The Fates

Affectionately known as "The Fates" to the crew, these three photonic avatars of the USS Chimera are each responsible for domains of functionality on board the ship. They do not function as Emergency Holograms but instead simply as interface modules for respective ship systems. Each also bears responsibility for a section of the ship when separated and their programs reside within their respective section (Alpha, Beta, Gamma). When the ship is joined, their mobility is not limited. However, when in separated mode each avatar is limited to their own section. Though many theories exist, the level of their autonomy and AI is relatively unknown.



Alpha/Primary -Life Support/Environmental/Operations

Known for her commitment to the Chimera, Clotho is all business when called upon. It has become an ongoing challenge for the crew to garner a smile from the deeply focused photonic interface.

There have been no recorded successes in this endeavor.



Beta/Secondary - Science/Medical

The ‘mother’ of the group, Lachesis exhibits a warm, nurturing behavior to the crew of the Chimera. Curiosity appropriate to her Scientific functions is evident when she provides support to the labs and an occasionally stifling doting aspect appears when crew suffer illness or injury. While Lachesis’ responsibilities only extend to the medical systems, she feels free to comment on patient care to whomever will listen.


Gamma/Tertiary - Tactical/Engineering

Despite her function as Tactical and Engineering interface, Atropos or ‘Attie’ is by far the most whimsical of the three fates. Given to colorful commentary upon activation, Atropos appears to enjoy a level of loose camaraderie with the crew. She has been known to express a level of favoritism and likes to spread gossip.

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