The Yith

Physiology: Yith are generally humanoid in form and appearance. Unlike most humanoids, however, they are poikilothermic. Homeostasis can be effectively maintained in external temperatures between 15ºC and 50ºC. Temperatures below this threshold will trigger a state of hibernation wherein bodily processes are almost nonexistent until the external temperature returns to the acceptable range. Temperatures above this threshold can cause death when prolonged.

Yith skin is covered by a fine layer of scales, ranging from yellow to red. Forearms and shins are additionally protected by hard exoskeletal plating. Hands and feet have three protruding digits. One digit on the hands is opposable and terminates in a long claw.

Yith blood contains a potent mytotoxin, effective on most other species. This is presumably an evolutionary trait to protect against early predators. Yith are also capable of secreting this toxin through small ducts in their claws.

Average height for males is around 203cm, with an average weight of around 136kg. Females are significantly smaller, rarely exceeding 173cm in height and 82kg in weight. Aside from size, females can also be identified by colorful markings on their foreheads.

Culture: The Yith are nomadic by nature. They have no known world of origin, rather claiming to be children of space itself. Given that they are able to survive in the vacuum through a form of reptilian hibernation, this belief is at least partially plausible.

Yith society values physical strength and ruthlessness above all else, as these traits are held to be the greatest asset to the continued survival of the species. In combination with their nomadic nature, this often leads them into piracy.

It is worth noting that no spacecraft of Yith origin has ever been sighted. All advanced technology in the control of the Yith seems to have been obtained through external sources. This begs the question of how the Yith originally began space travel.

Updated: Confirmation of the supposition that the Yith are 'Space Born' creatures. There is a section of the Yith population that dwells 'beneath'. These laborers have their own culture which thrives on the moons of their First World (the first world from which they emerged from space). Numbering in the millions, this population does not condone the violent tendencies of the Hegemony (ruling body). They instead remember the old ways of gleaning culture, art, music, and customs from other beings. This original tenet was twisted in centuries past to become the piracy and technology stealing Yith that the Federation first encountered. It is also worth noting that the toxin they secrete also apparently has healing properties in some circumstances.

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