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Originally Posted by Harry Finn/02-23-2009 09:19:19 AM

::USS Chimera::
::Tertiary Bridge - Deck 9/Gamma Section::

It was only moments after they’d completed separation when the calm buzz of the tertiary bridge suffered a sudden and, for Harry at least, annoying incursion.

“Why was I not given access to the primary bridge prior to separation?”

Harry didn’t bother looking at S’Van, who’d barreled past Chief Petty Jones standing sentry at the bridge’s narrow entrance.

“Last I checked, Commander, you’re a non combatant… not even on the crew manifest, in fact,” he then favored the clearly irate hybrid… ha… gotcha!, “and therefore have no business being on any bridge.”

“As former CO of the Chimera, I hold it my right…”

“As current XO of the Chimera, may I remind you that you have no say in this matter,” Finn interrupted, almost gleefully tossing S’Van’s own words back at him. He then held the other man’s cold gaze for a moment before calling over his shoulder, “Chief Jones, please escort Commander S’Van to a secure area until such time as we are stood down from condition blue.”

There was an awkward pause as Jones eyed both officers.

“This isn’t a conflict of interest, Jones,” Harry offered calmly, never once looking away from his opponent. “You are part of this crew, meaning you work for Captain Torrik and, by extension, me.”

“Sir,” Ferris acknowledged briskly before turning his eyes towards Chimera’s former CO. “If you would, sir?”

S’Van held his place a moment longer, “Very well,” he nodded, accepting the temporary defeat. “Though, if I may say, I do look forward to further discussion of your… point of view… after we are stood down.”

“That makes one of us,” Finn muttered as the Section 31 stooge slunk off the bridge, attended by Chief Jones.

Featuring Commander Rev S'Van

Originally Posted by Simba Wekesa/02-23-2009 01:03:14 PM

Forward Torpedo Bay
Deck 7, Primary

"Hastings, get those torpedo tubes loaded. Arm photon warheads and prepare for firing sequence," Ensign Susan Chang called out from her console on the upper level of the primary torpedo bay over the wailing of the red alert klaxon. "Let's go, people!"

Chief Petty Officer Jamal Hastings nodded to his superior as he stepped back to make way for the automated loading system as its massive robotic armature lowered a photon torpedo onto the port launch tube conveyer. A few meters away on the starboard conveyer, Rak'h and Cunningham were scrambling to finish arming the warhead on another torpedo as it crawled along the conveyer and into the launch tube. He smiled to himself slightly as he took in the scene. Working in the torpedo bay consisted mostly of long hours of relative boredom interrupted by bursts of adrenaline, energy, and activity. But for Hastings, those brief moments made the whole thing worthwhile. It was his team's moment to shine and make a difference for the ship and crew.

Crewman Anderson burst into the beehive of activity, only a bit breathless. She'd gone from sound asleep to battle ready in ten minutes… even with Ben's 'help'. He'd been more than willing but when it came to handing off her uniform while carefully NOT looking at her, the jumble of falling clothing and phasers and combadges had been… less than optimal. "Chief, Crewman Anderson reporting," she announced upon reaching the Chief Petty who appeared to be the hub of activity.

"Welcome to the torpedo bay," he replied instinctively, barely glancing up at the young woman who had just entered the room. "Arm the warhead and check the torpedo for launch." Hastings handed a tricorder to Anderson so that she could interface with the torpedo's systems, then looked over at the starboard tube. The torpedo had entered the launch tube and the hatch was closing behind it. He looked up at Chang and signaled her to initiate the loading procedure and prepare a second torpedo for launch. She nodded in reply just as the klaxons changed tones, indicating that starship separation was imminent.

Jenny took the tricorder and crossed to the port conveyor, already keying in the access code for the Mark XXV Photon torpedo. In moments she had the connection. "No delay, Chief?" she asked over her shoulder.

"Negative, set torpedo to detonate on impact," Hastings replied. He watched as another torpedo was placed on the starboard launcher, then turned back to face Anderson. He hadn't met her before, but she seemed to know what she was doing with the torpedo. Actually, considering that she had just been thrust into the torpedo bay a few moments earlier, he was fairly impressed with her ability to jump in and go with the flow.

=/\= Ten seconds until starship separation, the computer's voice announced over the comm system.

"Hold on, this part gets a little bumpy…" Jamal grabbed hold of the metal rail that ran along the length of the torpedo launch tube.

Having been focused on arming the port torpedo's payload, Anderson was a little behind events. She'd just heard the chief's warning and begun to reach for the rail when the inertial dampeners met their match in the beta section being released.

Staring up at the racks of torpedoes above, she blinked away the general 'ow'. "Bumpy. Roger that."

"Don't say I didn't try to warn you," the Chief replied, trying not to laugh, as he extended his hand to help Anderson regain her footing. "How's that torpedo coming?"

Double-checking the tricorder, "She's good to go, Chief." While she appreciated the CPO's attempt to control his humor, her peripheral vision indicated that Rak'h felt no need to soften the blow. He was, in fact, having a damned good time. Jen shook it off, "Chief, any news on the target?"

"Nope, all we know is that we've engaged an enemy vessel. Who we're shooting at doesn't affect how we fire torpedoes, Crewman. If there's something we need to know, Ensign Chang will pass it on." He glanced up at the deck officer, who was busily surveying the action in the torpedo bay at the same time as she watched the information from the bridge on her console. Jamal slapped the torpedo casing, as if testing it to see if it were indeed solid, as it disappeared into the launch tube's orifice and the hatch closed behind it. Already, another torpedo was descending onto the conveyer. "Let's go, we've got more work to do."

"Aye to that." Jenny began accessing the next payload as she quietly added the old enlisted man's refrain, "King George commands and we obey…"

Hastings nodded in agreement as he watched the Crewman get to work. She seemed efficient enough, and things were going smoothly in the torpedo bay. Of course, if this were a real battle, the situation would be more difficult. It was always harder to work with explosives when the room around you was shaking from weapon hits and the ship was taking damage. He'd been working in this part of a starship since he was nineteen years old, and experience had taught him that the torpedo bay, perhaps more than any other area of the ship, needed to run like a well-oiled machine in battle. And of course, as the highest-ranking NCO in the bay, it fell on him to make sure that happened. He had full confidence in his own people, but the addition of the Hawking crew had the ability to either compliment that flow or to throw a wrench into the machine.

"You've done this before, I assume?" he asked Jenny as she finished arming the warhead faster than he anticipated. A loud alarm sounded in the bay, indicating that the ship had just simulated firing a torpedo.

Dropping further into the 'now' zone of a combat situation, Jenny gave a short nod, only briefly glancing away from the tricorder interface, "Lots of drills," she affirmed, "and one engagement. Had to pull a hands-on disarm from the access tunnel of the aft starboard launch." Satisfied with the results she was reading she added, "It was… interesting."

Good, at least she isn't going to be the 'wrench.' The Chief nodded, pleased with her work thus far. "And the rest of your crew, they've had similar training?" He glanced over her shoulder at the team working the other launch tube. Cunningham he knew well and had full confidence in, and Rak'h, being a Klingon, seemed to have taken the whole battle drill in stride.

"Lt. Tenanji pushes the team, Chief," she responded, sensing the NCO's concern. "We were chronically short-handed on Hawking and everyone was expected to pull their weight and then some." Of course, there was Pal… and no one even talked about Rintala anymore. "With respect, it would be best to address LT or Senior Chief Jameson if you have concerns as to our abilities." Another alarm sounded and Jenny felt herself brace for an impact that didn't come. Who are we shooting at and why aren't they shooting back?

"Nah, it ain't like that," he replied. It wasn't his intention to offend the young woman or question her abilities. He felt a little offended that she was taking it so seriously. "I'm just trying to get a feel for my team. You're doing fine, but if I gotta work with y'all, I need to know how everyone works together. Make sense?"

Eeep. "It does, of course… sorry Chief. It's just, with Hawking… we've had a long rough patch and… I'm sorry. I just don't want to give you any false impressions…?" Where's that next torpedo?

"It's all good," Jamal replied reassuringly. He looked up at Chang and signaled to load the next torpedo. "Just remember… we're on the same team now. We all depend on each other to come through these things alive, and a starship crew is like a family." He felt like he was echoing his own chief when he had first come aboard. "We're doing our part here, and the folks up on the bridges are doing their part. So long as we give them what they need, we'll get through it just fine. Ya dig?"

"With a latinum-plated shovel, Chief," Jen replied as the torpedo arrived and she turned to continue the job. Of course, as she did, it was with the hope that, in Chimera's family, she wouldn't prove to be the red-headed stepchild. Cause you're half there already…

A joint post with Crewman Jenny Anderson, introducing CPO Jamal Hastings with a brief cameo by Ensign Susan Chang

Originally Posted by Vince Stryfe/02-23-2009 06:22:55 PM

:: USS Chimera ::
:: Vince Stryfe's Quarters : Deck 3 ::

Vince stared out of his window, watching as the ship seperated into it's respective three parts. He glanced down at a PADD, looking at his pilots that had earned their way into the helm positions for the inagural seperation, and found himself a bit preturbed at the fact he wasn't one of them. Gardon had recieved the duty on the Primary section, Warof the Tertiary, and Kate had rounded out the three nabbing the Secondary. He looked at the other two section on the screen close by, enthralled with the beauty of the now mini fleet that had been created. He shook his head, looking out at the section within his view.

" This just sucks," He said, with a sound of dissappointment.

This was the final day of his restriction, and he couldn't wait for the next Alpha shift, to get his turn at the controls of the beast they were now assigned to.

Ships like these were what Vince had lived to be on, and now he stood inside the primary section of a ship that could seperate into three sections. A ship that could be dedicated to fighting, protecting someone or somthing. Bringing peace to one culture, then again bring justice to people that would do wrong.

He could remember having the same thoughts, the same pride when he flew with the Blackhawks Valkyrie squadren, and now the feeling had returned with the new placement on the graceful and powerful Chimera. He smiled as he walked away from the window, heading towards his desk, looking at the wall behind it.

He had served on several ships, all pictured on the wall. The Norway was his first, when he was a Marine. The Concorde Class ship served well as a deployment vessel for the Marines Fighter Squads, and was a powerful blight in it's own right.

