Originated In Hawking Mission: "Resurrection Imperfect"

Lerad Tennyson was once a business tycoon on the planet Halcyon, who lost his hold on reality when his son (Abselem) died in the planet's global wars and decided that the only way to end the violence was to rewrite the nature of life on his planet, with obedience being the key trait of his new race. What he ended up with was a planet of zombies (flesh-eating, no less). Tennyson himself became a cyborg, hardwired into the Master Control Program, allowing him to control the activities of his decaying 'children' as he called them.

Once the crew of the Hawking arrived, and he became aware of life beyond Halcyon, Tennyson began to enact a plan to spread the virus which had created his 'children' throughout the stars.

In order to prevent this, the Hawking, upon the away team's escape from the planet, instituted General Order 24, the destruction of all life on a planet. However, even as the order was being carried out, Tennyson achieved a telepathic connection with the observation satellite which Hawking placed in Halcyon's orbit. When last seen, his uploaded consciousness was learning all about the Federation, making plans for newer, better offspring and singing lullabies to pass the time.

He's still out there, somewhere.

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