Shaun Ryan Acker

Shaun Ryan Acker was raised by his widowed mother and maternal grandfather, Alden Pierce Ryan. Ryan was a huge influence on Shaun which is unfortunate as the older man tended to think that laws were something that happened to other people. As a result, Shaun grew up with a profound sense of superiority coupled with extreme intelligence. In time he developed a sociopathic sub-personality which he referred to as The Director.

He attended Starfleet Academy and upon graduation, submersed himself in the Bureau of Information… a clerk's clerk, he kept himself on a steady and unremarkable career track because in reality, every moment he spent working in Starfleet was a farce. He spent twelve years in Starfleet's Bureau of Information and in that time, Acker uncovered, dug up and sold intelligence from every branch of the 'Fleet. To all appearances he'd had an exclusive arrangement with the Orion Syndicate though it was later discovered that his services were shopped out to a much larger organization which involved, most notably, the Cygnian Sisterhood of the White Rose.

In 2381, Acker's operation was shut down by Harry Finn and his task force. In pursuit of the fugitive Acker, Finn was forced to fire on his grandfather, Alden Pierce Ryan, resulting in the old man's death. Following Acker's apprehension, a pyrrhicly successful escape left the SF Vessel Anarasi Maru severely damaged, killed nine Starfleet officers, including all of Harry Finn's team, and resulted in severe Thermolyte burns over 70 percent of Acker's body.

Two years later, a newly regenerated personality known as Charles Champe Stearns appeared at Outpost Jericho-Samaria. Shaun Ryan Acker had been reconstructed by the Sisterhood: given a new name, new identity and a new purpose, he was brought to the Gamma Quadrant to serve as a data hound for the newly born "Circle" or "Organization"… a combine of several of the largest crime syndicates in the known galaxy.

Acker, however, still existed inside the new persona… along with The Director and neither of these had forgotten or forgiven Harry Finn for the death of Ryan, nor for the ruination of over a decade of labor. Set on revenge, Acker made a long-distance attempt to destroy Finn by compromising one of the Hawking's most trusted crew members, Vanona Hawthorn. Her divided personality led to a madness which left the Hawking severely damaged and killed five of the crew. (See Hawking Mission: The Waste Land)

Acker/Stearns meanwhile had risen in status to the point of becoming Chancellor of Offworld and Political Affairs of Jericho-Samaria. A position he didn't enjoy for long.

In the spring of 2384, Charles Champe Stearns was killed in an all-out fight with Finn. (See Holodeck Mission: The Long Goodbye).

Stearns is survived by his bondmate, Myla Szado, of the Cygnian Sisterhood of the White Rose.

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