After being there he skipped around on several freighters, civilian craft, but always felt a emptiness, then with the persuasuion of a great Captain he joined Starfleet, and found himself aboard the USS Presidio. The Galaxy Class ship was massive, and iconic ship class, but it always seemed to lack the flair that he had wanted to be involved with.

After that he found himself on by far the smallest craft, next to his Valkyrie, the USS Sentinel. Being a Nova Class ship it wasn't meant to be in combat, just to explore the galaxy, which proved quite boring in the eyes of Vince. He continued to serve the ship without showing his distaste, but thanks to a certain someone, or something, he found a new home on the USS Hawking.

Q had decided to intervene with his life, and Vince had always wondered why, but thanks to the entity, he found himself on the Intrepid Class ship, and to the day loved every minute of it. It wasn't a war ship, but it was a ship that was very capable of defending itslef, and sustaining a fight if it needed to. Out of the ships that he had been stationed on, the Hawking had been his longest tenure as a member of Starfleet, and had become what he though of as his home.

Now they were all on the Chimera. He had seemed to be the only person, along with Scott, that was overly excited to be transfered to the ship, and could wait for his time to finally grab the helm, and see what the beautiful ship could do. He stared at the picture of the Chimera, throwing the PADD on his desk, then looking towards the door.

" Screw this crap. I'm the best pilot on the ship, and the helm on the inagural seperation should be at my fingertips." He bolted towards the door, headed to the turbo lift located almost just down the hall from his quarters, and stepped inside.

Requesting the bridge, the lift started it's short trip, and the doors opened almost as fast as they had closed. Vine stepped out, adjusting his jacket, then stepped up to where the Captain was sitting. Torrik wasn't paying attention to much around him as he stared towards the view screen, glancing at people then looking back to the screen. Vince could tell that he was figiting in his seat, most likly uncomfortable, but he dismissed it, adressing his Captain.

" Captain, I understand that I have been put on restriction thanks to my incursion with the bottle, but I believe that as the Chief Helmsman of the ship I should be the one at the helm of the first seperation. I'll understand if you disagree, but I think I have a good point, and you should understand what this moment should mean to me," He looked over at Gordon who had spun around to look at his boss, and friend, a smirk on his face," Besides, I'm sure gordon wouldn't have a problem with it."

Vince looked at Torrik, who was now looking back at him, waiting for his reply on the request he had made.

Originally Posted by Javier Costala/02-23-2009 09:10:10 PM

-Gamma Section-
-Deck 13-
-Secondary EPS/ODN Trunk-

"This is unnecessary," Dramm Pal complained as he leaned against the wall, "why would anyone choose to sabotage the secondary EPS trunk. It is not the primary system, we should finish our rounds then return to the lounge." Pal leaned his phaser rifle against the wall. The weapon was cumbersome, not at all like the disruptor rifles he had used prior to joining Starfleet, and Pal was ready for the ship experiment to be finished.

"Unnecessary? I guess you've been hammering too much of that bathtub gin, because the way I heard it, this was where the enemy tried to takeover the Hawking when I was away," BHP remarked from his vantage point across the room. He was half-hidden in shadow and could easily get the drop on anyone attempting to sabotage the trunk. His orders had been to secure deck thirteen then guard the EPS Trunk until the Gamma section began tactical engagements. Once the section engaged their enemy, Pierce was to report to the aft torpedo launching bay one deck below his current position.

"That was using the primary systems, we are…"

"We are guarding the primary systems…for Gamma section," Ben interjected, his tone a little more serious than he would have liked it to be, "now pick up that weapon Crewman." The Xepolite shrugged and grabbed the phaser rifle but continued to slouch against the wall. "Not like we'll get to use them, anyone can see this is a drill," Pal commented. "No one's fired at us and we haven't fired at them," he continued, "I'd say this is a drill."

Yeah, I'd say I'm about two minutes away from stunning Crewman Pal, Pierce thought to himself while trying to ignore the Xepolite's poor attitude. The Iotian moved the selector on his weapon, switching between heavy and light stun. Since the beginning of the alert, all Pal had done was complain. "Drill or not, we have our duty," Ben stated flatly while deciding not to shoot Pal.

"Whatever you say Petty Officer," Dramm replied before asking, "Did Crewman Anderson recover well enough to return to duty?" He knew the question was borderline impertinent in that he was suggesting that Pierce had shirked duty to leave and check on Anderson. The ex-smuggler was also trying to work an angle. Pierce had said he owed him one, maybe it was time to collect. "Yeeowch!" Pal's phaser rifle clattered on the deck as the Xepolite clutched his hand and hissed through his teeth. A thousand needles stung the outside of his hand where the discharged phaser shot had struck him.

"Crewman, I'm so sorry," Ben apologized as he shifted the phaser's barrel away from Pal. "I guess I wasn't paying attention..you should go to sickbay."

Pal stared at Pierce with a poisonous glare, well as much a poisonous glare as he could manage since his hand was throbbing in pain. "I will go to sickbay now," he managed to say. The crewman started to utter a curse but stopped when he realized that BHP had just gotten him out of guard duty. Pal's eyes were like slits as he studied the Petty Officer. Did he just repay the favor? Pal nodded his head to the Iotian and left the room. He was still puzzled by Pierce's reactions, but at least his rounds were over, he could milk the injury for all it was worth.

Ben stepped back, the shadows hiding his features. The phaser discharge had surprised him almost as much as it had surprised Pal. Well maybe not as much as it had surprised Pal. He'd spoken about Jenny and Ben going to see if she was okay and then BHP had shot Pal in the hand. The Iotian didn't even remember when he had fired the weapon.

=/\= Crewman Anderson, this is the bridge, we've registered a phaser discharge in your area. What is your status?=/\= Ben's commlink suddenly squawked. He automatically tapped the commlink and started to reply. 'Did he just call me Anderso..aw applesauce! The fumbled pass to Jenny to hand her a uniform while trying to give her some privacy came to mind. Jenny has my commlink. I have hers.' Pierce realized in horror.

=/\= Must be a sensor malfunction, bridge, =/\= Ben said in falsetto, =/\= No phaser discharge to report. Anderson out. =/\= BHP winced and shook his head, wishing that he had shot himself instead of Dramm Pal.

Featuring PO3 Benjamin Hyde Pierce

Originally Posted by Torrik Nils/02-23-2009 09:23:00 PM

:: USS Chimera ::
:: Bridge ::

" Captain, I understand that I have been put on restriction thanks to my incursion with the bottle, but I believe that as the Chief Helmsman of the ship I should be the one at the helm of the first seperation. I'll understand if you disagree, but I think I have a good point, and you should understand what this moment should mean to me," He looked over at Gordon who had spun around to look at his boss, and friend, a smirk on his face," Besides, I'm sure gordon wouldn't have a problem with it."

Vince looked at Torrik, who was now looking back at him, waiting for his reply on the request he had made.

Resisting an urge to smile, Nils shot a chastising grimace at Capers, who quickly spun back in his seat. Since their time on Sentinel, Stryfe had always been devoted to the ‘flying’. Whether tinkering with an alien fighter craft in the shuttle bay, or ‘over’ maneuvering the starship for no other reason than the thrill of it, the man was always deeply enamored with flight. It was part of what made him so good at the helm. But after serving on two ships before Chimera, one weakness plagued the Flight Chief. He was unpredictable. There were times he even made Javier look stable by comparison. This ‘intrusion’ on the bridge surprised Nils yet again.

“Vince,” he started, trying to maintain an even tone. “Mister Stryfe,” the Bajoran corrected, and then continued, “Consequences can’t be disregarded to suit the whim of the crew. Especially the crew who warranted those consequences in the first place.”

The helmsman opened his mouth to speak, but the young CO raised his hand to halt the protestation. Nils felt the subtle gazes from the crew. He felt the pressure to once again ‘make the right choice.’

“Your conduct was…ill timed and ill advised,” he continued. “I’m not willing to reduce your penance because you’re ‘sorry.’ I’m afraid you must pay the price…” He watched as the lieutenant deflated a little. “But… Perhaps we can alter it a little.” Nils diverted his eyes to the viewscreen and said with an overly harsh tone, “Capers you are free to take up your back-up battle station, and Mister Stryfe take his position. You’ll be one shift on and one shift off for the remainder of the mission. If working is what you want, then you can work off your time.”

The CO tried to ignore the shuffle about the helm station and didn’t make eye contact with Capers or Stryfe for fear he may crack a smile. He couldn’t help but be impressed by the man’s enthusiasm and in light of their flash transfer and their mystery mission, he felt obliged to indulge it. Enthusiasm, after all, was in short supply on board Chimera. And to his credit, Stryfe had neither requested transfer nor tried to shirk his duty. Perhaps the ‘weak links’ on board the ship could take note of Vince’s verve for the job. If nothing else, the episode relieved the mounting tension.

“Open a channel to Beta and Gamma,” Nils called down to Ops. “Prepare for tri-axis maneuvers… Lt. Stryfe, take us out of warp and begin evasive pattern eta.” Finally the Captain did smile. “Let’s see if Harry and Javi can keep up…”

Picking up the tag! Long time since I done that… Thanks, Vince! It was actually pretty fun!

Originally Posted by Tatiana Thorne/02-23-2009 10:36:32 PM

USS Chimera
Deck 4, Thorne Quarters

“Move over,” she instructed Stephanie and fell facedown on the free side of the bed. The women were silent before Tatiana muttered, “Hyposprays.”

Stephanie rolled on her side and regarded the woman. She couldn’t understand what Tatiana was saying, as it was muffled by the pillow the woman sunk her face into, “What?”

“All I can see are hyposprays,” the doctor groaned into the pillow, her arms snaking under it to pull it closer to her face before rolling onto her back. “I close my eyes, I see hyposprays, I open my eyes, and I see more hyposprays. I didn’t even know we had that many.”

Stephanie snorted, “You should have waited to go to Sickbay, and then you wouldn’t be complaining now.”

Tatiana pulled the pillow away. “Really?” she said asked and rolled her eyes. “It won’t stop,” she started up again and rubbed her eyes. “Make it stop,” she whined petulantly.

