Technical Specs


Advanced Technical Specifications for the Prometheus-Class Production Vehicle

  • U.S.S. Chimera NCC-30940
  • Commanding Officer: Torrik Nils
  • Accommodation: 200 (50 officers, 150 enlisted)
  • Classification: Tactical Cruiser

0.0 Deck Layout
0.1 Deck One Details
1.0 Prometheus Class - Introduction
2.0 Command Systems
3.0 Tactical Systems
4.0 Computer Systems
5.0 Propulsion Systems
6.0 Utilities and Auxiliary Systems
7.0 Science and Remote Sensing Systems
8.0 Crew Support Systems
9.0 Auxiliary Spacecraft Systems
10.0 Flight Operations
11.0 Emergency Operations
12.0 Appendix A - Blueprints
13.0 Appendix B - Starship Comparison

USS Chimera Overview


Ship Name: USS Chimera
Registry: NCC-30940
Affiliation: Federation - Starfleet
Type: Long range tactical cruiser
Class: Prometheus
Status: Active


Yard: Beta Antares Fleet Yards
Laid down: 2366
Launched: 2375
Commissioned: 2375
Decommissioned: Inapplicable

General Specifications

Length: 415 m
Beam: 170 m
Draft: 113 m
Decks: 16
Propulsion: Thusters, Impulse drive, Quantum field assisted tetyron plasma warp drive
Speed: Warp 9.99
Complement: 200
Armament: 18 Type-XII phaser emitters;4 torpedo launchers
Shuttlecraft: 1 Type-11 shuttlecraft, 1 Delta Flyer Class Runabout, 4 Type-9 shuttlecraft, 4 Workbees
Motto: If it be not now, yet it will come: the readiness is all. - William Shakespeare
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