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The Dosi

Canon Info:

The Dosi were a humanoid civilization native to the Gamma Quadrant, and allies of the Dominion. The Dosi place great importance on business and are extremely aggressive negotiators, to the point that fatalities are not uncommon.

The Ferengi, represented by Quark and Pel, negotiated with the Dosi in 2370 to purchase 100,000 vats of tulaberry wine. When the Dosi were unable to fulfill the demand, they referred the Ferengi to the Karemma, an important commercial member of the Dominion. (DS9: "Rules of Acquisition")

Over the next two years, Quark would accrue a debt with the Dosi. In 2372, when Quark thought he was going to die, his debt to the Dosi was mentioned by Rom as among those he had to pay off. (DS9: "Body Parts")

Hawking Crew Generated:

Litany for the Dosi Trade Delegation:

It is the way of things that nothing can be got for nothing. It is the way of things that what is got for little cost has little value. It is the way of things that what is got dearly carries a worth above Keshiite.

The Dosi are an advanced species yet still maintain a tribal social organization. A distinct difference among the Dosi however, is that one is not born into one's tribe, but chooses it following a coming of age ritual known as the Klortum'Kor. Each Tribe has a specific facial art pattern that all members wear. There are three primary tribes:

Kor'Bluton - Keepers of Knowledge: These are the scientists and great thinkers.
Kor'Fletug - Keepers of Passion: These are the warriors and political leaders.
Kor'Plobem - Keepers of Spirit: These are the traders, businessmen and clergy (which end up being one in the same.) This is the largest tribe as great emphasis is placed on business and trade in Dosi culture.

Each Tribe has a representative number of delegates on a ruling council called Pin'Toka'Rinel (The Three Discuss Business).

In an effort to foster closer diplomatic ties, Starfleet gave the Connie's second beacon to the Kor'Fletug. That tribe in turn deferred to the Pin'Toka'Rinel to determine how best the Constitution crew could aquire the Beacon. Of course we know they came up with the test of Mind/Heart/Spirit

Since it is against Dosi tradition for any offworlder to take part in the Klortum'Kor, it has been divided into three distinct tests to be taken on by three individual crewmen.

Tests would be generally as follows:

Mind (an intellectual puzzle of some kind) - Javi
Heart (some kind of torture) - Nils
Spirit (facing a demon of some kind) - Tee

Disclaimer: We felt somewhat iffy about delving into details of a canon (albeit obscure) race as these things can shift wildly. Know that my additions can be taken with a grain of salt and altered as anyone sees fit.

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