“Can’t,” Stephanie stated and stood, running her hands down the front of her uniform in an attempt to smooth out the wrinkles. “Ugh, you know I left for a few minutes right? So, I’m there looking at the sensors and-”

Tatiana stopped listening; she was distracted by her own attempts to take her mind off of the nonstop image of medical instruments. She tossed the pillow to the side and slid off the bed. There on the table next to the bed lay a neat stack of PADDs. “Hey Steph,” she called, staring down at the new objects in confusion. “Did you bring these?” she asked, picking up the group of PADDs for her friend to see. She sat them down before snatching one up to examine.

“No, maybe you just forgot that you left them there when you were unpacking? I don’t know.”

“I doubt that,” she said absently as she skimmed the content, not really comprehending the information and let it fall disgust. “I can’t even read that right now.”

“More phantom hyposprays?”

Tatiana ran a hand down her face, “Yes.”

=/\=Ten Seconds until Separation…=/\= the comm system rang out suddenly.

“Toss me one, I’ll tell you what it’s about,” Stephanie called just as the computer indicated there were eight seconds before the ship completed its split.

Tatiana picked up the one she had dropped earlier and threw it in her friend’s open hands. Afterwards, she picked up another and sat just as the computer hit one. The shaking of the ship as it separated caused the young woman to grab hold of the bed covers in surprise.

“This is interesting,” Hall piped up, once it was complete “It’s about the…feminist movements in France in the early 20th Century,” she read. “It goes on to talk about the literature and a few of the major players of that time.”

“Seriously?” Tatiana asked crawling across the bed to get to Stephanie’s position. “Cool,” she breathed as she read over the redhead’s shoulder. She looked down and searched through the contents of the PADD snugly held in her hand. “This one is about Europe in 1944 and it goes on to talk about France specifically.” She sighed, “I don’t think I’ll be reading this.”


“I just don’t have it in me to read that right now. That time period never fascinated me.” Thorne would have left it at that, but something that had always frustrated her about that time ate at her, “Millions of people!” the young woman exclaimed, “Millions of people are rounded up and…” she led off and threw up her hands, allowing the fight to leave her, “You know what? I’m not going to get into this. I’m going to replicate a glass of water and rest.”

Before she could walk away Stephanie grabbed the final PADD, and thrust it out for her friend to take, “Here’s another, maybe it will be as ‘cool’ as the feminist one.”

“One can only hope,” she responded and took it. Tatiana waved at Stephanie before she left and sat the object down. She’d read it another time.

Featuring: Stephanie Hall

Originally Posted by Simba Wekesa/02-25-2009 12:33:27 AM

U.S.S. Chimera
Tertiary Bridge

Tuning out the noise and excitement of the bridge, Simba focused on the targeting display on his tactical console. The primary and secondary sections of the ship were currently engaging their foe as the tertiary section came about for another pass. Once they did, they would most likely only have a clean shot for a few seconds before the ship's vector changed again. Combat was certainly a more chaotic experience than the careful precision he had become accustomed to in engineering.

Although the Chimera was merely engaging a target drone, the situation certainly felt real enough. The computer had managed to create a sensor image of quite a menacing, albeit generic, warship. But then again, maybe that was appropriate considering that the ship was rushing to face a real enemy that they knew next to nothing about.

Just a few more seconds…

Simba glanced up from his console and looked around the bridge as he waited for the target to come back into range. The adrenaline was almost palpable as the crew, most of whom were probably not aware that this was only a drill, focused intently on their respective tasks. Commander Finn, sitting in the center chair, seemed to be observing the crew as much as he was the enemy ship. Simba was sure he was probably near the top of the first officer's list to observe given that it was his first shift on a bridge and Finn was no doubt keenly aware of it.

The tactical console beeped, indicating that the ship was about to come back into weapons range and drawing the young cadet's attention back to where it belonged. He looked down at the display and monitored the enemy's flight path as the computer attempted to establish a solid lock. "Locking phasers on target," he called out. The order to fire at will had already been given, but his Starfleet training had taught him to always keep his superiors informed in a situation like this.

"Wait for it… timing is everything," Atropos said softly as she looked over his shoulder.

Simba nodded slightly without taking his eyes off the display. If the ship itself didn't know the right moment to fire, then who would? The targeting circle slowly closed in on the enemy ship until it tightened in around the graphic and began to flash, indicating a positive lock. Wekesa pressed his finger against the phaser controls, blasting the enemy ship as the tertiary section flew past it and banked to starboard to pursue its target. "Direct hit, minor damage to enemy shields," he reported.

"Good!" Atropos commented, her eyes twinkling as though she were excited by the whole situation. "But you need to work on more precise targeting. Even with a phaser lock on your target, you'll only be able to hit a moving target randomly. If you don't concentrate the attack, you'll either end up destroying the ship or doing only minor damage to a wide range of systems."

"Isn't the point to destroy the target?"

"Sometimes, yes, but usually only if you don't have a choice. Starfleet generally prefers not to destroy a ship when disabling it will do. Here…" The photonic reached out and tapped a series of commands on the console.

"You're disabling the targeting computer?" Simba looked at her in shock. "I don't think that's going to make my firing any more precise…"

Atropos placed her hand on the cadet's and guided it across the targeting display. "Trust your instincts. Relying on the computer will only get you so far. Watch the targeting display and use your hands to guide the manual target lock."

Simba bit his lip pensively as he moved his hand across the panel, leading off the enemy vessel as they fell in behind it. The ship altered course as it attempted unsuccessfully to avoid a barrage of torpedoes from one of the Chimera's other sections. Part of him couldn't believe he was seriously taking advice from a hologram. But then, the "Fates," as the Chimera's crew called them, were no ordinary holograms. It was hard to ignore the advice of the ship herself.

"Just a moment longer. Remember, disable the ship first."

For the briefest of moments, the enemy ship and the tertiary section fell onto the same vector. Something clicked in Simba's mind just at that moment, and he pressed the firing control. A streak of phaser energy shot forward and struck the enemy ship precisely in the impulse engines. The vessel veered sharply off course and lost speed quickly as the Chimera overtook it.

"See? I told you you could do it. You just have to believe it." Atropos smiled to herself as she moved off to check on the rest of the crew.

"Enemy vessel's engines are offline," Simba reported as he glanced at the tactical sensor display. The primary and secondary sections of the Chimera had already adjusted course to surround the target. "We've got them right where we want them, target lock established. What are your orders, Commander?

Originally Posted by Harry Finn/02-25-2009 08:59:55 AM

::USS Chimera::
::Tertiary Bridge - Deck 9/Gamma Section::

Harry glanced towards Wekesa, who, while the Beta section confounded the ‘enemy’ with some flash aeronautics (he bet the Alpha pilot was eating his shorts over that spin Briggs had performed), had disabled the construct Grimm, Atropos and Gorsky had created. “Normally I’d order you to keep one hand on the phasers while Captain Torrik contacts the enemy commander. Since, however, there is no enemy commander…” and on cue the opponent’s vessel, a rather nice rendition of a Beradi raider, shimmered out of existence, “let’s just get the band back together, shall we?”

As Warof, grumbling only a bit about the lack of a real target, maneuvered the Gamma section into position for reintegration, Harry turned to T’Preen, “Regarding that com with not Crewman Anderson,” he waited for the unflappable Operations officer to meet his gaze, “Inform Senior Chief Jameson of the irregularity.”


“Commander, Alpha and Beta sections have completed incorporation ,” Warof inserted, “and we are in position, docking clamps deployed.”

“Commence re-coupling sequence,” Harry ordered.

“Commander Finn,” T’Preen this time, “Senior Chief Jameson is looking into the Anderson matter, but he also wishes to speak to you…”

“This is Finn, go ahead.”

=/\=Commander, Lt. Tenanji is speaking to the Captain, but he wanted you to be informed that a team will be escorting Commander Costala to the Brig pending investigation of an alleged attack against one Lt. Foxe. =/\=

“What? I mean… what?” Harry sent a glance towards Wekesa who, had to give the kid props, was acting as if a member of the senior staff going off on a subordinate were no more interesting than a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. “Don’t answer that, I’ll look into it. Finn out.” Crap, crap, crap and double crap… “T’Preen, contact Ibrahim… I want all the section reports on this drill on my desk within the hour.” He rose, looking over his small crew, “No need for you guys to wait… that was a good run… for a first time out.” He didn’t want the team to get too cocky. “You’ll get a detailed review at a later time, for now, lock her down and return to your duty stations.”

Exiting the tertiary bridge, Harry figured he’d have just enough time to stop off and yell at… no, question… nah, yell at… Costala before he had to report to the main bridge.

Originally Posted by Javier Costala/02-25-2009 10:28:06 AM

-Beta Section-
-Secondary Bridge, Deck 3-

"One enemy ship is not enough," Esperanza Fuentas stated in a tone of quiet frustration. She had watched as the Gamma Section had crippled the enemy ship's engines and now the 'raider' was dead in space waiting for them to request her surrender. "It is far too easy a drill. We should test ourselves against three or more Jem'Hadar warships," the tactical officer commented as she used the Section's phasers to take out the enemy's disruptor banks with surgical precision.

"It ish only our firsht drill, Enshign" Javier reminded the disappointed tactical officer, "I'm shure.." Gods above, his jaw hurt from where Foxe had punched him. "I'm shure the next drill could have more shipsh." The officer unfastened the safety strap that he had been wearing while Katt Briggs had pulled off some unique aerial maneuvers. The entire bridge crew were wearing the harnesses and Tehamia had pushed the inertial dampeners to max to compensate for what Briggs called a 'barrel-roll'. Javier had wondered what the officers on the other sections were thinking when the Beta Section had broken formation, then spun over on it's top, then righted itself as they drew enemy fire away from the Alpha and Gamma Section.

"The 'Beradi' have surrendered," Lt. Tehamia informed Javier.

"Shet courshe to link with Alpha secshun," the Chief Engineer said, "and get a medical offishure to the bridge." Now that the drill was over, Javier could get doctor-ed up before Security came to collect him. He suspected they would be waiting for him once he left the secondary bridge.

