tactical when we get to the hot zone…”

Jenny rose, “How soon?”

Finn shook his head, though he didn’t look away from what he was doing, “Not soon enough.”

Turning to call the tactical officer to duty, Jenny’s hand once again sought Ben’s medal, as if by touching it, she could offer him the same steadiness he’d unknowingly given her, through all her recent battles.

With Lt. Commander Harry Finn

Dead Space

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