Ship's History

Prometheus Class Starfleet Registry NCC-30940
Beta Antares Shipyards, Antares Sector
Commissioned Stardate 52372

If it be not now, yet it will come: the readiness is all.

Commanding Officers:
2375 - 76 Fleet Captain Anastasia Chernyenkov (Deceased)
2376 - 84 Captain Solan
2384 - 85 Commander Rev S’Van
2385 - Captain Torrik Nils

Ship's history:
2375: Battle of Rictor Prime; Home Sector Defense; Battle of Cardassia Prime
2375: Sickbay upgrades
2376 - 84: Long range exploration of Alpha and Beta Quadrants
2384: Warp Drive Refit - Installation of Quantum field assisted tetyron plasma technology
2384 - 85: Research in Sector 001 for Federation Archeology Council

USS Chimera is a Prometheus Class vessel which, due to the profound impact of the Dominion War, was under construction prior to the launch of the prototype Prometheus Class, the USS Prometheus. Upon completion in mid-2375, the Chimera was dispatched to immediate action at Riktor Prime. Following that engagement, she served in Sector 001 after the Dominion attack on Starfleet. Late 2375, Chimera took part in the Battle of Cardassia, which saw the end of the Dominion War. During the Battle, while Chimera was operating in Multi-vector mode, Fleet Captain Chernyenkov ordered a tripartite strike on an approaching starship which proved, after the successful destruction of the vessel, to have been the USS Meridien, which had broken the enemy line from behind but lost all coms in the process.

The friendly fire incident was judged faultless. Flak and massive sensor interference were the true culprits. Nonetheless, one year to the day after the Treaty of Bajor was signed, Captain Chernyenkov was found in her ready room, dead of a self-inflicted phaser blast.

Command of Chimera was passed on to Solan, a Vulcan in Starfleet service for over sixty years prior to his posting on Chimera. The ship and crew returned to peacetime standing, continuing the Starfleet Mandate of exploration and research. In mid-2384, Chimera received new orders, undertaking a mission for the Federation Archeology Council. In December 2384, command of the Chimera was temporarily assigned to Commander Rev S’Van of Starfleet Intelligence.

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