"Aye Commander," Briggs and Tehamia echoed almost simultaneously. The two women grinned at each other for a second then went about their respective tasks. Esperanza was already reviewing her report about the engagement/drill. In bold letters she had printed: One enemy raider is not consistent with reports on actions carried out against enemy forces. Satisfied that her point would be clarified and her displeasure over the apparent simplicity of the drill communicated to her superiors, Fuentas logged the report and began to close and lock out the section's weapon's systems.


The Secondary bridge crew exited the battle bridge and Javier was not surprised to find a Security escort waiting for him. "Commander, please follow us," Cadet Mellon requested, "I'm sorry but there is an investigation in progress, and you'll need to remain in the brig until we've cleared up a few things."

Having received medical attention and had time to think over his course of action, the engineer had had plenty of time to realize how wrong his approach to Lieutenant Foxe had been. I went expecting..even hoping for a physical confrontation. he thought regretfully. "Of course, I'll co-operate fully," Javier answered. The security team fell in formation around him and the officer was moved towards his destination.

Originally Posted by T'Shaini/02-25-2009 12:58:18 PM

USS Chimera
Deck 5-Schoolroom

"Lia, I will go find out what happened with Daddy, then I will be right back…I promise." T'Shaini had heard a rather far fetched story, first from Lia then corroborated by Katie. It does not seem plausible, we just spoke and he seemed to be working toward acceptance. Wonderful when the counselor cannot even help her partner. If this is true, it may be another case for Leo. She gave the sorrowful child one last hug and stepped back to let the door hiss shut. Now that the drill was over and the children settled she could go investigate the reality of the situation, turning around she caught her breath and froze.

"Commander, this is an…interesting place to find someone of your rank during a drill, the schoolroom is your battle-station?" S'Van's oily tone slid over her.

"I find the safety of our children no less tantamount than that of any of the Chimera crew." How did he do it? Once again she had been physically cornered. T'Shaini shifted left to try to brush him off but he sidestepped her and she was once again pinned. "Can I offer you any assistance?" She said obliquely addressing his suffocating physical proximity.

"No..actually I was hoping to offer you assistance." He did not press closer, but the intensity of his words made it feel as if he had. "Did you peruse the map?"

"I did…"

"Did you find it…interesting?"

He was close enough that she caught the hint of cloves on his breath…why did she not push her way out, it was as if she was caught in a serpent's hypnotic stare. "Interesting may the wrong word, it is never a purely mental exercise to learn more about someone who was disturbed enough to butcher millions of people."

"Ahh, that may be an unfortunate consequence of your profession, I find purely mental exercises the most beneficial." Something that she supposed was to look like a smile twisted his mouth. "I am surprised, one of your heritage…letting something like that hinder the process of pure thought."

T'Shaini struggled to not gasp as if she were running out of air, there was no lack of supply, merely the feeling that it was being cut off. "I strive to make compassion illuminate thought, not hinder it."

"How reassuring." There was that eerie almost smile again, matched with the flat, expressionless eyes…why was he so difficult to read? "Have you discussed our previous meeting with Commander Costala…I hear you two are quite close."

"No, I have not yet had the chance, but I will be certain to do so when the moment presents itself." Was she trying to threaten him in return…no, but even voicing that intent gave her the impetus to push forward. Nodding politely she started to place one hand on his shoulder to move past him, but found that she wished to touch him even less than she wished to remain in his presence. "If you will excuse me, sir."

S'Van neatly stepped to the side to allow her to pass. I will not run, I will not look intimidated. As she moved down the hallway his parting words floated behind her. "Be sure to have a nice long conversation, given your love for puzzles it should be quite illuminating."

Once safely out of hearing distance, T'Shaini began to sprint toward the lift. "Computer, locate Harry Finn." Time to take this to the attention of command.

Originally Posted by Harry Finn/02-25-2009 01:08:15 PM

::USS Chimera::
::Brig - Deck 4/Alpha Section::

Lt. Commander Finn entered the brig and even as Javier, already tucked neatly into a cell, turned to face him, held up one hand to silence whatever the younger man might be about to say. "I need the room," he told Cadet Mellon who, along with another new face was on the brig this rotation.

"That's against regs…" the crewman (was it Raphael, Roderigo, Ramirez!) began.

"Understood, Commander Finn," Mellon casually stepped in, making sure to emphasize Harry's name and thus preventing the rather heated noncom from making his own immediate future more difficult than strictly necessary. "We'll be directly outside." Where she'd be sure to educate Ramirez on their First Officer's tactical background.

Harry waited until the door had closed before turning to the man in the cell. "What… whatwhatwhatwhat were you thinking?"

"I lost my temper and I punched the Son of a Bitch," the Chief Engineer explained. He'd had time to think about why he was so angry at Foxe, and Javier had come to the conclusion that the confrontation was due to frustration that had been building up for years. "It was long overdue. Although I probably should have done it somewhere more private than the corridor." He reflected on the statement. And in a place where Lia wouldn't see me lose my temper, Javier thought as he sighed, remembering how his little girl had hid from him.

For a moment Harry was speechless and his expression went through multiple phases of incomprehension before he held up a finger, "One: I lose my temper roughly twenty times a day and, amazingly, the idiots who are responsible remain unbloodied," a second finger joined the first, "two: Ya think?," and another, "and three: I don't give a rat's ass how private you'd made it… you were on duty, in uniform and, this is key, in command." Harry spun away, walked a few paces, spun back, "Dammit, Jav, you're head of Engineering… that makes you responsible… for the department and the people in it. Even the idiots… even the assholes… they belong to you. You don't get to kick the asses of the people you're responsible for…"

"I know that, and we've had our share of assholes..believe me, Killian took every ounce of my patience.." The memory of the fight he and Boyce had had during the attack on the Hawking suddenly popped into his thoughts. No one knew about the fight because Javier hadn't put it in his report on Killian Boyce's death. The engineer had also purposely excluded mentioning that Boyce had been mutinous and his death had come about as a result to strand Javier on the outer hull of the Hawking. "Foxe is different. He gets under my skin and he knows he does. He disobeys orders because he thinks that it's a mistake that I outrank him." Frustration welled up inside of the engineer with each thought that Javier shared with the First Officer. Javier turned away from Harry and paced to the far side of the cell. "He's pissing me off!" The wall was infront of him now, and Javier could clearly envision Foxe's smug face on it. He decked the image.

"And if you'd stop acting like a pre-pubescent delinquent for two seconds, you'd see you're giving him exactly what he wants!" Finn matched Javier's volume as he closed distance. When the furious officer looked back he continued, quietly, "He wants you to fail and right now I bet he's celebrating because he thinks he can make you dance like a puppet on a string. But he's wrong… you're better than that and believe me when I say he has no power over you that you don't give him," the words of his father, close to four decades old, surfaced in Harry's mind. "So how much are you going to give him?"

"None!" Javier shot back. "He'll have to pry Engineering from my cold, dead hands." And before that happens I'll kill him. Javier thought angrily. Just thinking about Foxe's intentions set him on edge. "That's what he wants, he thinks he should be Chief Engineer. I'm almost convinced he was behind all of those transfer requests." Javier gritted his teeth. "Foxe always thought he was the best choice for any task. Thought he knew better than our officers or nco's. Bastard."

And people think I have trouble letting go of the past. Harry said nothing for a moment, just made a rather large show of peering over Costala's head… "Sorry," he finally answered, "just looking for the puppet strings."

"Shut up Harry," Javier replied in irritation, tired of the idea that Foxe had some sway over him, "You deal with problems your way and I'll deal with mine on my own terms."

"Love to, can't." Finn's own jaw started to go tense, "Since your little dust-up made your problem my problem. I now have an engineering department with no leader on a new ship in pursuit of an as-yet unknown threat, all being overseen by some spook who has a history of treating Starfleet crews like cannon fodder." Harry paused, long enough to release a slow, angry breath, "We're friends… and I will do whatever I can to make this suck less but it'd be swell if you could get outside your own angst long enough to see who else is being damaged."

"I think visiting hours are over now," the engineer stated in a hard tone. Harry seemed to be indicating that Engineering being in a state of disarray was his fault. Instead of Foxe's.. "Give my regards to Foxe when you see him."

"Yeah. Fine. Great." Harry, borderline furious, made for the exit. There was nothing to be gained here… even he could see a cooler… and possibly tritanium-lined… head would be necessary to get through Javier's ingrained anger. "Hope you enjoy your little vacation," he added since, well, clearly his was not a cooler head, "I'll just add 'building a reasonable defense for stubborn asshole friends' to my list of things to do today." Then, before Costala could get in the last word, Finn was out the door.

"**** off Harry." The words came easily enough, even if there was a small pang of regret within the tone of the engineer's voice.

This verbal head-butt brought to you by Javi and Harry

Originally Posted by T'Shaini/02-26-2009 01:37:00 PM

::USS Chimera::
::Corridor - Deck 2::

Harry was due on the bridge to partake in an eval of the recent drill but he felt compelled to stop off and initiate a background check on Foxe. If he read the situation right, this turkey had been working the system long enough to leave at least a few telltale signs. Though still seething over the direction the discussion with Costala had taken, Finn wasn't about to leave the man hanging. Maybe Nils can get through to the ass…

He'd just reached the entrance to his office when he heard his name called. Turning, Harry felt more than a bit dismayed to find that T'Shaini was approaching him. "I guess you heard," he greeted the Counselor, almost reaching out as she came even with him. She looked, for her, seriously shaken. "Are you okay?"

"I…yes, I am…well fine would not be accurate, but I am not unduly distressed…" That was not quite accurate either, but it would do. "Heard what?"

Harry unlocked his office and gestured the woman in. "Don't take this the wrong way but, you look more than duly distressed." In fact, she looked… well if it were anyone else the word frightened would come to mind. "Can I… would you like some tea, maybe?"

T'Shaini ran her fingers through her hair as if arranging the outside would help calm the inside…a foolish habit. "Tea would be lovely, thank you." The counselor barely looked around the new space upon entering, the broad window drawing all of her attention.

Harry went to the replicator, glancing over his shoulder as he requested a fully leaded coffee and one… what was it? Heliotrope? Hibiscus?… no, no… "Hyacinth tea, hot…" Hope that's it. Taking the cups, he joined T'Shaini where she stood, staring out at the streaking light of the stars. "Hey," he said, softly, holding out the cup but not wanting to startle her.

Her eyes came gradually came back into focus as she turned her gaze toward him. "Thank you." Wrapping her hands around the cup she brought it to her chest letting the warmth spread. "What do you know about Commander S'Van."

"Too much, and nowhere near enough," Harry replied, echoing Callan Vail's sentiments on the operative. "I know he has an agenda he's not sharing. I know he's taken to meeting some of the junior crew without clearing it with me…" he shook it off, looking again to Wendy. "Why do you ask?"

She hesitated, swirling the tea around in her cup. "So he has met with others…"

Abruptly Harry turned to the desk, where he proceeded to put the steaming cup of coffee. "Okay," safely disarmed, he turned back, "would that be a way of saying, 'Why Harry, funny you should mention it because Mr. S'Van and I have had the most interesting chat?'"

The corner of her mouth turned up even before her eyes lifted. "It would indeed, I did not intend to be so oblique." T'Shaini turned and leaned against the window, the patterns of stars framing her troubled face. "Twice in fact, once when I was in the library, and just now outside the schoolroom." A frown creased her forehead as a new thought appeared. "I do not know if he has just happened to come across me and decided to speak or he has sought me out…which would be slightly more disturbing."

"I'd lean more towards the second option," Harry offered, knowing it was less than reassuring. "From what I've learned, he arranged to meet Pierce, Wekesa, Anderson and Fuentas… and in each case he either quizzed them or gave orders regarding specialized training regimens, indicating an eye to historically applicable skills."

"Javier as well, he indicated to me that he had spoken to Javier." The counselor nodded to herself. "Historical skills…I was perusing a Terran Atlas when he first…spoke to me," The memory of the feeling of being trapped washed over her, she shook it of and continued. "he suggested I look at a map, it was of Europe in the mid twentieth century, then just now he asked if I had compared notes with Javier…oh, and puzzles, he asked if I enjoyed puzzles." Recounting the meetings her unease seemed more than a little ridiculous.

"Puzzles… map… mid-twentieth century," he muttered, distracted, "And Pierce was being drilled in a mid-twentieth century Earth weapon…" but he still had no idea what he'd been talking to Jenny or Wekesa or Esperanza about. He started to walk the room, "You know, it really pisses me off that this guy is sneaking around messing with our crew. Why does he have to play everything under the damned table? I swear, he's like a freaking vampire… if he ever dared show himself in daylight it'd be, fffffttt, no more S'Van."

The picture that created in her head lightened the pall the meeting had laid on her considerably. "Well if he is a vampire, it is not blood he is after…""

Hearing that, Harry spun back, "Meaning?"

"Well…" The counselor thought, she had said it automatically, but it clearly had some basis. "information? No, that is not quite it…it sounds as if he is ascertaining skill levels of the crew that seem to pertain to a very specific need. What might that need be?"

"I don't know," he said, considering the woman before him, "but damned if I don't find out." Then he asked, "What did you feel he wanted from you… I mean, you, specifically? As far as I know, he hasn't paid anyone else a second call."

"I assumed it was because of my effusive Vulcan charm." T'Shaini responded dryly. "He did re emphasize puzzles, and speaking to Javier…perhaps I am supposed to figure out what he is doing? Or bring it to you?"

"I doubt he'd want anyone to bring anything to me," Finn waved that aside. "It's all wrapped up in this Terra Prime crap but I don't see it giving him the right to screw with us… slip around the chain of command to assault whomever he pleases…"

A small huff of air was her only acknowledgment for a moment. "His manner certainly invites that word."

Whoa. Harry, hackles rising, strode back towards the port. "What did he do?"

"Nothing…nothing really." A frown creased her forehead as she tried to pinpoint why she had been so unsettled. "There is something about him, perhaps the sense that you are nothing if you get in his way that is almost hypnotic…and a rather uncanny ability to find me in a place from which I cannot retreat."

He actually had to look away… down… anyplace to hide the red tide that was overwhelming his vision. "He threatened you." It was spoken softly. It also wasn't a question.

She knew him all too well to not see the change. "No, no he did not." T'Shaini also knew well enough that he would be able to see through a lie. Trying to divert him she tried a lighter tone. "Nothing overt, his presence is inherently threatening…he does not need to do anything, his personality looms for him."

"He threatened you," Harry repeated, looking back at Wendy. "He won't do it again."

T'Shaini pushed off the window and closed the distance between them. "No, he will not, I can see to that on my own. I could have at any time, chosen to push past him, I did not…or before in the library, I could have said something the moment I felt trapped, but I allowed him to close off the exit." She reached out and laid her hand on his arm. "That is not on you."

"It is," he responded, remaining still beneath the soft touch, "It is on me when anyone on this ship goes against the code of conduct. And he did… the second he made you feel as if you needed to get away from him, he crossed a line." Then, before she could renew her protest he remembered, "Speaking of lines… have you spoken to Jav, lately?"

T'Shaini felt all the blood drain from her face at the abrupt change…oh no. "No I have not…" She closed her eyes and whispered. "Is it true?"

Gently, he placed his hand over hers, "I'm sorry. I believe it was provoked and I'm going to look into this Foxe character but…" Harry carefully lifted her hand from his arm and just as carefully released it, "I also think he needs a sympathetic ear."

And in front of Lia. The dropped hand hung listlessly by her side. "Where is he?"

"The brig. I'm really… really sorry."

"I…I should go." On her way out T'Shaini paused at the door and looked over her shoulder. "Harry…please, do not base any action on my uncharacteristic discomfort in Commander S'Van's presence.

"I'm just going to do my job," he assured her, "It'll be okay," then playing the trump, "He needs you."

Wordlessly T'Shaini nodded, then slipped out the door.

The moment the door closed, Harry felt the rage, shoved so far back even he'd only been peripherally aware, crest to the surface. He hadn't lied to Wendy… he was only going to do his job… "Computer, locate Commander Rev S'Van…" And Harry had always been a hand's on kind of a guy.

Someones gonna get it…

Originally Posted by Javier Costala/02-26-2009 09:41:35 PM

-USS Chimera-
-Main Sickbay-

"..and then he punched me twice while I was trying to calm him down," Foxe recounted to the security officer, "I didn't want to fight but Costala kept hitting me, or trying to, I deflected most of his punches." The officer shook his head as if he were telling about an event that he regretted being a part of. "Still, he was in a rage and kept shouting accusations at me while trying to kill me."

The security officer taking Foxe's account looked up at the engineer. "You think Commander Costala's intent was to kill you? Witnesses say that you fought back, that it wasn't a one-sided fight." Petty Officer Djinn studied the man's features as he waited for a reply.

"I had to protect myself didn't I? He came at me by surprise..my training kicked in and I defended myself against an aggressor." Foxe replied as he belligerently defended himself. "I think he should be brought up on charges because he's a danger to others." Jonathan touched the tender skin around his bruised eye to emphasize the extent of his injuries. Costala's punches had hurt and Foxe had refused medical attention until Security came to interview him wanting to look as bad as he could. "He just went off," Foxe stated as if he couldn't believe what he was saying, "it reminded me of that time in the marines when he broke down and tried to kill his whole unit.."

"Commander Costala tried to kill his entire unit?" Djinn made some notes on the PADD where he was recording Foxe's statement.

"Yeah, we were on a mission and he almost blew up the entire platoon. Then there was a friendly fire incident..but the whole incident was swept under the rug by Command," Foxe said wistfully. He stared off into the distance for what he figured was an appropriate amount of time. "Maybe he just decided it was time to finish what he'd started.."

"We'll look into it, Lieutenant," Djinn told the officer, "rest assured, we will get to the bottom of this matter. You'll be notified when we begin the process of filing a formal grievance."

Jonathan Foxe sighed and did his best to appear uncomfortable. "I'd hoped it wouldn't come to that. We were fellow marines and are both engineers..but perhaps it's better for the safety of the ship." He shifted positions in the biobed and made a great show of wincing and hissing at the movement of areas that had sustained injuries. Petty Officer Djinn made a few additions to his report then turned to leave.

"Oh Petty Officer, who is looking after Engineering in Costala's absence?" Foxe inquired.

"I don't think they have anyone tasked with the specific job of commanding the department," Djinn answered off-hand.

"Ah." Foxe did his damnedest to remain nonchalant. "I will have to report in and lend a hand as soon as I am released."

Featuring: Lt. Jonathan Foxe

Originally Posted by Torrik Nils/02-27-2009 09:40:39 AM

:: USS Chimera ::
:: Captain’s Ready Room ::

Pacing from one corner of the less than spacious ready room to the other, Chimera’s untested CO fretted and floundered in the dregs of uncertainty. He out and out refused to look even once more at the most recent analysis of their readiness drill. Needless to say, they were not ready.

From the call of blue alert to actual separation into MV Mode took one minute and seventeen seconds. The Hawking crew simply did not make it to their assigned battle stations quickly enough. And reports from Beta indicated that Javier had been one of the last to reach his assigned position at the conn. The reason for the delay exerted an entirely different kind of pressure on the Bajoran Captain.

Nils shook his head, trying to imagine what in the name of the Prophets Javi had been thinking. And all of a sudden he felt pressed to make a call he knew he wouldn’t enjoy making. Upon first hearing that Javier ‘cooled his heels’ in the brig, Nils had immediately ordered his release. His personal relationship with the man had manifested naturally and without resistance. Fortunately (or unfortunately from the young CO’s perspective), T’Landra had reminded him not to make any snap judgments until he’d heard the ‘circumstances surrounding the Chief’s incident.’ She’d even gone so far as to accuse him of displaying an inordinately human and illogical response to his friend’s ‘imprisonment.’ She won the non-debate and the order to release the Engineering Chief never left Nils' ready room. He’d summarily dismissed her immediately afterward, but knew he also knew she was right.

“Is he always that way,” said a steady female voice. Nils turned to face down the dourest of the three ‘Fates.’ Clothos’ cool features and dark countenance completely shielded the fact that she was not real.

“I assume you’re talking about Javier Costala… And yes, he is,” the Bajoran answered as he made a conscious choice to cease and desist his incessant pacing.

“Then I suppose I must follow up with… Why do you put up with him?” Clothos asked her head quirking only slightly to the side.

“It may have its drawbacks, but his penchant for the ‘haphazard’ is also one of his greatest strengths. He’s been a hero on more than one occasion entirely due to his refusal to think things through…” His tone belied the frustration he felt.

“Do you know that he deactivated me and locked me out of my own bridge during the battle drill?” Nils was astounded how much emotion he could read through the photonic life form’s calm. Whoever programmed these ‘creatures’ outdid themselves. Her steady tone undulated only slightly over what Nils sensed as a tumultuous fury just beneath the surface. The subtlety was astounding.

“I did not know that,” the Captain conceded. “And I apologize on his behalf.”

Clothos almost smiled. “Your apology is unnecessary, Captain.” She paused and took a step forward. “But it is appreciated. I would, however, like you to implement protocols that would make such actions impossible in the future. Our function on this vessel is specific and important. Deactivating us is tantamount to diminishing the full potency of the ship.”

“I…” Nils faltered. In his weakened state he’d almost agreed outright. But sudden visions of zombie pirates and monstrous spiders halted him. “I’ll make certain that only the section chiefs have that authority.”

She took another step forward. “But Javier Costala is a section chief… At least for the time being.”

“Yes he is,” Nils said, betraying no judgment with the statement of fact.

An uneasy silence blossomed between the two beings. Clothos broke it. “Are you going to bring him up on charges?”

“I’m not sure if I have any other choice,” Nils stated quite plainly.

“Very well,” Clothos said, appearing completely unaffected by his words. She shimmered visibly as if she were going to fade from view, then solidified and added quietly, “Foxe is a snake.” She smiled…a little, then vanished.

Momentarily stunned in place, the Bajoran let her words settle in place. If Foxe is untrustworthy then… Nils sighed and took his seat. He allowed a small amount of anxiety to seep away as he gave in to a modicum of hope. Perhaps he would have a choice after all.

=/\= Captain, we have the expeditionary vessel on sensors, =/\= came a report over the comm.

“Alter course to intercept,” Nils said quickly refocusing his attention. “Take us to yellow alert and I’m on my way…”

With: Clothos

Originally Posted by Jenny Anderson/02-27-2009 10:02:09 AM

-USS Chimera-
-Deck 12-

Got to find Jenny. Return her commbadge, and then tell Chief Jameson I accidentally shot Pal. Geez what a mess. Ben knew that his attempt at reporting in as Jenny wouldn't have fooled anyone. How do I explain the mix up to Jameson? Well Chief, we bumped into each other and our commbadges fell off and that's how we got each other's..nope, only a moron would believe that. C'mon Ben, you used to be good at thinking on your feet.

=/\= Crewman Anderson, this is Chief Jameson, report to the Security Office ASAP. =/\=

=/\=Yes Chief,=/\= Pierce replied before realizing he had answered in his voice. =/\=I mean Yes Chief,=/\= he said in the high-pitched voice he'd used before. =/\=Sorry Chief, you caught me off-guard..I was..uhh..knitting.=/\= Ben smacked his palm against his forehead and shook his head in disbelief. The situation had gone from bad to worse.

=/\=Petty Officer come to the office and bring Crewman Anderson's commbadge with you.=/\= Jameson ordered before cutting the communications link.

Well that's torn it.. the Iotian conceded as he entered the nearest lift.

-Deck 7-

=/\=Jameson to Petty Officer Pierce, come back=/\=

Jenny, currently laying down beneath a recently re-racked torpedo which she'd just disarmed, frowned. =/\=Senior Chief… this is Anderson…=/\=

"That is true," Rak'h added, from nearby. "Pierce is taller," then, slightly less vocally, "and a great deal more irritating."

Jenny ignored the jibe as her superior responded, =/\=Not according to your com signature which the computer is reading as belonging to Petty Officer, 3rd Class Pierce who, last I looked, was assigned to Gamma section during a condition blue.=/\=

Appalled, the crewman tried to stand… ouch… then slid out from under the torpedo and did stand, =/\=Senior Chief, I'm sorry… I=/\=

=/\=Belay the excuse. Pierce… Anderson, whoever the hell you are, get yourself to the main office, ASAP. Jameson out.=/\=

Jenny looked towards Chief Hastings who, this time, didn't try so hard to conceal his laugh. He waved her off and the crewman took off at speed, face flushing and going pale by turns.

-Deck 4-

BHP burst free from the lift and made straight for the Main Security Office. "Chief, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for how the commbadges got mixed up," BHP exclaimed as he entered the Senior Chief's domain. "It was sabotage, by the Orion Syndicate." The Iotian tried to appear as sincere as possible. On the lift he'd concocted a story that wouldn't embarrass Jenny and keep them both from getting into trouble. Or at least keep Jenny from getting into trouble, Pierce knew he was semi-screwed to begin with. And if Jameson found out he'd spent part of his shift sleeping, then he would be royally screwed.

"Stow it, Pierce… I already got the story… or a story… from Anderson."

"Yes Chief, stowing it now Chief," Ben replied, noticing Jenny for the first time.

Jenny looked up, finally, to where Ben was standing, "It's the only story, Senior Chief," she said, quietly. It had been her lack which caused the BHP to be in her room in the first place. "Petty Officer Pierce.."

But Jameson held up a hand, "Save it… really. I don't actually care how it happened," much. "I just care that this not happen again." And there'd be a memo sent off to the CMO and Counselor to help insure that. The young woman's revelation of her unique brand of insomnia had been.. well, if a member of his team weren't functioning at a hundred percent…

"It's my fault Chief, I should have been paying closer attention to what I was doing." This sentiment was very true and said with an apologetic glance in Jenny's direction. Ben decided that 'coming clean' might be the best choice. "While we're discussing the mix-up there actually was a slight accidental phaser discharge. I was distracted for a second and accidentally shot Dramm Pal in the hand. I realized I had Crewman Anderson's commbadge when you contacted me about the energy discharge but I didn't want Anderson to get into trouble for my mistake, Chief." There was a slight pause then Ben added, "So I tried to pass myself off as the Crewman until I could explain the situation to you in person. Sorry Chief."

Phaser discharge? Pass himself off? Jenny didn't know whether to laugh or cry, at this point.

Jameson remained still, staring… first at Pierce, then at Anderson. "Anderson, you're due for training, if I'm not mistaken?"

"Yes, Chief."

He continued to stare.

"On the way, Senior Chief." Jenny threw one long, grateful look towards Ben as she raced off to meet B'Naath. She hoped he knew that he'd made a difference to her. He really had kept the monster away in the night.

"I think I'm due for training too," Pierce informed Jameson as he started to turn and follow Jenny's lead.

"Pierce don't move an inch," the Senior Chief warned. "Pal filed the phaser discharge as an accident so there will not be an inquiry into the matter. Although I would like to know how someone who is as familiar with weapons as you claim to be accidentally shot another person in an area that is difficult to hit even when aiming for it."

"Extraordinary luck I suppose Chief," Ben remarked.

"Right," Jameson growled, "maybe you can put some of that luck to work in the armory, cleaning rifles. This week you'll be Security's 'gun-dog', it will give you time to reflect on extraordinarily lucky shots and how to pay more attention to your surroundings."

"Aye Chief," BHP said. He didn't mind armory time so much as it gave him the chance to talk with all the officers and tinker with the various weapons the Chimera stocked. "Should I go get my commbadge from Anderson now?"

It was hard to say… it being Jameson… but there was the possibility that his jaw got just a bit tighter. "Go," he finally said, wondering as he did if Dalluk had gotten the bar open, yet. "Get your badge and depart. I don't want anything interfering with Anderson's focus in training. Anything or anyone. Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal," the Petty Officer answered before leaving the office at a run. The Iotian caught up with Anderson near the turbolifts. "Hey, I'll take my commbadge now," Ben said as he unclipped Jenny's from his uniform and passed it to the young woman. "I'd make you work for it but the Chief said you don't need any distractions before training." BHP stated as he winked at Jenny.

Jenny felt her heart do a flippy thing at that wink. "Did he say anything about after training?" she asked shyly, as she placed Ben's badge in his waiting hand.

"Nope," BHP replied resolutely, "he did not." Ben felt his heart begin to pound as Jenny looked up at him. "And tonight, I'll remember to put my commlink on Darby's table, so there are no more mix-ups when we wake up." He left the idea in the ether, where she could agree or tell him no, but at least she would know he wasn't opposed to being there for her.

"Oh… you'd do that? Stay?" It was probably wrong… probably cowardly but the thought of not fighting alone was… "I mean… you don't have to…"

"I want to," he was suddenly nervous, "if it helps..I want to. I slept some too and it was better, being close to you, better than..better than anything." Ben looked deep into the gray pools of Jenny's eyes. "Can I stay with you again?"

"Yes," she whispered, then jumped as the turbolift doors swished open behind her, "And, yes," she repeated, "it really was better… than anything." Mindful of the time, Jenny dove into the 'lift but, before the doors could close, leaned back out, "I left something for you, with Fenton. I hope you like it." Then, before he could respond, she drew back and the doors slid closed and Jenny was gone.

Pierce and Anderson, continuing to make Jameson's life a living hell…

Originally Posted by Harry Finn/02-27-2009 01:14:38 PM

::USS Chimera::
::Multi-use Office - Deck 1::

“Well, this is… unexpected,” Rev S’Van offered an almost smile as he paused in the entrance to his new work space.

“Oh, I doubt that,” Harry commented, leaning back in the chair where he was seated, studying some of the Commander’s unprotected data. Well, unprotected from some only-slightly rusty ice cracking, at any rate. “You had to figure… when you started messing with the crew… I’d get curious.”

“Curious… not seditious.” Rev continued into the room. “Disobeying orders is so… unbecoming an officer. But then,” he offered an annoyingly knowing look, “so many of your past actions have been…”

Ignoring the barely veiled reference to his actions on the Outpost, Harry rose, circling the desk, “Technically, you only ordered me to stay away from whatever was in the Hazmat unit… and while we’re talking sedition… I’m not the one who’s been lifting records from the communications cache.”

At that S’Van frowned, “What do you mean?”

But Harry was already on another tack, “Then there’s your unscheduled, unrecorded and, this is key, uncleared meetings with the crew. The crew who report to Captain Torrik and are under our watch… not yours…”

Shelving his concerns about missing data, Rev focused on the man before him. “As I believe I made quite plain in our recent discussion, my actions are fully sanctioned…”

“By Starfleet command, yada yada yada,” Finn waved that aside before closing in. “You being the mission’s control doesn’t give you the right to violate my crew’s privacy…”

“And what gives you the impression I’ve…”

Harry pointed to the computer screen, which he’d been studying for a good fifteen minutes before S’Van had arrived. “You keep very accurate records,” he replied, his voice gone frigid. “Which is kind of funny because you know, the Nazis were also known for keeping very accurate records of their… activities.”

“I think you’ve gone quite far enough…”

“No, you have.” Harry faced off with his superior. “You want this mission to go forward smoothly, you stow the spook routine, start taking those meetings on the radar and start disclosing… now. Because I swear, if you think you’re sending a bunch of unseasoned kids into that…”

“That is quite sufficient,” S’Van interrupted, giving no ground, “as I told you before, you have no say in the matter. You are nothing to this mission,” at least signs thus far indicated as much. “Your presence and your position are continued only on my sufferance and, Mister Finn I can assure you that if you persist in testing that sufferance it is you who will do the suffering.” He stepped closer, coming just shy of invading the other man’s space, “Perhaps you don’t believe I have access to Acker’s mad little device or, if I do, you don’t believe I’d use it?” The barest hint of the cobra’s smile graced his features, “Cross me again, Harry, and I guarantee, you’ll find out.”

In response, Harry looked to over S’Van’s left shoulder, “Did you get all that?”

“I did,” Atropos replied. “And may I say, Commander S'Van it’s so nice to finally be invited into your sanctum,” she slid round to join Harry. “The girls and I have felt so very left out, lately. But I’m quite sure the Captain and Commander Vail will appreciate hearing all about the doings in Mister S’Van’s office.” Which included out and out threats against one of their own…

Harry smiled at the interface then turned back to the commander. “I’m guessing you’ve read everything there is to read in my file, by now,” he shifted forward so that he was invading S’Van’s personal space. “Knowing what you know… did you really think you could scare me?’

At that S’Van’s eyes went just that much cooler. “No, I don’t suppose I did.” He waited a beat; just long enough for Finn to turn towards the door, “But then, there are… other’s… who’s fear will do just as well…”


“Oh, Harry, what have you gone and done, now?”

Harry, standing over the flat out figure of Commander S’Van, shook his left hand. “Looks like I’ve just given Costala full nyah nyah rights.” He thought for a second then turned to Attie, “Give me twenty minutes, then go report this to Tenanji and Captain Torrik… the entire conversation… not just the part where I lost it…”

“Understood but… why wait?”

Harry was already rounding the desk, “May as well learn as much as I can.. I mean, as long as I’m already gonna do the time, might as well do the crime.”

Which was sound in theory but once Atropos had disincorporated, Harry was interrupted by two things. The first was the sudden sounding of a yellow alert. The second was the blast of a phaser set to ‘effing painful stun’ by S’Van, who’s jaw was apparently far less glass than it first appeared.

Featuring Commander Rev S’Van and Atropos

Originally Posted by Harry Finn/02-28-2009 12:38:12 PM

::USS Chimera::
::Main Bridge::

“Lt. Grimm reporting,” John announced as he entered the bridge and moved to the left. “Thank you, Lt. Quincy, I’ll take it from here.” He stepped into the Tactical station and pulled up the specs on the Terra Prime archeological vessel, noting, as he did, that the objective was at 27,000 kilometers and closing.

There was no doubt that the Veritas, Terra Prime’s vessel, was severely outmatched by the Chimera. However, given their outright theft of an artifact discovered well within Earth’s territory, the tactical officer was unwilling in the extreme to underestimate the occupants of the smaller ship. Studying the schematics, he accepted that the crew of the Veritas were aware they were being pursued and would therefore be flying shielded.

He knew that he could take out the Veritas’ shields with one, specifically targeted, quantum torpedo. He also knew, from hours of studying both the Veritas and the people who flew her, that, even then, they would be unlikely to surrender the artifact which the Chimera had been dispatched to retrieve. Any further strikes, via phaser or torpedo, would unnecessarily endanger the smaller ship, possibly killing dozens… as well as potentially destroying the mission objective.

Which left insertion. One team to the lab section, where the cylinder would most likely be kept for continued study, another to cut off communications and a third disabling any internal defenses. He sent his strategic outline to Lt. Tenanji, who would have to assemble the bulk of the boarding party, should Captain Torrik agree with Grimm’s judgment, then turned to young Bajoran at the center of the bridge.

“Captain,” his voice, though not loud, cut easily through the buzz of a bridge at yellow alert.

“Lieutenant,” the gaze of his new CO fell on John, “You have an assessment?”

John offered a short nod, “Sir, I do.” And with no further delay, the acting Chief of Tactical laid out his plan for the retrieval of the third and last piece of Commander S’Van’s mysterious puzzle.

Featuring Lt. Jobn Grimm

Originally Posted by Torrik Nils/02-28-2009 01:46:30 PM

:: USS Chimera ::
:: Bridge ::

The Prometheus Class vessel slipped through space on the tail of Terra Prime’s scientific survey ship. Though mightily outgunned, the smaller ship showed no signs of slowing and sped along at a rapid clip. Chimera kept up with little effort, and paralleled the course of her prey.


I don’t like it, thought Nils as he watched the viewcreen. His thumb and forefinger absently stroked his chin as he considered their options. The parameters of their mission were singular, but also very broad. And despite his aversion to sending his people into what would certainly be an uncontrolled and hostile environment, a space battle truly wouldn’t offer the guaranteed results. Grimm’s assessment proved true no matter how the Bajoran turned it.

“Hail them one more time,” Captain Torrik said as he teetered on the edge of his chair.

“Channel open,” said T’Preen at Ops.

“Terra Prime survey vessel, Veritas… This is the USS Chimera of Starfleet. You are unauthorized to remove Federation property from Terran space and we request your assistance in returning the artifact to its proper place. Please respond… I repeat, Veritas, please respond,” he said for what seemed the tenth time.

T’Preen caught his eye and shook her head. The ship’s commander continued to ignore them. Nils raised his hands in defeat and added, “Power down your engines and prepare to be boarded.” With that he turned to Lt. Grimm at tactical and nodded his approval. “Take out their shields…”

Without delay, a cobalt blue ball of light and energy arced from Chimera’s bow and closed the distance to the smaller ship in mere seconds. Veritas' shields shimmered as the quantum torpedo spent its energy and passed through, slamming into the dorsal shield generator. A very small explosion ignited her then extinguished itself as the vacuum of space consumed the oxygen.

Nils took a deep breath and considered what he was about to do. The burden of command once more pressed in on him as he imagined Chimera’s teams beaming into the bowels of an enemy vessel. He wanted to be anywhere else, but duty drove him on. “Have our teams beam in simultaneously as soon as they’re ready to go…” The young CO shook his head and took his seat. The safety tetraburnium alloy, ablative armor, and energy shielding made him feel very guilty. “Keep an eye on them. The slightest flicker in their vitals on any one of them and we beam that individual directly to sickbay.”

“Aye sir,” said O’Keefe from the science station. “I’ll watch them like a hawk.”

Nils hand absently returned to his chin and he watched the vessel on screen, still trying to retreat. “I hate this part,” he muttered under his breath.

Originally Posted by T'Shaini/02-28-2009 03:38:00 PM

USS Chimera
Deck 4 Brig

It was a long hard journey to the brig for the Vulcan counselor, as much as she searched for tranquility, it slipped through her fingers like grains of sand. Her heart felt heavy, and her steps matched the weight she felt at the situation…in front of Lia, what could have happened? Arriving at the brig she was greeted by Astyr and someone she had yet to meet. "Counselor T'Shaini, I would like to see Chief Costala." There, that sounded normal, she thought as she stretched out her hand.

Shooting a look to his partner first, the security officer took the counselors hand. "Alejandro Ramirez…" He offered with a puzzled air. Why did I tell her my first name?

"It's okay Ramirez," Shot back Mellon. "Counselor, let me walk you back." The woman said in a tone more gentle than was her wont earning yet another puzzled look from Ramirez. There was no way he could know, but there was no one that had served on the Hawking that did not know about the Chief of Engineering and the Counselor.

"He is back here, ma'am"

"Thank you Astyr." T'Shaini squeezed the woman's arm gently and waited to turn until the security officer made her way, discreetly, to the front.

He could hear her voice, T'Shaini's, as she spoke with the security personnel that were on brig duty. It did not have the usual effect on him. Somehow, Javier found that he wasn't soothed by her voice. The fury that had burned inside of him during his fight with the mutinous Foxe would not go away. It lingered just on the edge of his perception, and when his thoughts returned to Jonathan Foxe it rose anew like a phoenix from the ashes. Javier had tried to 'cool off', tried to think of other things, tried to block out the desire to beat Foxe within an inch of his life but nothing would dowse the smoldering fury. She was coming down the row of cells, he heard her footsteps but also felt a closeness, almost sensing her presence and the emotions that they shared for one another. The acknowledgment of those feelings. Javier rationalized as he placed his hands on the wall in front of him, leaning forward with his eyes closed, waiting for T'Shaini to speak. He willed the anger away, not wanting her to find it, or find him in such a dark place.

She stood silently for a moment, taking in his profile, and the fact that he did not raise his head when she arrived. "Javier." Her voice was soft, she observed the tension in his shoulders, she could almost see the waves of emotion radiating from his body…his anger was palpable. "Javier…what happened?" She wanted to reach out to him, his confinement seemed to be created from more than the force field surrounding his cell.

"Foxe.." The anger came back, like a switch being thrown it illuminated his entire being. His hands clenched into fists. He wanted to hit the wall again and again to drive the anger out, to let it run its course and be done with it. But it lingered and burned fiercer. He remembered Lia and the fear in her eyes, the stricken look on the face of Katie Ibrahim and the utter disbelief in Harry's voice. "I'm better than this but," he said through clenched teeth, "I want to.." kill him? The idea stayed with him even though Javier did not voice it. "I want to let it go but I can't."

"Oh Javier," Rage. That was the only word that suited what she felt…what she saw him wrestling with. "What occurred with him in your past that it still has so much hold over you?"

"Hold over me?" He turned his head to stare at T'Shaini through the energy field. "Have you been talking to Harry? He couldn't shut up about how Foxe is using me." Javier turned to stare at the wall again. "He's not controlling me anymore is he? Foxe is in sickbay. He finally understands what the consequences are when he runs his mouth." The engineer smacked the wall with his fist. "Try to make the engineers rebel." He punched the wall again, a little harder this time. "Disobey an order." Javier hit the wall once more. "Call me a psychopath." Another punch. "Slander my name and dishonor me in front of the platoon." Javier drew back his fist, preparing to drive it into the wall as hard as he could.

"Javier…please." Her low, gentle tone seemed to pierce the fury that he was consumed with…or at least it halted the assault on the wall before he broke his hand. This was a side of Javier she had never seen…that he had the capacity for so vitriolic a reaction and to resort to violence was disconcerting to say the least. "He may be in sickbay, but you are in the brig." T'Shaini took a deep breath, it was difficult to see him in so much pain and feel that there was little she could do, she could not even touch him, shielded as he was. "Was it worth it? You have exacted revenge yet I see no release, no comfort…if anything, the rage is growing." She leaned closer in, hoping he would meet her eyes. "Was it worth it? Have you not, by your own actions, placed yourself in a situation that his slanderous words could not?" Her heart hurt for him, but no matter what Harry thought, it was not her coddling he needed at the moment, it was the truth. "Was it worth it, was it worth seeing the fear in Lia's eyes when she witnessed your outrage? Was it worth it?

"How can you ask me that?" Javier looked at her in disbelief. His fist was still clenched, poised to throw a punch that would annihilate his knuckles on the bulkhead. "Of course it was worth it," Javier said unconvincingly even as he let his hand drop to his side, "Lia..she..at least she'll know her daddy stands up for himself." Revenge. The description cut through the anger and made his actions seem ugly. "I didn't plan to beat him up," he protested, turning away from the wall. Foxe. "But I'm not going to let him treat me the way he did in the Corps." Javier began to pace along the inside of the cell's barrier. A restless energy was building within him; the fury mounting again, straining to break free.

As still as he was kinetic, T'Shaini watched him. "There is no need to allow him to treat you in a manner that you do not approve." Do not approve? What a bland description of this tempest. "Why did you not go through official channels? I hope you would trust in Nils to evaluate a situation such as you have described fairly."

"Nils doesn't know Foxe. Official channels are a waste of time." He sounded condescending and hated himself for it. She doesn't understand how Foxe works. Javier rationalized. "That's one lesson I learned in the marines. When dealing with him it's.."

"But Nils does know you." The counselor asserted. "And this is not the marines, this is a ship with crew that trust you…some have not gotten the chance to work with you and could not possibly trust you yet, but that, in the normal course of events would just take time." T'Shaini's voice grew in urgency if not in volume. "You are no longer in the marines, you are no longer who you were in the marines, you have worked hard and grown…so much…would you let all of that go for something like this? Someone like Foxe?" Her head dropped down, it felt as if she had been hitting it against a wall. Her next words came out in a whisper. "Does all you have gained mean so little to you?"

"I'm not going to let him take away what I have here." His words were backed by the fury which had grown into cold resolve. "He did that once before. I'll kill him before it happens again."

"He will not…not if you do it for him." T'Shaini drew herself up sadly. "Astyr." She called out, then nodded to the woman as she appeared. "I am finished here." Not trusting herself to look at him once more and be shut out, T'Shaini followed the security officer to the entrance-way. Before leaving, she took the security officer's hand in hers. "Thank you…and please, take care of him." A slight smile twisted one corner of her mouth. "As much as he will allow you to." With Astyr's nod of acceptance, she turned and left the room.

I am so sorry Lia…

Dancin to the jailhouse rock…

Originally Posted by Emily Star/02-28-2009 05:33:54 PM


Ben distributed phaser rifles and hand phasers to the security officers that had been chosen as members of the insertion teams. Part of his punishment for the commbadge mix-up had been to work in the armory, thus when orders came down to form up teams, the Iotian had been in the process of field-stripping a TR-116. Surprisingly enough, BHP was ordered to gear up for the foray onto the Terra Prime ship. He'd been on a couple of boarding actions and could only guess that Chief Jameson wanted him to go with the insertion teams because of those past experiences. Passing another set of weapons to the next security officer Ben realized the woman was another one of the Hawking's transfers.

"Hey, you're from the Hawking too right?" BHP asked the officer. He remembered seeing her onboard the ship but couldn't remember ever having worked the same shift. And having been in a completely different department might have something to do with it. The Iotian clipped a phaser to his belt. "Looks like we're going to get to go sight-seeing," Pierce said happily. He felt a surge of adrenaline as he checked the power cell on the phaser rifle.

"Sight seeing," she raised an eyebrow and nodded,"Thats one way to look at. Then again I've never gone sight seeing in a place where my body could return in less pieces than it'd started in." She held out her hand,"Emily Star, I don't remember seeing you aboard the Hawking."

Emily's quip about loosing a body part was in humor but she was a little concerned about her limbs. She'd not gone off a ship, other than to transfer, for a long time. She'd safely spent her time hidden in sickbay before her transfer to security. She still remembered which end of the phaser hurt the most and yet her stomach felt like lead.

"Benjamin Hyde Pierce, Petty Officer 3rd Class" the Iotian said as he shook her hand politely, "I transferred over from Engineering right before we got the Chimera. My friends call me BHP, my superiors refer to me as Pierce and my girl calls me 'Ben'." The young man smiled and said, "You're welcome to call me BHP." He checked his gear one last time before following the others out into the corridor as the teams proceeded towards the transporter room.

'Oh great,' Emily thought,'He's an engineer… which makes him smarter AND better looking than me at the same time.'

"I wouldn't worry about body pieces though," BHP remarked to Star as they walked, "from what I hear the weapons Terra Prime uses will just disentegrate us." He smiled slightly and shook his head. "No mess, no fuss."

"Well," she said following him," At least my death would be a clean one. I'd hate to think of what they'd have to clean up if I splattered." Emily chuckled,"Thanks.."she stopped talking for a moment and then gave him a sideways glance, " BHP sounds like a rare disease, how on earth did that turn into a nickname. I think I'll just call you Pierce for now, or Benjamin. As long as that's alright. You can call me Emily, not Em and never Emma. Last person who called me Emma got very hurt. Not that its a threat.." she moved a finger over her lips and motioned a zipper. She decided to just stay quiet, it was a lot safer that way. She had a way of babbling on without noticing what she was saying.

"Pierce is fine," Ben demurred, wondering what the issue over the names was about. He wasn't going to ask, people had their own reasons for choosing how they wished to be addressed, so he figured it was their business. He was about to inform the security officer about his reasons for disliking the name 'Benjamin' when Lt. Tenanji started to divide them up into teams and give each team their assignment.

"Cadet Star and Petty Officer Pierce will retrieve the artifact while the other teams secure the deck, disrupt communications and deal with any internal security problems the teams may face. Ship scans revealed a high concentration of individuals on deck four. There was also an inordinate amount of interference on this level, so we believe it is an area with high security protocols. Needless to say this is the most likely spot for the artifact to be kept," Tenanji stated as he briefed the teams. The Security Chief had uploaded the information to a couple of stealthy looking tricorders which could be attached to an officer's wrist, leaving their hands free to hold a weapon or object. He proceeded to pass out the tricorders, giving one to each team. BHP took the one he was handed and passed it over to Star.

"Whaddaya say, I shoot while you scan?" the Iotian asked.

Emily nodded ,"and if you get shot while I'm scanning?" she attached it to her wrist and gave him a smirk. She felt a lot safer heading over there with him than she had a few of the other security officers she'd seen. Then again, a lot of them felt the same way about her.

"Do we even know what this thing looks like?" she tinkered with the tricorder,"Never mind," she pushed a few more buttons,"I want one of these." she stopped playing with it, "Ready?"

"Yeah, and I'm guessing that the Lieutenant was good enough to include a description of the artifact in there," BHP answered, pointing at the tricorder. "But if you're unsure I can almost bet it's going to be the object that's well-guarded and in a room with plenty of security systems. If all else fails just grab the cylindrical object that the other guys will be trying to keep us from getting." They all stood on the transporter platform but he and Emily waited for the other teams to be transported over to the ship. Once they received a communication that..

=/\= All clear, send in the retrieval team. =/\=

Pierce lifted the rifle to his shoulder and crouched in a ready stance. "As soon as we re-materialize start scanning for the artifact, then give me a direction. I'll lead and clear us a path, you scan and cover the rear."

"Gotcha," she replied with a nod as well,"and we're off to find the dangerous room where nobody wants us." she checked her own weapon but prayed she wouldn't have to use it. She had vague visions of an easy in and out, no shooting, no trouble. Perhaps they were all busy eating, or watching a movie or even sleeping.

Emily glanced at Pierce and gave him a smile, she always was a little nervous before transporting. It did weird things to her empathic abilities, she could sense things when she was in tiny transferring bits and to her something wasn't right in that.

"Energize," Pierce requested as the transporter officer worked the controls on his console. His concentration was fully dedicated to the mission, his finger hovering lightly on the firing mechanism of the phaser rifle, ready to remove any threat upon beaming aboard the hostile ship. There was a brief, very bright light and then BHP found himself standing in the corridor of the Terra Prime ship. "Faster than taking the train," he remarked in a low tone.

"And less crowded," she added, while ignoring the urge to keep her eyes closed, as she always preferred when being transported. Forcing her eyes to open she looked down and checked the tricorder on her wrist. She took a scan, "Straight ahead, then left." she pointed down the corridor.

JP with the ever amazing BHP

Epicenter 1944

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